Your conscience, your way – PROJECT THAILI

project thaili

Plastic bags would very soon be up in crumbles (at least figuratively), but that does not mean your life should come crumpling as well! With Project Thaili by your side, you would want to ditch plastic even if you didn’t have to. Our range of indigenous thailis are so cool and fun that you will want to flaunt them over and over again. Do it then the way it suits you, or get inspired from some of our ingenuity!

The thaili of wisdom

If this isn’t life goals, I don’t know what is. A bagful of books peeping out into enticing you to come devour them is all the love you need in life. Giving it to nature and getting that back- on warmly crafted paper- is just the best deal you would ever strike!

A thaili of goodies to relish

Stacking on some delectable snacks to munch on while you curl up with your favorite book, all cosy and warm on a rainy evening is all the treat you deserve after doing your bit for the environment. Dig deep into your Thaili and indulge in pampering your taste buds with that irresistible haul!

Bundling up the chores

If running errands is on your to-do-list this weekend, then do it the Thaili way this time around! Just sling one on your shoulder and go your way about bargaining with adamant vendors, asserting your own might throughout.

Stuff up with the greenest chillies and the freshest apples, and some carrots and pears thrown in for the dash of balance in your diet. Our thailis make even chores look cool!

The ready-to-go thaili

Getting sorted for school is more fun now. Stash up everything you need in your thaili- from notebooks to pen, to glass and pen cases, and flaunt around with your own cool and conscious style statement. Style cannot get any quirkier than this!