Nikon Photo Contest 2018-19: Exploring photography the world over

Japanese brand Nikon has always been at the fore when it comes to digital imagery and stills. As the global leader in manufacturing of photographic equipment, Nikon’s high end imaging products have been capturing quality shots since long.

To celebrate this growing base of enthusiasts who are taking more and more interest in the dynamic world of captures, Nikon has been holding a photography contest since 1969. The contest provides an opportunity for photographers around the world to communicate and to enrich the photographic culture with breathtaking rendition of the world in all its glory through the focus of the lenses.

The premier photography contest is in its 37th edition this year and Nikon is now accepting entries for consideration at one of the world’s largest photography contests.


Entries to the contest are being accepted from 18th October, 2018 to 31st of January, 2019 and the shots, which can be shot on any digital camera, including smartphones, will be judged in three categories-

Open Award

  • Theme: Change
  • Entry format: single photo, photo story (two to five images)
  • No age restrictions

Next Generation Award

  • Theme: Identity
  • Entry format: single photo, photo story (two to five images)
  • 25 years of age or younger as of the entry deadline.

Short Film Award

  • Theme: Hope
  • Entry format: video with a length of 6 to 180 seconds.
  • No age restrictions


The judges’ panel comprises of celebrated and established photographers from around the globe who would be hunting the best photos from among the thousands of entries that participants would send in from different parts of the world.

Celebrating its 50th anniversary since inception, the Nikon Photo Contest accepts entries from all irrespective of nationality, race and gender and the 2018- 19 edition also seeks to project different themes in its different categories.

Themes and Awards

The theme for the Open category is Change, The Next Generation category has to capture shots that reflect the truest identity of an entity while for those aiming to vie for the prize in the Short Film category, the theme needs to see a reflection of hope in their videos.

The Grand prize for 2018-2019 is 500,000 Japanese yen (~$4,500) in cash. Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes (in Nikon equipment) will also be awarded in each competition category. In addition, two special prizes will be announced as well.

Winners and entries over the years

Nikon 100th Anniversary Prize

Next Generation Award: Photo Story 2016-17

A 2nd prize winning piece from THE OPEN Award : Photo Story format : “IMARIKA :To be stable”, submitted by Mirzaei Foad from Kenya.

Most Popular Entry 2016-17

A 3rd prize winning piece from Nikon 100th Anniversary Award : “50 years of love”, submitted by Pierino Di Nicola from Italy.
A 2nd prize winning piece from Next Generation Award : Video format : “Sound from the future”, submitted by Tan Yong Lin from Malaysia.
Entries submitted to the “THE OPEN Award under the #Nikon_Photo_Contest 2016-2017.
An entry from the “Nikon 100th Anniversary Award” category.
A Grand prize winning piece from Nikon Photo Contest 2004-2005 by Vincent Maure, “Malnutrition in the Congo(DRC) Girl Is Taking Care of Orphan”.

Winner in Color Photography 1975-76

a winning piece from Nikon Photo Contest 1978-1979. “Passage De Route” by Marie-Jose Tronel(France), won B/W Photograph Section 1st place.

an entry submitted to the Next Generation Award for 2018- 19.