Creative ways to use old sarees in a unique manner

what to do with old sarees

Whoever said sarees are passe sure hasn’t known about remodelling. And you would indeed be surprised to know that your granny’s favorite masterpiece need not just be your attire anymore. They can be cleverly redesigned in ways which you thought were inconceivable, but are very much a part of the spectrum of everyday fashion. Which means you can be stylish in and around them. Here are some of the genius ways in which you can retain the charm and legacy of these timeless beauties, and yet emerge a winner every damn time-

Pretty table tops

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Saree hasn’t emerged to be the most versatile of Indian dresses for no reason whatsoever. These wonders of yard long gorgeousness can be remodelled and recreated in ways that are not just attractive, but unique as well.

Plain small tables can be easily revamped with a pretty saree pattern stitched to size to up do the look. Not only they look pretty; they also helps lend a customised appeal to the furniture of your home so they know you are one of a kind!

Gorgeous gowns

The allure of gorgeous gowns can be enhanced even further by crafting them out of timeless pieces of old beauties that used sarees continue to be. A flowing dress tailor made from one of those fancy pieces will make you the star of the evening in no time, and without any extra added cost.

Kurtis with a borderline appeal

Sarees with magnificent borders can be upcycled into kurtis that can dwell on all the borderline appeal. Either you can get the border be the definer of your dress by modelling it along the fancy side or you ca just let your gown free flow with the massive embellishment as the stand out star. Either way, your fashion game is in for a serious revamp!

Embellished table decor

Want to hype up your next family get together with all things fancy? Relax, you don’t even have to try that hard. Pick out one of those shimmery beauties from your wardrobe and layer them accordingly over your dinner table. Voila! And your presentation skills are an absolute fleek!

Cutesy pillow cases

While you preserve the choiciest of your collection for grander ventures, try seeking comfort in the more demure pieces in your wardrobe. Stitch covers for your pillows out of the sarees that no longer are in fashion. Just remember to incorporate some detailing like the border or some defining pattern into the upholstery and you will be off to sleep over silky heaven in no time!

Delightfully ornated cushion covers

Even the seating area in your house would like things to get a bit spiced up every now and then. The resort- your bright old sarees, yet again!

You can either stitch alternating patterns of different sarees together to achieve a look that is completely your own. Or if you want to dazzle even with the minimum of efforts, dig in straight for the funkiest piece there and get them catered to size. Either you can choose for some pattern to stand out or the entire cushion case to be the star. It’s all on you!

Just imagine the gorgeousness you would be settling on to next time you choose to curl up with a nice book and a hot cup of cocoa! Or even when you just sit on there, chatting away with your friends and family. Bliss!

Swaying desi dupattas

This might sound a bit ridiculous to you but you can sure let these draped essentials sweep someone off their feet. Literally!

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A saree with exquisite motifs works particularly well when you want to rev up a plain monochrome suit with only the dupatta as embellishment. Of course you need to get right with the length, other wise slip savvy divas aren’t a rarity!

Gorgeous home decor

Though a bit more painstaking to achieve than its other avatars, lampshades done up by old saree designs can lend a magnificent allure to your room. Not only its super stylish and all, but it also does much to lend an altogether different vibe to your abode. Antique, tasteful and charming like hell!

Enchanting anarkalis

Anarkalis are anyway enchanting. Those layers of volume and frill and how can you not look and feel like a princess? Consider then transforming one of those ethereal masterpieces of silk grace into something as exotic as a flowing anarkali. Yeah, we get you sorted for your next wedding party!

Classic runners to charm up the table

Food over the times has ceased to be all about the taste. The look and presentation matters at least as much, if not more. And what better to add a dash of opulence to your evening tea affairs than some exquisite table runners seeking to brighten up your entire mood?

Whether it be some really elegant border touching up the serving table or some ornately decorated pattern seeking to make things matter, your special evenings are sorted with this one recycling hack.

Comfortably offbeat summer pants

Pants from saree, wait what? We say, why not? Just because sarees are our tradition does not mean we cannot be enough appreciative of their versatility. Even as shorts, sarees continue to render you with oomph, making sure you let the world be in your awe!

Quaint warm quilts

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Soft, warm quilts caressing you into a deep lull is one of life’s exotic blessings. And what better than a splash of color, that too with the feel of your favorite sarees, for an even added touch of love? Get set then and stitch together your favorite sarees as creatively as you can and dive into slumber right now!

Out of the ordinary bedspreads

Tired of sleeping on all those flowery, printed bedsheets when you are clearly a lover of all things laid back? Turn once again to your old sarees for comfort. This ‘un’striking and particularly unassuming look however steals the show when it comes to comfort and an extraordinary look.

Curtains for the perfect bewitching view

Sarees can be as perfect as curtains too! Just get those old dainties cut out and sewn to measure and get awestruck with the pretty view that peeks behind these flowy, breezy pieces of delicate.

Wall hangings

Then you tend to have those exquisite sarees that just won’t make you let ’em go with pretty enchanting motifs and quirky patterns. Fret not, you can still ‘preserve’ the charm that these intricately embroidered beauties seek to embody. Get these beauties carefully cut out and frame them on a coarse background. And behold, you wouldn’t have to worry about unique and catchy wall decor anymore!

Chic stylish dresses


Of course, sarees can be redesigned as completely stylish yet traditional dresses. The grandeur of these majestic wonders wonderfully encompassed within a plain dress sure will make people wonder about the absolute fashion genius you tend to be!

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