Why spending time with Nature can be the best way to get rid of depression?

The word ‘Nature’ is simply hard to describe in one sentence. Many a writer has been astounded with the intricacies of nature and has donned their thinking caps to bring it to life in literature in an attractive and comprehending manner.  Although a treasure trove of poetry and prose on nature have been found to comprise an exquisite detail of its ever vast complexities, nature still continues to be a mystical and difficult subject that continues to enthrall each one of us irrespective of our personalities. Just being away from a concrete jungle and surrounded by a vista of clean green expanse and blue sky thrills and allows us to be at peace to such a higher level that the sight of it remains imbibed deep in our souls for quite a long time. When we think of this wild soulful notion, it awakens us so positively that we feel like literally achieving nirvana.

Let us surmise about the A to Z qualities that Nature so captivatingly and accurately teaches us-


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The foremost quality that nature, the best teacher, teaches us is to aim higher or to aspire higher. Every nature lover and adventure seekers will surely agree to it. Trees and mountains are the two primary objects of nature that makes us aware of this amazing quality. Mountain climbers have forever secretly been wondering about the mysterious height of Mount Everest but very few with die hard aspiration have accomplished in reaching its top. Tree, a beautiful creation of nature, that appears in front of our eyes everyday constantly teaches us to aspire higher with its varying degrees of height that differs in every kind of its species.


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Be it bungee jumping, rock climbing, paragliding, river rafting, skiing or scuba diving- every adventure seeker or lover out there will agree that bravery is a common quality required in all these spine chilling and yes, enjoyable sports that allows us to enjoy breathtaking views of nature. Take Rishikesh for instance- a common pilgrimage site of India that has been a mass tourism place too. Although every tourist going there will easily and fearlessly go for sightseeing of its natural beauties or temple hopping, not every one of them will dare to try some of the finest adventure sports offered there even if they wish too. Only the brave out of them will venture forward to get a taste of these sports.


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Nature will not only show us its ethereal side, sometimes it will unknowingly lash its fury at us with calamities like floods, earthquake, drought, famine, landslides. These natural calamities teach us to be aware of our surroundings and to take adequate steps beforehand to tackle the challenges provided by it. Moreover, the natural calamities which are generally the consequences of our actions of polluting the environment also gives warning signals to keep a check on our habits.



Let us take the primary heavenly body which is the primary source of energy of the planet Earth-the Sun. Every person existing on this planet knows that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The strict time schedule of the sun teaches us the most essential trait of life i.e. discipline. The red ball of fire, as we have learnt in school, will never venture to disobey the rules of time. The ‘nurturer of life’ that makes the world appears red and rosy is an excellent teacher of the importance of rules and regulations.


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Hiking is a good activity to imbibe this necessary quality in your life. Just strolling through a scenic trail and enjoying the vistas of nature can raise the level of eagerness in two ways. Firstly, if you are tired, you will wish to reach the end of your destination once a trail becomes too long and secondly the delightful vistas springing up before your eyes at every spot will earn you a longing to learn more about it.


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The relationship between nature and people prominently reflects this soul stirring quality. No doubt, the fury side of nature wreaks massive havoc to mankind in the form of natural calamities. However, natural disasters have never stopped people from depending on nature. Although reports of natural destruction makes us enraged but we have to ultimately forgive nature as it is our constant needy companion.


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Nature is the best teacher which teaches us the well known moral value-Giving is Receiving. The priceless gifts we get from plants and animals are of such utilitarian value that listing its benefits will not suffice even a book. All you can do to thank nature for selflessly giving us with so much of needful items is to plant a tree and shower good care and love on our animals.


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Rock climbing is an ideal adventure sport which entails a lot of struggle on the climber to reach the destination. You should definitely try it once in your lifetime and it will surely make you realize the worth of a mountain which seems just a stationary storehouse of wonder to the eye.


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The vibes aroused by nature are so powerful that just coming across a snapshot of a beautiful place on our Instagram and Facebook home pages paints an imaginative picture in our mind of ourselves basking in the natural glory of that particular spot. Similarly if we witness a waterfall, we immediately imagine ourselves as to where a source is likely to be. The most soulful quality that nature provides is imagination which in turn boosts our creative levels.


