Project Thaili

With the increasing thrust on conceiving viable alternatives to plastic- the single use make of which is sought to be banned come the 2nd of October, it’s imperative to come up with plausible options- options that work.

And what better than dwelling on the most natural of materials to churn out environment friendly preferences that can be as chic as conservative? Here is where our very indigenous, very conscious Project Thaili comes into the picture.

Crafted recycled cloth bags that flaunt your colloquial sentiments sounds like the way to go for savvy millennials and conscious earth dwellers seriously wanting to chip in with their own contribution to making the earth a greener place. After all, it is up to us, the dwellers to try and give back at least something back to this planet that has nurtured and valued us for so many eons and centuries.

Project Thaili is our attempt at ‘chilling with the world’, with fun and recycled quirky cloth bags that will help you go about your everyday chores with elan and pride. Rolling out at the elementary level of educating the masses for a greener future, we at Project Thaili want you to take it upon yourselves to set the precedent for a greener and cleaner future ahead.

So go on, make your pick from our range of curated customized Thailis and help the world be as cool as you are!