6 reasons why life is so boring and what you can do about it

life is so boring

What is this life indeed, if full of care? Worries only accelerate the pace at which we run through life devoid of enjoying its glory. It makes life dull and drab, miserable and boring. But worries aren’t the only thing making life mundane. The reason why life is boring at times for us is because we haven’t yet perfected the art of living. We fret more, we live less. We yearn for more yet do less. Here are 6 valid points that tell you why your life is so boring at the moment and how you can snap out of ’em-

Life is so boring because we make it routine


It will sound cliched and it indeed is. But life will obviously be boring if all we care to do is manage to trudge through it. Life is meant to be lived and this remains the dictum even ages and ages after the first speck of existence was sparked on earth. However we might have advanced in all spheres and in all matters, we can’t overrule the essence of life which is to live it as if it were more than worthy.

If all you do is get up and go about your daily chores before making a dash to college or work, then what other option are you leaving for life other than it to become boring? Boredom stems from the inner self which is exactly why you are the only person responsible for it. What sort of excitement do you anyway expect to derive from something that you do every single day in exactly the same manner and the same fashion?


Why would mundanity not seep in to life through routine when all you are feeding yourself is sleep, food, work and some more work. Your body sure needs the fuel and you do need the money but your soul also has an alternate reality to it. It deserves more than just the chaos and the matter and unless you are doing things that feed your soul as well, you don’t have any option but to wilt and wither in boredom.

Snap out of it like- #1

What you can do to lift your life out of such boredom is to seek respite from routine. Or even in routine if you so wish to. Even the most minor changes you bring about in your day can spark up your life in a manner you would not expect it to. Try starting your morning session with some exercise or yoga. Of course you can argue that even exercise will become routine after a certain point of time. It sure will but physical activity early in the morning lends you an alertness that keeps your spirits up and about throughout the day. It also energises you and instils positivity in your being so that you can pursue newer things in life. So get up a little early tomorrow and let your body do some free flowing activity of its own outside of just the work it does for you.


Another way to make even routine a source of excitement can be trying out new breakfast recipes every day. Or at least every alternate day. Ditch the bread-toast for once and try out some dish that you have long been drooling over but have been too starved of time to make. Let your bout of exercise inspired energy find full expression in your morning meal for something delicious, healthy and different. Make some efforts also at minimalistic but appealing presentation so that your every sense ends up feeling happy and you also get a pretty snap for your #breakfastdoneright post on Insta.

Another very important thing to remember is that since you have taken the pain to prepare such an appetising meal, you may as well sit down and gorge over it rather than just gobble it down. As the days pass by you will be eagerly waiting to try out newer and newer recipes and will actually be looking forward to relishing your breakfast. That sure would be a win given that you have something to look forward to now, even when it is something as trivial as a meal.

You let the journey pass in anticipation of the destination


All through your life you have so much been anticipating success that you forgot to make do with whatever excitement life has been throwing at you. It’s great that you are so focussed on making things happen but when you strive for goal after goal, it’s only natural that you won’t be valuing the means that made you achieve it. Like they say, the journey is more beautiful than the destination. Life indeed is so boring for you because you didn’t deem living through it worthy enough as succeeding in it.

You sure aren’t wrong. In fact it’s commendable that you are so committed to achieving everything you have ever dreamed of. But isn’t your life also at least as worthy as what you make out of it?

Snap out of it like- #2


You have chased your dreams enough, now is the time to show your passion some love. So you absolutely love reading? Carry a book to work and read it in bits and pieces every time you feel drained out. Or do you fancy doodling? Doodle down your thoughts and use it as a showpiece on your desk. Not only will it rev up your mood but it will also give you immense satisfaction that will charge you enough to continue with your pursuits. Creativity has this ability to snap even the most mundane streaks,so make use of it to find your way through.

You also need to get up and socialise some bit whether you are in school or at work. Every once in a while every week,make it a point to venture out of your space and into someone’s own. Not only will you make friends and gain skills, you might also be just opening the doors for securing some rare opportunity through passed on information. Whether it be learning about that all expenses paid trip or some scholarship that can further your aspirations, you will for sure not be losing out on anything with some wee bit mingling around. You never know what will knock at your door once you have learned to take things-and life- with some ease.

You have gone way too comfortable with your life


So you are now settled with a secure job after years of hard work and persistence and you like to live in that now. It’s wonderful that you are so contented with the life you are now living after considerable toil and you have every right to be proud of it.

But is sitting on your desk all day all night long or the sunny cheer of your apartment all year through isn’t a bit too sapping to be exact? You sure would be craving something out of this stability but you are now too deep seated in comfort to let such things bother you. So you now end up feeling like life is so boring that it does not appeal to you any more. You don’t yearn to move out of what has now become your safe space. You fear the unknown, you have become so used to comfort that you think you can’t make do with adventure. So you stay there feeling like you are in the dumps but too non concerted to make any move.

