Most Followed Wedding Photography Trends in India

Weddings are one of the most important and beautiful events that are solemnized on earth. With so much excitement, planning and spending that goes on to celebrate the occasion when two people takes vows to spend a lifetime together, photography has also become an essential part of the celebrations as it is a perfect way to capture the remarkable, memorable and happy function that is held in a grand way only once. Among the various forms of photography, wedding photography is perhaps one of the most famous among the masses and has undergone rapid commercialization over the years.

Gone are the days when wedding photography were all about simply capturing some necessary events of the festivities. Wedding photography has become quite expensive today as the photographers go to great lengths to carefully observe and capture every specific detail of the wedding. Moreover, the wedding photographers also ensure that they edit the captured photos properly so that it turns out to be some bright and colourful memories and the positive and merry vibes of the wedding days can be felt in the shots whenever one looks at it. They also put the precious printouts of the wedding captures into a beautiful wedding album which mostly looks like costly colourful magazines nowadays. Meanwhile, the wedding videos of modern times looks no less than a film as some of the highly candid emotional scenes are put together in it that seems entertaining and touching too when one looks at it.  A number of people with a passion for photography are becoming full time wedding photographers now as they can find great scope in it to build their careers and earn a handsome salary.

As people like to follow a routine when it becomes a hit and with social media increasing the level of the popularity, many take some time to simply imitate that routine to be in the approved books of the public. ‘TREND’ is the highly popular word for the routine that people likes to imitate nowadays and the videos or photos of it takes social media by storm.

Let us take a look at some of the wedding photography TRENDS in India –

Scenic pre-wedding shoots

Source : Pinterest

The popularity of a couple taking pictures at a beautiful location before taking their matrimonial vows has grown higher today. The amazing and jaw dropping vistas that has become the backdrop of the pre-wedding photos nowadays literally seems to express that the couple would take all steps to make their married lives beautiful just as the surroundings around them. Meanwhile, wedding photographers tries their best to highlight the strength of the relationship between a couple by capturing some of their perfect candid moments at a particular location with some attractive props. As pre-wedding shots visually describes the beauty of marriage and the happiness and hopes of a couple before they decide to come together, thereby the demand of getting some pictures shot before a wedding at a scenic place has reached its peak.

Posing together with dear ones

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Congregating of closed ones together happily in a group and taking some weird poses for a candid photo has become another popular wedding photography trend in India. This type of wedding trend is mostly followed by a bride along with her peers. The remarkable poses for taking a photo together is not only about having some fun and laughter with each other but also about having a symbol of celebrating the beautiful form of selfless and unconditional love with each other over the years. Another reason of the popularity of this wedding photography trend in India is because of the fact that it captures the beauty of many relations together and the importance of maintaining good relationships seriously is a cultural and religious aspect of the subcontinent.

Candid captures of the wedding events

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The ability of perfectly freezing the intimate and beautiful moments of the events of a wedding at the time of its occurrence is one of the big challenges of wedding photographers. Today, many couples hire those wedding photographers who are able to take a perfect shot during moments like the emotions displayed during a bride’s farewell ceremony and the joys among people as they watch the performance of the wedding rituals. The capture of candid shots makes the wedding photos look more real and lively as it is able to display the true emotions of people. For this reason, the closed ones of a bride and groom do not get irritated when the photographers go on flashing their cameras during any moment without asking them. The desire of having photos displaying the exact occurrences has become quite high nowadays.

 Posting of photos on social media with hashtags

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With the scale of reachability of a particular post becoming more with the use of hashtags, uploading of wedding photos in social media using the viral method has also become more common. Today, innovative hashtags using the bride’s and groom’s name are made up so that invitees of their wedding can use it for the sole purpose of uploading pictures of the marriage ceremonies in social media sites. Meanwhile, the practice of sharing photos with a particular hashtag is also a nice way of relatives to view the various pictures and appreciate each other. However, an online conversation of appreciation and teasing sometimes also crops up in comments section when the pictures of a wedding ceremony are made viral with a hashtag.

Taking life size pictures of wedding props

Source : Frugal2Fab

The trend of taking pictures of the wedding dresses and accessories in some odd locations seems to be in fashion today. Meanwhile, the modern wedding videos opens up with elaborate snapshots of the grand wedding venue just like the prime setting of a movie is shown vividly at its very beginning. As Indian weddings literally seems to be getting fatter everyday i.e. a lavish amount of money is being spent to conduct it, therefore, the desire of getting every wedding props captured nicely obviously can rise. For this reason, we can get to see pictures like a colourful wedding saree or lehenga glinting brightly in the sunlight which is ready to decorate a bride who is going to step into a new phase in her life or the classic kurta of the groom looking dashing as ever even against the simple brick wall. The skilful wedding photographers can visually tell a story with their amazing shots of the wedding props.

Weddings, being one of the most wonderful ceremony on earth itself, has become more beautiful with the introduction of photography to it as memories of that remarkable event can only bring happiness and joy to the people associated with it.