7 reasons why cats are way more cuter than dogs

cats are cuter than dogs

Fighting like cats and dogs is a real thing. Because our feline cuddlies don’t get along so well with man’s most loyal friend. Which means obviously, hoomans have to take sides as well. For we can’t just ditch our oh so adorable babies like that, can we?

Which of course leads to a waging war online- are cats cuter than dogs? As a totally devoted cat person, I would like to purr an emphatic yes. Obviously, if you are someone who happen to have a dog as pet, you will have an innate inclination towards canines. But I’m here not just to refute you, but to demolish all your biasness in resolute catty style, defiant and undaunted.

So why do I think cats are more cute? For a number of reasons. No doubt I adore dogs, those little puppies scampering around are definite bundles of joy. But even then, my fascination with furry little paws of warmth are more invested in the ‘ine’ of felines than canines.


For one, cats tend to retain their kitten like appearance throughout. I mean, they look cute throughout. While dogs grow up to be those humongous beings, at time terrifying, cats remain more in the cuteness zone, even when they grow up.


Also, purring cats sound more innocently appealing than barking dogs anyday. The soft whimper of cute kitties just about offsets any stress in the world. In contrast, while dogs might be equally good stress busters, a dog’s bark isn’t among the most pleasant and comforting of sounds


Cats are better to cuddle up with as well. Mainly because they can be squeezed and squished at will. Little balls of furriness which translate into huge bundles of happiness, to rev up our entire mood, cats are just the ultimate mood uplifters.


Also it helps that cats are naturally naughty. Those childlike antics, though defiant and stubborn, are so endearing that we can’t help but be amused by their play of tricks and pranks. Dogs grow up to be more disciplined, responsible creatures, that though is wonderful, still robs them a bit off their cuteness.


With their non chalant, don’t give a damn attitude, cats come off as strongly independent beings. Of course, the feeling of your pet being dependent on you gives you quite the emotions. But even then, there’s no being sassier than a cat that can take care of its own business. You call that attitude, I call it confidence that’s inherently so appealing.


This might come across as weird, but I find cats staring unto you infinitely cute. A bit offsetting too, but considering that cats have poker like eyes that apart from being sinister are also carriers of emotions, cutesie cat stares are so evoking! Dog stares are more demanding– and more complicated though!


Don’t you find cats rolling about under the sun, basking in the pleasure of a lazy life so so very appealing? Those plump, rotund balls of fur look so cute even when smeared in dirt. And when they spend hours shaking it off, cleaning and pampering themselves, they are such a sight of pride. Those cute beauties just eats my heart out!

Also as a person who identifies as Adhi Billi, I really don’t need reasons to stand up for my furry parallel existence. The kitty now needs some pampering. Okay bye!