What to do while walking alone

In life, the idea of walking in solitude has always provided the consolation of personal reflection and inventive thoughts. Walking alone is one of the most excellent and creative exercises that one could take up at any time of the day. Taking a quick leisurely walk or a hike strives to keep your body flexible and free while helping you to coordinate more potent and clear thinking. The activity in itself offers a number of health benefits whilst barely taking the aid of any exercise equipment. It costs nothing on your part, improves well-being and can be achieved by almost anyone.

A 30-minute walking dose can in fact help in losing almost 100 calories. Not to mention that the breath of fresh air that you are exposed to while going out on walks offers kind solace to both the body and mind.

walking alone
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Most people are of the attitude that walking consumes too much time and energy and then there are also those who use the thin excuse of not having much to do while going out on walks. But then these pretexts can be easily answered and overcome with only some simple and easy to do fun walking activities.

We have thus enlisted a small list of activities to take part in while attempting to go out on your next adventurous solo walk. It can hopefully help you in breaking down the barriers that you may be carrying against the notion of daily walks and in turn inspire you to make walking more productive and more enjoyable. All the activities that we have listed below may not appeal or apply to everyone’s way of lifestyle. Try out a few of these ideas until your solitude walking grows to become a daily pleasant activity. In the long run, walking may turn out to be a source of amusement, wellness, solidity, and productivity in your everyday life.

Exploring Music

listening to music while walking
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Taking off on your own is an excellent way to get away from the general hustle and tune into the most subtle delicacies of life. Music is a personal journey that is to each person their own. Despite loving my near and dear ones to death, our varied tastes in music often deter wholesomeness. On taking long walks or brisk strolls, you can take the aid of earphones or headphones to get into your own groove and explore the type of music tracks that can rejuvenate or relax you best.

Scribbling down ideas


Whilst going out on long walks, you can spend time in engaging with ideas for a personal blog, starting off with a book, article, poem, or even a lyrical song at your own luxury. This can be made easy with the use of a voice recorder or the old-fashioned pen and paper. The recordings can be used as a rough sketch that you could later type down after your walk. You can include more brainstorming ideas later while listening to the raw version of your own recording. Such ideas for alteration and revision can be used naturally as if in tête-à-tête with an editor.

Running necessary errands

grocery shopping
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Walking is a win-win habit to keep your juices flowing as well as getting errands done along the way. While going out on your daily walk, you can make a distinct list of things to get or to be done around the house. Make a grocery list, pick up dry cleaning, buy Christmas gifts, make brief phone calls, or just stray around frivolously in bazaars. You can also drive your car or scooter in the vicinity of your destination and walk around getting tasks done at your convenience. This way, you can save a lot on your fuel consumption as well!

Efficient Learning


The time that you spend in walking alone can be otherwise significantly utilized by attempting to learn new things by yourself. You can use the solitude to concentrate better for memorizing school material, learning a new language, digging up tricks of the trade stocks, and many more educational developments with the mere use of your MP3 player or the phone device. In your own company, you can also resort to recording yourself as a way to build your oratory skills. Mostly, it so happens that the beat of your walking tends to correlate to the verbal sounds that you’re learning.

I remember my grandfather walking every-evening so regularly that it became something that we came to associate with him. His zeal to walk was such that be it rainy or windy, sunny or gloomy, the will to be out sharp at 4 A.M. to take his walk of solitude has never deterred till date. His walk constituted jogging through the entire neighboring Hill, remains as one of the best memories of my childhood. I remember him telling me that these walks of seclusion gave him a sense of belongingness to his own neighborhood. The walks would generally wind up in him buying sweets for all the children playing on the roads. Though it was medically prescribed for him to keep active, walking alone unattended gave him that sense of power which elderly people seem to miss and crave and long for paving the way for a better and healthy life.

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The walk of life is best carried on alone but the zeal to be accustomed to someone makes us forget that everyone is in-fact living a life of great intricacy. When we walk alone, we get to sonder about the people around us. What may have passed us by as an unimpressive beggar may have had a life and a story attached to him that deserves so much more than a passing thought which we can experience while walking alone. These soliloquies help us appreciate the ever-changing world around us making us savvy not only for the life that we are living but also to the entire flora and fauna that encompasses us. The pleasure of walking lies in taking the scenery in, observing, and letting the magic happen!