Whoever says genius people can be found on the back benches are so damn right! These are the early signs of that!

In a world that appreciates creativity and humor, it’s indeed a bonus to be a wacky enthusiast of wit. Specially when young minds come up with such blatant displays of sarcasm in the face of innocence, the effect only gets intensified. Here are 31 hilarious times students totally managed to crack up their exams as they took all the liberty to make a boring answer sheet the most effective humor tool ever!

Forever ready for dates!

Computer literate, you say?

A’cute’ angle!

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Like, obviously.

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Never knew thoughts were tangible

Flying on a broomstick?

Life hacks

Thinking level = High Sir!

Someone means business!

Where else?

E x p a n s i o n !

A sa(d)turn of events!

Grain down the drain

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Best strategy ever!

Hyper reactions!

Copying level= pro

Kinda true though!

Instructions to be followed strictly

Fear not thy kid, for Jesus is here

Famished students, soaring imaginations

(Over) smart!

Keep it simple silly!

Communist in the making

A true bio student

Me neither

Indeed, ghosts are not real

#teacherswag in this one

A ‘compassionate’ kid here!

Zero’s the hero!

A StarTrek fan here