You should make it a point to celebrate 10 years of friendship. Here’s why.

10 years of friendship

In a world that fleets and falters at every opportune moment, it’s a very rare stroke of luck to find souls who resonate with you no matter what. You can be happy and gay, sad and gloomy, right and haughty, wrong and drained, but there would be someone who would know and understand every aspect of your being. The thought itself is comforting- to have someone who accepts you as embracingly in your lows as in your highs, who makes your life all the more beautiful by just being in it.

We know, we sound like speaking about romance and love- that unconditional types that can do wonders to your existence. But there is something purer and more treasured than romantic love- it is the bond of a carefree, fuss free friendship which is as loving as can be and yet as exacting as it need be.

Friends can be few and far many, true friends though are always a handful. They can be what your call your soulmates, your best friends, your people or just about anything that implies they mean the world to you. True friendship however isn’t build just like that. It takes more than a few moments of fun and frolic to nurture a friendship that’s real and eternal.


Only after you have maneuvered through the toughest bends and curves, celebrated every victory and consoled each other in every loss you will realise the depth of the bond you share. It’s easy to proclaim this #friendslove when you are together, hanging out everyday and being in contact every minute. The real challenge that tests whether your concerns are real and the bond genuine is how you sustain the love even when you are far apart.

You can go for days without any contact whatsoever but when you get back together you bask in the joy of the catch up rather than dwelling in the spite of not caring. It’s then that you realise that your bond is so strong that physical distance does not put as much as a dent on your love for each other. With each other, you can laugh your heart out or cry your eyes off and still be as much you as you always have been. There really isn’t any shame at being your true self in front of those who are indeed your friends. It is perhaps this level of comfort and understanding, of acceptance and applause that can help you sustain an entire life time with them.

A Facebook friend list of 2000 might be an achievement but to be friends with someone all throughout is the true blessing. No wonder then that celebrating friendship is a very common notion in cultures all over the world. Why else do you think we all go super excited over Friendship Day, wanting to celebrate it with the same souls year after year? Because it is the realest bond you can have with someone, fun and fulfilling.

You might share passions but go your own ways with ideologies. Or you may be party crazy unlike your reclused friend. It doesn’t really matter what you do or do not do. It matters how long you get to do it that defines your friendship.


While you don’t really need occasions and events to celebrate your friends, there are some remarkable thresholds that call for the grandest kind of toast raising. And celebrating 10 years of friendship is definitely such an elated moment of feasting and feteing. Not because you have made it through an incredible decade with them, but because those souls that mean so much to you deserve to be applauded and pampered.

You can choose to go party in the umpteenth of ways. But more poignant than those events are the realisations that will make you thankful for being one of those lucky few who have earned the truest friends in life. Here’s saying why you should totally be celebrating your 10 years of friendship-

Your bond is more real than you can imagine


Trust me, 10 years is too long a time to fake feelings. So when you have been constantly cared about and supported for such a long span of time, you know that your friends aren’t there just for the sake of it. They are perhaps the most genuine people in your life who loves you like few other can.

You have had them forever even when you didn’t have you!


There are times in life when you cease to believe in yourself. Because giving up is so easy and also because we tend to get tired or overwhelmed at times, the tendency to quit becomes strong. But people who have had true friends by their side will know just how much hope they ushered in by their mere presence.

You might not have your own validation at times but your friends will always be there, uplifting and supporting you. Shutting off all who talk shit about you and even your own self when they see the dispirited soul, friends need to be celebrated for just how much unwaveringly faithful they can be to you.

Your friends have celebrated you forever


Be it bringing you ice creams in the middle of the night to put off a crying you, helping you sneak to parties or surprising you on birthdays with very inventive ideas, your besties have done it all for you. They have made your days happier, without expecting anything in return. Which means that while you need not necessarily do anything for them, you would also want to make them happy with surprise gestures and celebrations.

You will want to make up for all those times you have been petty


You don’t need to, but that’s the least you can do to somehow make up for how stupid you have been at times. You might have snapped in a bad mood and pushed them away or there might have been some misunderstanding.


It doesn’t really matter what you had done since your friends know you didn’t mean any of those. Nor do they remember. But it’s kinda sweet on your part if you plan a celebration just because you are indeed not that petty.

