7 Amazing Mobile Phone Photography Hacks for that Perfect Shot


We go through endless photo sessions to get that perfect picture for our cover pic. And yet when you look at it, it doesn’t strike you as anything particularly enticing. But fret not, for we bring to you a list of ultimate mobile photography hacks that will make your shot go for a complete toss!


As polarizing agents, sunglasses are your best bet to get a perfectly unique gradiented shot. Letting the camera do its work behind a screen of glares will produce such wonderful tinted images that will amaze you to no bounds.


Poking a pin hole in a piece of cardboard and allowing  your camera lens to shoot through it will provide  a nice vignetting effect around your snap. That way you can create stunning masterpieces of otherwise ordinary images.


Try wrapping a sandwich bag on your lens or simply rub some vaseline over your phone camera to capture pics that lends a nice hazy look to your dreamy bio.


Objects photographed from the line of your normal view will obviously yield ordinary photographs. Try placing your camera at different angles to extract the best possible shot, like the bird’s eye view of photographing food images and the like.


To blur out part of your images that are not relevant to the setup, you can try using a bokeh wallpaper on a screen to produce an image that puts the focus on the subject while cancelling out the distractions.


Add that glint to your photographs by using reflectors to focus light on you or the image, that will lend  a naturally bright attribute to your ordinary shots.


The simplest way to control your phone camera with touch adjustability is, surprisingly, the volume buttons on the phone as well as on the earphones cord. This stabilises your shot to a large extent and can help you in getting a more focused image.

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