Advantages of love marriage you should consider before deciding upon arranged marriage

advantages of love marriage

Love marriage vs arranged marriage has been an endless debate in society through ages. Be it the difference in perspective within families or the difference in acceptance within communities, marriages forever have borne the brunt of difference in opinion. Revered as a sacred institution, marriage however has often not been let to conform to the divine bliss of love for whatever reasons. Changing times however has granted far greater ‘autonomy’ in love being a prerequisite for marriages, even arranged marriages or live- in relationships for that matter. It indeed is gratifying enough a realisation that marrying for love is a reality far more real today. Because love come with a whole world of its own advantages, it does give a certain edge to such a marriage that has romance as a principle guiding factor.

Listing the many vital advantages of love marriage you should consider before deciding upon arranged marriage to experience a happily ever after-

Better Compatibility

While it is not to say that arranged marriages never rest in compatibility, it still is true that there is no match to a ‘harmonious coexistence’ that love can foster. That itself is something innate not to the idea of familiarity as it is to love itself. The emotion of love is intense enough to make understanding partners out of adamant beings which grant love marriages a greater authority. In resting the base of a marriage on something that the heart harbours in such fondness, the advantages of love translate well into a happy marital life. From falling in love out of shared interests to sharing life out of love, the ease of compatibility sure works its way into marriages as well.


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One very distinct goodness love makes humans capable of is keeping aside differences. When you fall in love, you cease to care whether your partner is of the exact same race and caste, or in fact the appropriate age and ‘type’ for you. Love just happens the way it is meant to be, without caring about prejudices.

Translating the advantages of a love that just knows the fantasy of it into a marriage that is as much the societal norm however can be a different battle altogether. It of course takes a great deal of conviction and dedicated enthusiasm to see your love through its nasceny into its maturation. Specially in orthodox families that care more about conventions, a prospective love marriage that does not conform to the ‘requirements’ of being a perfect match can be quite a gamble in play. But this is where the strength of a love bond can work wonders. In refusing to yield in to the demands of being of the same caste and community, love marriages can end up bringing about a greater sense of equality in society. With advantages as substantial as this, how can a love marriage not be absolutely the way to a better future ahead?

Habituated Comfort

All of us have certain habits that are disgusting, annoying or plain offsetting. For anyone navigating their way into conjugality through arranged marriage, it can be quite a shock to discover such aspects about their partner that make them virtually untolerable. Let alone coming to terms with having to deal with such weirdty their entire lives. Isn’t love marriage then a more feasible course for a happier life what with its advantages rooted in familiarity and acceptance? From helping your partner get rid of such mannerisms that are impolite to teaching yourself to live with them, you would already have come a long way in love. It therefore is better to only persist on that and embark on a new beginning while being habituated with your old love.


Why we choose to view love as a factor in liberating a marriage is the advantages it lends in getting to choose a partner of our own. Of course we do not choose the one we fall in love with. Yet in having the ultimate say with whom we want to spend the rest of our lives, even when that would be a decision guided by our heart, we tend to feel somewhat confident. While that confidence is something that can be shattered by an unsuccessful marriage, it at least lets us remain rest assured in the vindication of our choice.

In the favourable outcome however when a love marriage has us sailing smoothly through life, it prepares us for even more positivity. There is no denying the profound impact happy relationships have on our overall well being and quality of life. And when that happiness is a measure of our own choosing, it helps all the more in us emerging further confident and positive in our being.

Friendlier Relations

Perhaps the best thing about being lovers is that you inadvertently also end up as being the best of friends. There isn’t any love in the world that persists entirely on romance. Every strong love bond inevitably dwells on elements of friendship to drive home the romance. And this friendly relation with your partner is something that is particularly helpful even in marriages, or especially in them. Because every successful marriage dwells somewhere also in its friendly essence, it becomes so fulfilling a relationship when it is borne out of love as well.

For you to be acquainted with someone for so long and get betrothed to them speaks of a bond that encompasses the advantages of love and respect, friendship and understanding, passion and compassion all in one. And this indeed is what makes love marriages so much a better prospect than arranged alliances. In its all encompassing fold, love prepares you for a marriage rooted in far more advantages than an arranged one.

Continued Support

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When we say support, we mean all things emotional, financial, physical as well as anything over and above that. And while there should be no dearth of support in any marriage, love marriages perhaps are significant in that it is a continuity of the underpinning that had characterised a relationship long enough to proceed it to the advanced stage of marriage. As partners who have seen each other for long, one of the advantages of love is that it prepares the couple for ensuing obstacles of a marriage. It indeed is a blessing to discover unconditional backing from the person you share your life with. And for your love to have withstood the test of time to culminate into its legal finale speaks volumes about having a partner who will likely continue that backing into the future course of life.

Enhanced Happiness

The yearning for happiness is a lifelong quest that is inexhaustive. Striving for an even happier existence after attaining a certain happiness level is the characteristic nature of humankind. In pursuit of such happiness, what can serve a great deal in bring us true joy are the small pleasures of life. Like a happy relationship or a love so profound that fills us with gratitude all throughout. Indispensible as relations are in the whole ambit of human existence, it only makes sense to harbour such bonds that make us complete and satisfied. Love being one of the few blessings that forges happiness, it is one of the advantages of a marriage stemming out of it that has the potential to make us truly at peace.

After all, happiness is merely the abstinence from worries and not the absence of it. Life being a treacherous battleground already, it should be so much wise on our part if we focus on sustaining such relations that stem from genuine affection and that which require no pretense. Love marriages are advantageous to the extent that help us elevate our existence in showering us forever with a happy mix of blissful emotions and esteemed responsibility. In not having to conform to unrealistic expectations because the one we love know us better than that, love marriage is the way forward for a life full and well lived.