Cake Smash Photography : The newest trend of capturing babies in their messier selves

Baby photography has now become a highly followed custom among some people in India. To capture the picture perfect memories of their tiny ones just after they are born, some parents hire professional photographers and they do not bother to dish out a few bucks for it. With the rise of independent baby photographers in India, it has now become a trend of some millennial parents to seek them out and have some exclusive snapshots of their kids with a dreamy background. Meanwhile, the baby photographers also put their best creative efforts to fulfill the demands of the new parents to take the photos of their precious ones by setting up some artistic background with cutesy props, taking pains to capture the perfect shot and carefully editing the pictures before selling the final product of the precious memories.

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The career of baby photographers in India is likely to witness a huge growth in the coming years as its popularity seems to be increasing with each passing day and most parents are heartily welcoming the idea of having the innocence of babyhood / childhood phase of their kids captured in a beautiful manner. Baby photographers are nowadays capturing various wonderful moments of parents and children. From maternity photo shoots to capturing some joyful moments of a child and his/ her parents, baby photographers are leaving no stone unturned to perfectly capture the beauty of pure and unconditional love and innocence.  The profession of baby photography is quite challenging as some rigorous preparations had to be done before taking the shots. Apart from setting the background for the pictures or editing it later, the biggest challenge is managing to make the tiny tots agree to have a nice photo session. To take a perfect shot of babies or little children, they had to be entertained in such a way that their mood becomes brighter and then only the baby photographer can proceed to the important step of taking the photo.

Inspite of capturing only some perfect moments, the trend of capturing a tiny tot in his / her real and wild form has also gained prominence recently. Cake smash photography has become one of the newest trend of capturing a year old baby in his / her real avatar without causing any disturbance to him /her. When a cake is put in front of a one-year-old baby, it is obvious that he / she will grab it and cause messiness. However, most parents today want to know and capture the exact reactions and actions of the moment their babies make whenever they get to hold a cake wholly by themselves. For this reason, baby photographers make videos, almost resembling to that of a movie, of the surprise and curious reactions of the babies where they get to hold a cake. These videos also comprises of the scenes where a baby is seen  grabbing the cake and messing their appearances with the marks of the cake on their mouths, faces, hands, clothes and feet . The most cute scenes from these videos includes the moments when a baby is seen curiously examining the cake marks on their hands with wide eyes and the funny reactions they make when tasting the tidbits of the cake their tiny hands can hold. The baby photographers also capture exclusive photos of the precious moments of cake smash photography in addition to making videos. Cake smash photography is becoming popular because it is one of the most beautiful ways of getting to observe the real joys of babyhood where curiosity plays an important aspect.

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Gone are the days when little children especially babies were kept away from touching cakes on their birthdays by their parents as it is surely known that they will cause untidiness if they are allowed to come near it. As time passed, the new age parents are open to let their children learn and observe more by exploring things.  To allow their child who has just turned one year to explore a harmless thing as a cake, millennial parents are all in favour. However, the new age parents also wanted their baby to learn about a cake in its own private space without the interruption of others and where they are open to make messiness. As the trend of capturing the firsts of every life stage caught up in this age, so cake smash photography also became popular as it is the first time when a child is allowed to fully explore a cake himself / herself.  Another best thing about cake smash photography is that it provides parents a beautiful sneak peek of the actual actions and reactions of the babyhood phase of their child which can become some sweetest memories to look back on later. Moreover, which parent would not like to pleasantly look over the bygone memories of their children?  

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As parents do a lot of prayers for getting a child, so the moment they become blessed to receive their most beautiful gift from God, they would obviously wish to capture some perfect memories of their tiny ones who would soon grow up with the passing of time. For this reason, baby photography is also becoming popular in the modern era. In India, baby photography is gaining prominence as a number of parents today wish to have some good pictures of their precious ones. In the digital age, the possibility of getting photos of high clarity taken by a professional photographer has become so easier unlike in the days when a simple photograph was to be accepted even if it did not come out satisfactorily. With the advancement in the technology of photography, the demand of parents to get the best photos of their babies have grown and baby photographers are also making sure that they put up their best shots in a high quality album so that the parents can continue taking out this album from their cupboards in the future too to reminisce about the wonderful bygone childhood phases of their children when they grow up.