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Photography is a double delight, for not only it fans your passion for the craft but also take you places that are a wonder to the eyes as well as to the lens. Venturing out into the most stunning of lands and returning with tons of beautiful memories and thousands of captivating shots- indeed sounds like a total winner! The land of unity in diversity, India spans across such distinctive terrains that can become the premise of a vast many photographic themes. Specifically in landscape photography, India presents such exemplary folds that lets you go click, click and click! Here are the absolute best places in India you can go landscape photographing in-

Rann of Kutch

A landscape of breathtaking magnificence, The Great White Salt Desert of India, the Rann of Kutch is one of the most ideal places for you to go about clicking. In its remarkably unique expanse, the largest salt desert in India conjures up a vision of pristine whites rather than dampened browns and is one of the majestic deserts of India. This characteristic white vision translates as charmingly on the lens as it does in reality. Beyond the green of the valleys, the blues of the skies and the brown of the ruggeds, the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat presents such exemplary avenues of landscape photography that will be making pros out of even the most amateur photographers. The astonishing topography of the Rann of Kutch quite sets the stage for some really dramatic and striking shots to make it through your lenses.


It’s indeed a sin we can’t be committing to leave out God’s very own country from our list of best places for landscape photography in India. In its famed backwaters and breathtaking beaches, its quaint houseboats and exotic green slopes, Kerala nestles in a splendor that is not just vibrant, it also is dizzying. Do your photo gallery a favor and let your camera soak up the beauty of the palm- lined beaches, the dense lure of the backwaters, the striking paddy fields of Wayanad, the kaleidoscopic charisma of Kochi , the evergreen essence of the evergreen city Trivandrum, the magnificence of the Western Ghats, the dramatic escapes and green estates of Munnar so that you can forever cherish the splendor and grace at command here in this divine land!


The land of the royals, Rajasthan is as betrothed to nature as it is to the riches. And what makes this land an really offbeat but totally worthy encapsulation of sorts to bewitch your lenses with is all its beauty is that, here you will find a diversion from the greens and hues that is indeed refreshing for once. In its seemingly jaded browns and sands, the state exhibits a majesty so profound that would translate effortlessly into your snaps. Particularly in its famed desert presence in the Thar, Rajasthan offers such fine landscapic elements that will weave magic into your every capture. Even the rawness of the dusty details can prove to be one of visual extravagance for really adept eyes, making your entire Rajasthan album one seething with as much royal pride as the land itself.

There’s so much that Rajasthan hoards to entice you with its outworldly appeal. There’s Jodhpur with its blues which, for once are anything but depressing, there’s Udaipur waiting for you to come and seek out its romance, there’s also Pushkar beckoning you with its quaint essence, and when it’s Rajasthan you also would of course be lured by the golden sands of Jaisalmer. And how you can ever miss out on the magic of India’s forever Pink City Jaipur or a yet different blue essence harboured by Bundi, not to forget the exotic charm of Bikaner’s popularity as the camel country and so many and so varied alluring elements in place that are waiting anticipatedly to show off their photogenic genes in your every master shot!


The Heaven on Earth that Kashmir is, it is only obvious that this place provides one of the best avenues if you want to do landscape photography in India. There’s so much beauty on offer that you will be spoilt for choice in letting your camera focus squarely on one of its many breathtaking aspects.

There’s the Dal Lake that is a sight in itself in its houseboats and its colorful flower laden boats, the Meadow of Gold Sonamarg presents also an encapsulating vision of the greens, another meadow, this time of flowers, called Gulmarg, beckons with its exquisite vibrancy, the bewitching terrains of the picturesque Aru Valley, the misty obscurity of Sanasar, the gorgeous hamlet that is the Zanskar Valley, and of course mounds of glittering snow- you will exhaust all of the chip memory in every of the outstanding shots that you would end up capturing. So heavenly is Kashmir in its every element, so quaintly alluring is it in its each endowment that nowhere on earth will you ever discover a landscape as divine as it.

Arunachal Pradesh

The land of the dawn lit mountains and the Orchid State of India, Arunachal Pradesh evokes an image of timeless, elegant beauty in its very name. Naturally, the state is home to some of the prime locations where you can go about photographing its landscape in sheer delight and passion. Discover the tranquility steeped in the musical setting of the ambient Ziro Valley as you go about capturing its captivating confines. Or etch forever into tangible memory the verdant expanse of Mechuka in all its milky magnificence and green glory. Capture also the essence of the sacred divinity permeating the improbably breathtaking landscape shaping up the majestic Parshuram Kund.

Let your lenses glide over the pretty rivulets and the mist cover in the horizon, or let them explore the jaw dropping escapades and encompass perfectly the rustic magic of the hilly fields. Feel the crisp air, smell the vibrant flora and let your soul wander about even as your camera does all of the magic in as perfect a mannerism as what is exhibited by the otherworldly beauty of the north eastern state!


The land of Karnataka is every bit a geographer’s wonder. With the exotic allure of the Western Ghats and the relaxant vibes of its many picturesque beaches, the cool tranquility of the many hill stations and the lush appeal of the aromatic coffee plantations, this southern land is a delight in its every aspect. Naturally, with such abundant natural beauty in tow, trying out landscape photography here will grant you such stunning shots that will leave everyone bewitched.

Whether you choose to capture the grand ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hampi, the pristine, yet unruined old world charm of the small town of Gokarna, the freshness palpable in every vein of the Scotland of India Coorg as also the intense coffee shrubs of Karnataka’s coffee town Chikmagalur, your camera will open up a world of vibrant utopia for you. Pan your digi gadget around and there would be no stopping your pursuit of coming up with some really amazing landscape pics!


In the alluring invite of its rugged terrain, the region of Ladakh harbours not just an adventurous spirit but also a pristine core. In its myriad encompassment ranging from the whitest of snows to the brownest of sands, the bluest of lakes to the most exotic of flora, Ladakh presents such prominent opportunities of capturing its beauty that will make you storytellers out of nothingness.

Sensational is what your photographs of Ladakh will turn out as, if you know how to picture them right. Be it the silvery sand dunes of the Hunder desert in the Nubra Valley or the moon semblative landscape of Lamayuru, the awe inspiring magic of the many a frozen waterfalls or even in its tranquil and soulful, zesty and sparkling waters, Ladakh is a beauty unparalleled. All you need is some real vision to go for some landscape photography in one of the best places you can hold up your lenses in the country.


kolkata photography
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The City of Joy might not exactly strike you as being a wondrous haven for landscape photography because in its many colors and vibes, the zesty place harbours more of a street shot premise. In the prominent country presence of the Hooghly river and of course the iconic glory of the Howrah bridge with also the Prinsep Ghat in tow, you can capture some really breathtaking shots, that can even outdo what you glorify at some of the other more popular landscape photography hotspots. And not to forget that this very city is where you can be witness to the grandeur the Himalayas possesses in all its famed folds. The land of historical modernity and one of the ultimate beauty- because beauty does indeed stem from joy, Kolkata can be every inch a photographer’s paradise if only you know how to discover its soul right!