33 amazing photography poses to make your Instagram game totally legit (and the tricks to achieve them)

Instagram Poses

The world thrives on attention and adulation. And specifically in this time and age, when Insta validation is the potion of happiness, it’s so very important to be the star in all those pictures you put up on social media. Capturing beautiful portraits is easy but striking the best pose can be tricky. Here are 33 amazing photography poses to make your Instagram game totally legit (and the tricks to achieve them)-


The generic rule while doing photos would be to let your best profile be the focus. From discovering which one of your sides makes you look the most gorgeous to capturing it in just the perfect angle, the right profile ensures you look exactly the diva that you are!


Like the perfect profile, a perfect posture is also very important. A slouched beauty is no beauty at all. Specifically in photos where you have all the scope to analyse and examine, an upright posture is one that should be held up throughout.

A nicely held posture speaks confidence and that is indeed the prime requirement of beauty. And not just in pics where you are standing. Even those photos that capture you seated require that you sit up straight and firm. That way, a lengthened and enhanced silhouette can proceed to do wonders.


Where people go wrong most of the time with their faces is that they look directly into the camera lens. This enhances the weight on the lower part of your face and gives a double chinned appearance. The key to looking the bony beauty that you are is to try a forelift of your chin.

Extending your neck and chin forward to create the impression of a sharp,accentuated jawline is crucial to photographing the best version of yourself.


The positioning of the camera lenses also can dramatically alter the entire look of your photos. A shot taken from a slightly higher angle than the usual has the effect of rendering you pretty in snaps.

Not only does it give your facial features more definition and clarity, but also enhances appeal to the viewers.


But while extending your forehead is a masterstroke, another equally effective way of clicking some really Insta worthy pics is to lower your forehead a bit while looking up. This makes your eyes appear bigger and who on earth doesn’t love those pretty, big eyes with a bounty of emotions speaking out through them?
Add on eye tip to add to the drama- let your eyeballs be more prominent over your whites to really be the see through impact in the photo.


The most common poses you encounter while scrolling down your news feed are those same old people sitting down or standing up in identical ways. But you can always go for something more relaxing.

Try lying down on a refreshingly green bed of dew grass or a straw tufted flower bed for a pic that stands out as being different from the rest.


It’s always a big, big delight for us when we are out vacationing somewhere in the open. Not only does this provide ample scope for capturing stunning moments, but also can prove to be a break from all that monotony of posing in cafes amidst concrete and the limited places in town. So while you are at it, make the best use of the surroundings.

Introduce fresh greens and sparkling blues, bright oranges and dashes of yellows and see for yourself how ditching the monochrome once is a while can be such a fun affair!


Full body pics are often more challenging than close ups and selfies. Because with the entire body in view, it becomes more difficult to look appealing all together.

The trick to arrive at the right full length is to add some length if you aren’t already tall enough. And unlike a just-the-face snap, the camera needs to be held at an angle that’s slightly below eye level. That’s because it imparts a long line effect on the photo, that which makes your legs longer and consequently lends you a flattering height.

Equivalently, instead of letting the camera person do the magic, spill the length yourself by standing tip toed or sticking one leg out in those kinda pics.


Lighting is one of the most effective requirements that can make or break your photos. Irrespective of the shot being an indoor or outdoor one, flash is important.

It can be either a natural light bouncing off to reflect you in a surreal avatar. Or a sunkissed face that makes all your blemishes vanish like magic.

Even in the absence of natural light, cleverly directed artificial gleams work just fine.

But while you might consider broad daylight as the ultimate lighting agent, it’s probably shadows that are more essential to achieve just the right contrast in your shots.

Contrary to anticipations, overcast skies and late afternoon sun provide scope for surprisingly exquisite photography.


Whoever said less is more sure hadn’t tried their hands on photography. No matter how naturally gorgeous you are, you wouldn’t be picture perfect every time.

The secret to arrive at that perfect snap is letting your camera take infinite shots and browsing tirelessly afterwards through that unending pile to post ‘the picture’ that can just make you the next supermodel in town!


But even with all those photography tips and tricks, the best shots are often captured as candids. Yet another reminder of the adage that it’s always beautiful to be natural. And truly candid clicks are anyday better than imposed ones.


Bulk is one of the major embarrassments in photographs. Not only it kills your look but it also dampens your spirit. (Except for happy exceptions like the one below)

In order that you look as lean as you aspire to be, here are a few handy tips-

Make sure your arm is some gap away from your torso, lifted up and about to endow some space to your portrait. And yeah, also some pathbreakingly dramatic poses.

Turning your torso, or the body from the waist instead of turning your neck is one of the best poses to try out.

A shot where you strike a pose with your shoulders slightly turned is always better than a stiff, straight faced shoulder.


Finally, it’s confidence that strikes the most when it comes to be visually appealing.

Enjoying oneself to let the happiness flow from within and not putting up a plastered smile with squinted eyes is the key to be the Insta star of the year!