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Weather is an important phenomenon of nature teaching us about the necessity of being judicious. Most of us may not know about how the weather may change during the day. So do not forget to step out of the house with an umbrella. The unpredictability level of weather teaches us to remain alert and stock ourselves well to adapt well to its dynamic behavior.


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With an astounding number and a variety of species inhabiting the vast planet Earth, the only easiest and comfortable way to quench our thirst of knowledge about them is to read a few good books providing information about these exquisite creations.


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Trees not only amaze us with its level of height and the quality of selfless giving but also astounds with its unsurpassed loyalty. No matter the conditions and challenges faced by trees, it always remains firmly rooted in the ground and does not run away from its spot unless it gets uprooted due to unfortunate circumstances.


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Every single little thing of nature has the power to motivate us in a huge way. From the tiny bird gathering materials to build a cozy nest for its young ones to a spider crawling up its intricate web, nature has beautiful inspiring stories to narrate in every nook and cranny.


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No one can ever fathom the immense nurturing qualities possessed by Mother Nature. From providing cool shade to providing a bounty of organic food for mankind, nature seems like an invisible mother to us who has helped us in our healthy growth.


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Nature also shows that it can remain organized in its schedule. Observe a colony of ants and a hive of bees. The organized group behavior of these tiny organisms leads to such an outcome that leaves everyone astounded. An ant colony can transform a pile of dirt into a huge mound within some days by working together. Similarly, a hive of bees works in a systematic manner to ensure that sufficient honey is produced. In fact, ants and bees seems so united that its organized collective behavior have lead them to called as superorganisms, meaning that a single of its species can’t exist individually.


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Nothing teaches us the real value of patience like the formation of petroleum in nature. The yellowish black liquid or ‘the Mother of Fuels’ -which has been such an essential commodity in the daily lives across the globe- is formed after dead organisms undergo several complex reactions due to intense heat and pressure over millions of years.


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Every single natural event awakens our curiosity to quench our thirst of knowledge. Therefore, the more time you spend with nature, the more curious you will become. Buying some good books about a subject of nature that you are curious about is definitely an efficient investment that will provide both monetary and mental benefits.


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The natural disasters, for instance, are huge forces to make every living creature responsible for their behavior. To save ourselves from getting hit during an earthquake, we should be responsible to ensure that we run to a safe place without being panic stricken because every person around us would themselves be busy to save their own precious lives during that time. So nature surely know the best way to teach us about self-responsibility.


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Growth of living beings is an important natural phenomenon that can teach us the value of self-security. With growth, one becomes aged and ultimately dies. Every single soul on this earth knows the necessity of securing oneself as they go through the various stages of life.


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Lotus- the national and sacred flower of India- is a perfect symbol of tenacity. The bright and delicate flower that can cheer up a moody mind spreads its roots firmly over the surface of the water and remains stationary in all its glory over a calm and unstable medium and remains unaffected by the ripples or movement over it.


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Rivers are unstoppable. The river will follow a definite route while flowing and none can stop its meandering course. Flowing through mountains in a high speed and wearing away much land, creating beautiful landscapes, a river slows down as it reaches plain areas. Just like a river, you too should be unstoppable and not let anyone hamper you in following your dreams.


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The birds exhibit amazing vigorousness while building nests with simple branches or leaves. With their beaks they entwined it into a engineering marvel that it is indeed thoughtful how the complex woven patterns of the branches can house a number of their young ones.


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We all feel grateful towards a tree whose shade comforts us from the heat of the scorching sun. Just like the shade of a tree, a simple greeting or a smile to the people around us can bring much positivity and joy.


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Just like we like to travel to learn about various diverse natural creations in a particular place, nature teaches us to be xenophilic, or possess an interest towards learning about the diverse cultures of different regions across the world.


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Nature always teaches us to be youthful –full of optimistic energy- in life. Like the vast endless sky, nature shows us that there are endless attempts for us to succeed in this life. Morning walk is the best exercise for people of all ages to feel fresh and optimistic about approaching the schedules of a day ahead. Walking is therefore the best way to boost our physical and mental health.


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Just like the calm weather makes the journey of an aeroplane as safe as possible and the calm waters renders a boat to sail smoothly, a calm mind also makes us to think better and listen more attentively. Yoga is the best form of attaining zen.