Your dreams found expression in them


As friends, you have shared interests and tastes. And also dreams. When you have nurtured the dream of being a dancer, it’s their wings that have soared. When you topped the class they were the ones being congratulated. Your happiness is seldom your own, they make it so much of theirs that you really don’t want to dream happy dreams again without them.

They have made you so comfortable accepting your faults that you are no longer insecure


It might have put you off initially or left you teary eyed but you should actually be thanking your true people for poking fun at you. Because you know they didn’t do that to malign you but to help you emerge stronger like you finally did. In teaching you to be more accepting of your flaws and insecurities, they have indeed liberated you.

You have things done before even making them known!


That’s what real friends would do for you. Be it surprising you with home made muffins or having your registration for that all important exam done, you never have to worry on missing out on things you desire. Jab yaar kare parwaah meri, mujhe kya parwaah iss duniya ki- love can’t get more real!

They have been there even for your family


Because your fam means as much to them as to you, they will go every extra mile for them. Even when you are in a far off land, your family do not have to miss their child. Nor do you need to worry about your parents. For someone who means so much to you and your family, celebration toh banta hai boss!

You have treated their wardrobe as your own


Jo tera hai wo mera hai! Indeed, friendship is selfless. So much so that you picked their best dress for your date-night and ended up getting whiskey all over it! Or your picked that pretty tasseled earring for your freshmen social and they were left without their best pair to flaunt on their cousin’s wedding. You had been ‘mean’ to them and sure, they also had been as much picky of your assets! There is no hatchet to bury but when you need only a reason to party, you have your pick!

You owe even your S.O. to your bestie!


No millennial love story is possible without the best friend playing anchor. From setting you guys up to patching your breakups (and breaking your patchups), your bestie has lived your romance saga! You absolutely owe that tortured soul much more than acelebration!

You need to give off legit Instagram competition!


Because you also need to give it back to all those who had professed how much of fake friends you have been. Not that it matters, but sometimes seeing someone burn in envy as your Instagram gets lit up with those insane party pictures and #10yearsoffriendship is so much sass. And evil!

You need to compensate for being a crackhead… lol!


Because not everyone can be your type of wacky, you need to celebrate those who exactly mirror your madness. Or at least people who are sane enough to not pass you off as someone out of their mind!

Because, you guys are worth it!


Also a grand celebration has been long overdue, but the universe hadn’t conspired enough to make it happen. Take it then, upon your own to make the stars align and usher in the celebrations. To all the booze sessions you have missed insanely, lost to distance and fate, you guys sure owe more than just one celebration!

You owe it to all the good times


Remember when you frolicked about as young carefree girls? Or the time you danced your hearts out at her sister’s wedding? Or even when you guys cooked together and it was so good that you ate all of a buffet meal? Those good ol’ times, moments that you will cherish your entire life, love that has made you ace life- these are the times you owe it all. Parties, celebrations or just meet ups- we don’t just care!

You also want to revisit the bad ol’ times


Because you went bankrupt once and had them for ‘support’, it would be fun to go bankrupt once again, with some worthy celebration, and be their baby once again. So cute!

You owe it to the first conversation


While we go celebrating Friendship Day and birthdays, rarely do we celebrate the first time we met our soul bestie. The first conversation that instantly clicked you guys up also deserve all the adulation and lavishness. And what better than compensating for your decade long negligence with a grand celebration? Go on, you totally have our back!

Even you deserve the applause


Relations aren’t a one way thing. If you think yourself fortunate to have people stick to you, it’s also because they are fortunate to have someone like you as well. It means you have put in equal effort to stay friends and deserve to be celebrated as well. In fact, this exactly is what friendship brings to you. Making you so happy and contented that you want to spread the happiness to everyone else!

You need to make the most of what you hold dear


Friendship might not be uncertain, but life surely is. You would not even want to think about it but that does not take away the fear of just how fleeting existence can be. Which makes it all the more worthwhile to celebrate your 10 years of friendship, or every moment for that matter. So if life has blessed you enough with such gems for so long, then you would do well by at least being grateful for all that has been offered to you.

10 years of friendship is not just a celebration, its #lifegoals. To laughs shared and tears shed, let’s raise a toast. Cheers!