Photography during the good old days

Click goes the world!

Photography has proved to be vital in today’s age of social media and the like, not only as a profession but also as a status of one’s happening life. Indeed, the obsession with capturing moments and hashtagging them is the in- thing now, but even earlier, when times used to be much simpler, photos still held a charm of their own!


Most of our childhood has been captured as Kodak moments and while digital photographs have evolved over time to guarantee a heightened display of clarity, the faces that smile at us from between the old, sturdy album pages still endows us with a peculiar feeling of longing and happiness!


So now, we are at The Heart of the Image in Nikon photographs

or Are always Delighted by Canon

while Shooting Like A Pro Even Without Being One with Fujifilm

and ultimately Capturing It All with an Olympus!

Better still, we are always obsessed with pin pointing a camera at our smiling face to bombard our accounts with numerous selfies- pouting, laughing, smiling, exclaiming, guffawing and so on and so forth. But deep down, in the midst of it all, what we are doing is flashing our hearts out so that we can Make and Believe in life and laughter like Sony!