What Makes A Simulated Cricket League So Great?

Simulated Cricket League

Technology is a wonderful thing, and it has helped us evolve our lives in many ways. Most of us probably can’t go through a day without using something to do with modern technology – Alexa to answer a question for us, our phone to check social media or even cameras on our doorbell to us who is at the door. Sometimes it feels like technology is evolving too quickly, but realistically it is simply keeping up with consumer demand. 

Over the last year so much has changed with digital offerings – with more people than ever working from home, socialising with friends over video call & shopping online, brands simply had to step up to the mark and ensure that they kept up with the demand of their audience. Sports are no exception, and many international sporting events have had to think about what they’re going to offer fans in 2021 and beyond.

Virtual Reality

When you think about what sporting events may be able to offer in the future, virtual reality might not be something that springs to mind – but it’s happening. When we think of virtual reality we tend to think of games where we stand in our living room and wear a big headset and be immersed in the game. Whilst this is a great way to spend time, simulated sporting matches are going to be a thing too! 

Disappointed by The Indian Premier League 2021 being postponed, the people behind the scenes of the league wanted to look at new ways to keep cricket going & how to keep fans happy. So, we have the launch of simulated reality league Big Bash League SRL – a way of using ever-evolving technology to simulate matches and give cricket fans something to watch while they wait for the next ‘real life’ season.

How Does It Work?

Wanting to ensure that these simulated league matches went above and beyond, the developers have really pulled out all of the stops with the technology they have used. For starters, they have worked with teams of cricket experts to analyse games, look at stats and work out some exciting statistics for these virtual reality games. This has teamed up with some of the best AI techniques on the market, to make the games as life-like as possible.

Keeping Things Interesting

One of the reasons for a simulated Indian Premier League was to keep fans interested in the game in the interim while they are no matches. In order for fans to be interested, they need to feel invested in the game. It is important that fans care who wins and that they are interested enough to tune in and see how the match pans out. The good news is that you can place bets online for the simulated cricket games, in much the same way you would a real-life match. This is a really positive step for ensuring that fans keep up with what is happening and that they actually care about the end results – win-win!

Of course, online sports betting companies will be keen to get the custom of these new betters and will be offering some great welcome bonuses and free money for those that want to bet on the outcome of any simulated reality cricket matches.

What Makes It So Great?

Now more than ever we are relying on the internet for entertainment and as such, it is important that there is something for everyone. The simulated cricket league is a way to ensure that cricket fans are entertained online. The world of cricket leagues brings in big more to the sport and as such, teams will not want to miss out on this.

The technology behind the games and the support of bookmakers that will allow people to place bets on the sport is what helps to make it so great. It means that no one needs to miss out! In fact, as we get more used to doing things remotely and virtual reality picks up in popularity it is very likely that The Indian Premier League won’t be the only professional sport that allows fans to watch matches in this way.