Revelation of the Parle G girl will leave you shocked!

parle g girl revealed

From relishing our cup of morning tea as the instant energiser to coming up with the most ingenious round table addas around our evening cuppa, from those rounds of warm milk tea to ward off the chills or to simply kill the boredom on those days when we don’t have anything better to do, Indians and the tradition of gulping down cups or glasses and even saucers of tea is something the nation cannot do without.

However the tea beverage isn’t even a complete ritual in itself. Every session of tea invariably is accompanied by bundles and stacks of biscuits, from sweet and salty to the maska- walas, and for the littler people, of course the cream stuffed and sugar sprinkled ones. Yet even when our eyes take in and delight in everything fancy, there are still some of the pleasures in life that comes only from the simplest of things.

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One such guilty pleasure that we indeed cannot do without and that isn’t even half as guilty is the original dose of glucose crispiness that has been crucial to our lives for many years now. Parle G- the original glucose biscuits, the name which has come to stick with us through the catchphrase and the jingle ‘G mane Genius’- is one such tremendous blessing for which we can’t ever be enough thankful.

Whether it be the tremendous ‘disrepute’ that has come to befall the famed name by virtue of it being not sturdy enough to withstand a dip in the sanctity of the deep tea waters or the cute kid girl on the pack of Parle G enticing a whole lot of children into liking the biscuit, these simplistic biscuits have forever been subjected to sufficient fame.

But as years have rolled by and we all 90’s naive kids have grown into disenchanted clueless but bubbling youth, what remains scoffed in the murkiness of oblivion is the fate of what happened to that little girl on those beloved wrappers of the Parle G packs. Because understandably enough, that iconic face has come to rule hearts and we can’t be caring more about her!

Like all good things, the whereabouts and relevance of the Parle G girl needs to be fished out from under long lost wax packets of the biscuit that tamed our hunger and our greed through most of childhood. But that is only easier said than done and with disputed claims as to who is the original Parle G girl doing the rounds, the ‘pardafaash’ tends to only get trickier.

Among the possible names that might be the original Parle G girl, one of the most circulated names is that of Neeru Deshpandey. Assumingly, Deshpandey’s iconic picture was clicked when she was a mere four years and some three months old. This lady from Nagpur is the strongest contender to emerge as the true blue Parle G girl as local newspaper reports strongly support the claim. Neeru apparently was clicked by her father in what would be a ‘biscuit defining’ click!

Other names that do the rounds as the top picks are Gunjan Gundaniya and Rachna Goyal. However, neither have sufficient evidence to lay a thumping claim to being the real among the contenders.

However, what emerges is that all such names are mere speculation. In fact, officials at Parle, the manufacturer of the name sake glucose snack, still hold that the Parle G isn’t even a real person!

Theories have it that the illustration of this girl on the Parle G packets was made back in 1960 by Everest Creatives and remains a work only of the creative senses.

No doubt our heightened anticipation of deciphering the identity of the Parle G girl is only left fuming in flames. But the emotions associated with this pack of humble happiness, all at just Rs 5, for years and years altogether, nutrients and nostalgia intact, is in itself a whole lot of moments and memories to cherish. Ain’t need no girl when you have the steaming mug and those thin crisp bites to keep you in sync with the beauty of life!