The world’s most photographed curations

world's most photographed

Photography might be an art that always presents best the subject of its focus but there also would be at times something about the subject itself so imposing that photos simply cannot manage to miss. Afforded therefore a status much iconic in their own exquisite essence as well as in their presentation in finesse would be such assertions of the world, both natural and man made that would go on to make history as being the most photographed of their kind all over. From people to places, from festivals to food, from structures to streets and pretty much everything in between and even way and beyond such classifications, these favorites of the photographic world know indeed well to make for quite a sight even in their mere capturing. Here’s listing the what’s what of the photographic world-


A city so capturing of the world in its cosmopolitan essence that has led it to be often described as the capital of the world, the charming curations of New York are also what makes it the most photographed globally. Dotted with numerous landmarks, many of which command place of pride as being among the most iconic of the world, the city’s dwelling in a diverse arena of interests both in terms of the physical and the perceptible means that it provides an exciting opportunity to find eclectic expression through the lenses. In also therefore harbouring as much prospect in granting diversified insight into the city’s remarkably unique existence, it only is natural that the ‘greatest city in the world’ would also be one of its most imaged urban identity.



The Eiffel Tower of course is the most photographed tourist attraction in the world which isn’t any surprising given that it is one of the most iconic of the world’s landmarks. And consider also the distinction of it being the most visited monument and it only follows naturally that this spectacular structure dominating the sight of the as pretty assertion of the French capital of Paris should also be the one captured in copious counts of it.

With so many distinguished attributes defining its popularity, whether it be in history or the statistics, and of course the drama that unfurls along the range of its aesthetics particularly in nighttime illumination, this standout assertion from within the dominion of France tends to be as standout a portrayal in photography. Apart from the sheer stature of the Eiffel Tower that what makes it the cynosure of all eyes, whether photographically inclined or not, it sure also is the different angles and ‘poses’ of its capturing that renders it even more amazing a phenomenon of photographic parlance. With some 5 million snaps of it decking up Insta galleries all over alone, and obviously many more non documented, more ‘private’ clicks as well to consider, this exquisite specimen of architecture is as impeccable a wonder in its photographic pursuing.


From the picture perfect expanse of Switzerland known for the pristinity dwelling in its many a popular peaks emerges a mountain very aptly therefore acquiring for itself the title of being the world’s most photographed. As picture perfect a jut in its much iconic near symmetrical identity, even when being one of the deadliest peaks in the world, this recognising entity of the much recognised Alps range itself accounts for some 100 million pictures annually to stomp also its dominance in commanding the absolute focus of the lenses.

The most popular of all Swiss destinations in its touristry prominence, despite its dwelling in the deepest dimensions of death, Matterhorn also is iconic in it being believed to have lend its shape to the famous brand of Swiss chocolate Toblerone. A definite assertion of the Swiss identity no doubt in whatever aspect of eminence, this pyramidal peak of profound pride truly is a photographic phenomenon in the very poise of it.


pizza types
Source: Tasting Table

One of the most popular of global foods, the pizza also happens to be the most photographed edible, at least as evident from its Instagram counts. In its millions many mentions and hashtags and close ups and top views and basic clicks and droolworthy captures, this dynamic dish of Italian origins continues to rule social media in as much authority as it has forever done in real world and in real time. And indeed, with so many different possible options in crust and cheese as well as in toppings and seasoning leading thus to the experience of flavors and tastes as diverse as can be, it only is apt that pizza should be commanding so much of the loves and likes for the sheer gorgeousness of a gobble that it always is.


Occurring as “possibly the most beautiful, certainly the most photographed, bridge in the world”, the Golden Gate Bridge that stands out as an international marker of the city of San Francisco in U.S.A. is another darling of much dazzle. Standing true to the gilded assertion of its name, even when that facet of identity is one derived from its spanning the Golden Gate Strait, the bridge has always been a fascinating make in having been declared one of the Modern Wonders of the World.

Cast in a sizzling shade of orange vermillion that which makes for a sight magical almost in its spectacular setting while manifesting also the photographic prospects of the bridge in much brilliance particularly when shrouded in the misty might of fuzzy fog has been this contemporary architectural marvel of quite some have been distinctions as well. But even without those characteristic attributes upon completion that no longer stand valid as well as devoid of any significant slice of history upping its stature, the Golden Gate bridge has managed to retain its status in allowing for some of the most stunning shots ever taken. A photographer’s haven in the many different perspectives from which it can be captured, this is a beauty that dazzles and delights despite its dubious distinction in also being the most used suicide site in the world.


A hotel so iconic so as to be designated a National Historic Site, the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac located in Canada’s Quebec city is the most photographed in its regard of classification. Historic in its more than a century old span of existence as well as in its basis of construction as one of the country’s grand railway hotels, this national landmark today occurs as a place of luxurious stay for a whopping number of visitors. That of course is no surprising a claim for a place meant to be one of accommodation for tourists but what is indeed quite striking a revelation is the fact that millions from all over the world also flock to the Chateau Frontemac as visitors indeed! Consider however its long standing reputation as the most photographed hotel in the world and this aspect of its pride should not be any anomaly.

More than grand in its assertion in both history and visage, this 610 roomed identity of Quebec City in almost as much prominence as the French fancies endowed upon by the Eiffel Tower is indeed a display of much magnificence to command world attention.


albuquerque hot air balloon festival
Source: Viator

A rather surprising name in occurring as the world’s most photographed event eking out the likes of supposedly greater and bigger and hippier festivals and celebrations and the like would be the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. A yearly rendezvous with colorful hot air balloons in all excitement of play and all allure of prettiness, this largest of the world’s many balloon festivals boasts of some 25 million pictures clicked of its ‘vibe’ in its every dynamic occurrence. In fact so promising has been the scope of photography across the span of this week long October event held in USA’s New Mexico that even sees the leading photography company Canon heavily sponsoring the fest- something continuing as a legacy almost in upholding the more than ample photographic pursuits that another similar entity Kodak once claimed for themselves as being the very title bearer.

With numerous events and competitions that witness frenzied participation by anticipating visitors, both locals and tourists alike, with of course vibrancy and color and joy and enthusiasm being very ‘visible’ signs of its crazy popularity, the festival makes for a truly picturesque setting- one that is quite a fairytale like sight to savor and capture and live indeed in all its infectious ‘flying’ energy.


It’s quite a surprise that there should be not a particular variety of cake- but a whole specific cake itself that can command for itself the reputation of being the most photographed, or at least the most Instagrammed in the world. And while the status of this distinguished piece of culinary clicking might not be one rather established as any other in the list as far as its origins are considered, it surely is not any less worthy. A 2011 creation of an Aussie bakery named the Black Star Pastry is this Strawberry Watermelon Cake- the name of which might not be particularly definite but the identity of which surely is.

A very dreamy cake indeed, in its very evident blush pink vibes of the standard fruity flair, and needing as well to be so in its conceiving as a wedding cake, this is a delight in awareness for every sense indeed. Layered with almond dacquoise, rose-scented cream, and watermelon, and topped with strawberries, pistachios, and dried rose petals, this very romantic cake basks in the glory of its finesse both in flavor and frills to record sales of more than a million slices every year. Of course, majority of these buys essentially graces the Instagram feed of thousands making it easily the most represented of its kind ever in the world.