Snap out of it like- #3


The only way out of such induced boredom is to break out the cage that comfort has captured you in. You need to see at things you think are outside your reach. Learn to be somewhat more spontaneous. Do not ditch every weekend invitation just because you have deadlines to meet. Go for hiking or trekking even without fearing the blisters your feet has to bear. Do not regret shelling out a few bucks on an impulse or fear putting on an extra calorie. Do not let your comfort impair the person built by years of weathering and toil. Let your emotions take surge for once and enjoy life as it comes blossoming in all its pretty colors.

Vibing has preceded living


While on one hand there’s the comfort of your world, on another there’s this pressure of having to appease another. You so want to hit the bed right out of office because you are tired but no, you need to be at the boss’s party because you cannot fall from his good books. So there you are, all weary and miserable and still trying to fit into the party crowd.

You will say now that partying= excitement. Yes but only when you party in your full spirits and not when you just drag around like drab. And wait there’s also the hangover that will lurk along the next morning you attempt to get up for work. What you are entertaining here is not just boredom but also a miserable day ahead. Like you can’t be waiting to curl up with bae and sip on some hot cocoa because winters are here. But you instead make your way to the parlour because it’s your cousin’s wedding and you can’t just drop in like you make no money. You have no option but to vibe.

And vibing isn’t necessarily bad. Men are social animals so you need to give yourself to society. But catering to expectations when you are clearly not up for it will make you loathe life all the more. Needless to say, life will be drab and boring.

Snap out of it like- #4

Source: Live Bold and Bloom

Learn to say no as emphatically as you tend to blurt out even a half baked yes. Show boredom the door by refusing to surrender yourself to the whims of the world. Rather fancy your own chances and vibe more when you want to. Because life is not always so boring when you are just doing nothing. It can be at least as boring when you are forced to do things that you have no interest in. And we think that’s the worst way to be bored. Unwillling+uninteresting, sounds like doom!

Social media happened and life fizzled out


Life’s so boring now because you choose to live on social media more than you do in the real world. All you do is like and love-react, chat and ping without developing any real connection that will have you absorbed. You develop attractions but rarely do you experience a love so enormous that seeks to hold you forever in fancy. You do virtual dates and ‘hey, wassup’s over phone but you don’t care to meet friends over coffee or tea. However, you would be up for drinks with some but what’s even boring when you are not even sober?

Scrolling through the same apps, feeding your brain the same information, obsessing over the same dress- we have become no lesser than any robot. We don’t drift off to a peaceful sleep, smiling in our dreams. Rather we struggle to lull our minds to shut down and struggle even more to wake ourselves out of bed the next morn. We are so accustomed to programming our schedules as to what social media demands that it’s like we are living the digital life while only existing in real.

Snap out of it like- #5


Snapping out of the boredom isn’t half as hard once you have figured the way to make your way out of the internet maze. Set your phone on silent and go enjoy a play. Log out of Facebook and face a book instead. Live in the moment rather than consciously trying to do candid clicks to cash in on the Instagram likes. Be enticed by the birds happily chirping about rather than waiting for the tweeter birdie to bring you trending gossips. Stop phubbing your girlfriend or boyfriend and concentrate instead on how pretty- or even how messy- they look today. Let your love drive you to bliss in real rather than bombarding bae’s notification with hearts. Learn how to live life and life itself will not let even a single strand of boredom thrive.

You think you aren’t good enough to be living the good life


This might be the disillusionment of a life devoid of excitement or this might be the reason why your life has been so boring of late. Either way the catchphrase here is that life is so boring that you don’t even feel like living it.

Years and years of an existence steeped too much in pressure and zeal might be making you so blind to the simpler pleasures of life that you don’t think that life can even harbour any good. You have been so used to living a life less celebrated that you begin thinking you don’t deserve any better. The bad life has sucked you in so bad that the good life for which you had been striving all through ironically eludes you when it’s indeed the time for it to hype you up. All your life, negativity might have hit you so hard that you find it tough to believe that there can be a reality outside of the misery you have lived.

Snap out of it like- #6


It’s important to explore the essence of life if you want to indeed enjoy it. Start with meditation that can profoundly affect your thoughts and the way you perceive yourself. Learn self love and do things that has forever lured you but you have been too drained out to try. Try them out now nevertheless, even when you are as tired as ever. You need to be making efforts if you want don’t want to dwell in mundanity all along. It might be these efforts or it might be the result of such endeavours that you will find something worthy to celebrate in life and not be repelled by it.