Leica’s stunning photography exploits

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Unmatched and revolutionary in its pursuit of quality and class, Leica has made photography the visual wonder that it is today. And its evolution for even more than a hundred years now only strives to prove the worthiness of its lavish wonder cameras.

Be amazed as you read on about some of Leica’s stunning photography exploits.


Founded by Ernst Leitz in 1914 by combining the initials of his name with the initial of the camera, Leica is a German company that manufactures cameras, lenses, binoculars, rifle scopes and ophthalmic lenses.

leica cameras
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Oscar Barnarck built the first 35mm Leica film prototypes in 1913 as a compact camera for landscape photography and called it the Micro Lilliput camera. However, it was marketed only in 1925 with some modifications.


leica photography
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Leica was revolutionary in the sense that the simple technique and fluid agility incorporated into its development was actually an engineering marvel. It paved the way for photojournalism in general, and war documentation in particular but altogether heralded a new revolution in basically all spheres of photography.



Leica produces the most expensive cameras in the world.

Source: Digital Trends


Leica has been constantly celebrating technology, and only some years back celebrated its centenary.

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A traveler’s delight, Leica’s compactness and technological superiority enables it to be carried to even the most severest of places on earth.

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Leica was even the first camera to be used for photography from outer space.

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Hollywood film Birdman won four Oscars shooting through Leica lenses.

LEICA shot birdman
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Everything about Leica is hand crafted and so meticulously worked out that it is worth every penny stamped upon it.

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Leicas can even be customised! So if you are ready to shell out a hell lot of money, you can actually own a model tailor made as per your specifications. Now boy, that’s what luxury is!

LEICA customised
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The iconic Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara’s even more iconic image was a Leica shot.


LEICA iconic shot
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