Causal, cute and cleversome a case of the canines

why dogs tilt their head

That universal behavior in adorableness, one that makes them all the more endearing to humans beyond even their distinction as our forever loyal companions, the head tilt that your pet dog inevitably leans on when you talk your hearts out with them in almost notions of therapeutic leaning is a very canine behavior that has the cutesy charm emanating from across every angle of its assertion. And given how animals have always been more than adept in exhibiting such mannerisms and quirks in their behavior that make up definitely the dimensions in dearness, think puppy faces and doe eyes and the like, it might seem quite obvious as well that this rapt attention to your listening signified by their head tilting reference is just another ploy for cuteness to play through in as irresistible manner of it as possible. That is a possibility not wholly nullifiable but the actual reason behind this universal taking to a behavior of winsome indeed connotations is more rooted in the physicality of these doggy beings than the emotional nature of their influence.

Because what their human friends speak to them obviously occurs as mumblings of not exactly accurate representation in their own familiar jargon of the woofs and the barks, dogs find themselves naturally displaying this behaviour in tilting to more precisely interpret whatever is being said to them. In performing the head tilt dogs thereby change also the position of their ears for them to have a better understanding of the source of the sound in the first place. And by this extent in pinpointing, these intelligent enough furry friends of us can almost wholly decipher the substance of what it is that is meant to be falling upon their very ears. Indeed this whole demonstration in understanding a foreign language is not very different from the similar human trait that has us tilting our heads as well in straining to pick the words occurring in some familiarity.

Hearing per se though is not the only thing universally guiding dogs to come across as displaying so often this delightful indeed behavior in the immensely adore feels. The tendency also is to pick up cues from our body language instead and in being quite apt face readers in fact, this exercise in head tilting is what affords them also a as more accurate interpretation of our ranting. That again is very akin to the human behavior in trying to gauge the emotion of language by virtue of physical understanding of its nature and with dogs finding their line of vision often disrupted by their projection of the muzzle, the head tilt might even be a way in more accurate seeing. Limited thus by their sense of directional hearing as well as in their field of seeing, dogs have to tilt towards this heartwarming expression in behavior to make sense of our blabber in otherwise baffling notions to them, and coming across thus as the truly devoted, loyal friend that man can ever have. And of course that is also a means in assuring their human owners that they indeed are ‘listening’ to whatever it is that we have to say and lend therefore that so gratifyingly comforting paw of theirs for us to hold on in the truest experience of companionship.

Thus in being a trait in almost innateness of their physical existence, the head tilt performed by dogs should not be anything so universally and so instantly dawning upon us humans that feeling in utter joy of experiencing the wonders of a love unconditional. And yet it does and in as definite assertions of it as well because the underlying fore of the emotions tends to be no less significant in driving dogs to display such behavior. In signalling that they are trying to comprehend and process our words, they already has us swearing by their display in compassion but in also being as assertive an expression in empathising with us, that innocent head tilt sure charts more profound expanses of understanding and strengthens that chord in bonding.

Embarking along the trail of such possible reasons behind the tilt of the head could unearth also such non physical discoveries of this particular bearing that appear as gladdening in no lesser measures of it. As a behavior that is as probable to be a learned acquisition as it is in essence of a natural tendency, this assertion in perceived cuteness might as accurately appropriate a representation of such understanding, drawing from forever continuing favourable response evoked out of their hoomans every time they display this behavior. In order to win over us folks forever doting on our pets and anyway finding more than one measure of cuteness in them to have us cooing and cuddling, fondling and hugging them all in and out of love, dogs indeed do take at times to this clever mode of coming across as as enticing creatures in themselves as possible and having us therefore even more enamored by every inch of their existence. And so they continue to exploit the might of this habit in seeming nothingness to command our full and absolute loving attention and also in eliciting of us treats and rewards and pats and strokes much to their victory in delight. And why just earning their due, demanding it as well is as conveniently hidden an ‘agenda’ in plain sight behind this very doggy behavior indeed. Responding thus to certain utterances that pertain to their arena of enjoyment and going on to exhibit similar tendencies in behavior to make known that is what they want at the moment, dogs can be really persuasive in their own cute way of getting things done. And what are we but mere mortals head over heels already with the in built loveliness and loyalty of these bundles of joy forever by our side as our absolute and eternal best friend to ignore such actions furthering even more the depths of our love to such extents that make us do all we can to in fact incite such modes of behavior over and over again? So go on and let your doggie dearest find even frequenter occasions to indulge in this tipsy tilt of their head for a two way method in authenticating indeed the precious nature of this inimitable bond of the ‘humanimal’ kind!