Best romantic tips you can ever use to save your relationship from breaking up


Romances can be dreamy or dreary, depending on how you course your way through them. Either as die hard romantics or the ultimate pragmatist, love and affection manifests differently for different cupid arrowed people. So what then are some timeless tips that will make sure that you are never drained of the thrill of romance striving to rev up your mundane life?

You will obviously be knowing of how romance and relationships thrive on love and togetherness and how well compromises and adjustments do wonders to ensure life long commitment. But then, there are also some other lesser poignant yet meaningful romance tips that will ensure that you have a relationship that spells out #couplegoals!

#1 Be a novice in love, forever!

Keep the spark alive in your relationship by doing such things that were exciting to you initially. Be it cute meet ups, romantic dates, enticing gifts or pretty surprises, do just about anything that makes you feel like in love over and over again.

It’s very essential that you forever remain the romantic at heart to sustain a love for life. Though time may wear away the magic of your bond, it surely cannot drain the emotions you experienced in the first place.

#2 Be ready to face the tough times


With all said and done about raving romances, what is also important is the acceptance of the practicality of love. It’s necessary for you to realise that any relationship is a tough job and not all days can be magic. Sharing the responsibilities of conjugal life, being accepting of each other’s flaws, handling their mood swings on off days are all pro romance tips to bank on.

#3 Don’t cast the past in your love story


One tip that will lead you places with the love of your life is to let go of the past. Whether it be holding grudges from some time back or comparing your current relationship with a previous one, it’s never worthy to let your past define the present. Specially in relationships, living in the moment is the secret to bliss.

#4 Be the seeker to drive the desire


Even when you know your partner inside out, it’s almost impossible to delve into the depths of the heart to know exactly when and what they desire. Try seeking out their ultimate fantasies by communicating with them. Strive to turn these wishes into reality and you wouldn’t have experienced a more fulfilling love before. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than being the reason for your partner’s happiness!

#5 Give space to breathe atleast!


Space is so very important. Being avowed for life doesn’t necessarily mean being the sole person in your bae’s life. Know when to step back and take a detour from clinginess to keep things peppy. Distance always makes the heart go fonder and we don’t find any reason why some space would not be appreciated.

#6 Speak magic more often


While basking in the warmth of affection beats all words, a deeply felt ‘I love you’ being uttered softly renews the flutter of love you experienced at first sight. Being loved and appreciated is so much of a blessing. And to hear that you are so damn special to someone just because it’s you is a feeling that is truly mind blowing.

#7 Spending quality time together


Having something special that is exclusive to both of you fosters a bond that is eternal. Be it a relaxing couple spa, a romantic holiday, a baes’ day out or something as routine(!) as anniversaries, any shared experience only elevates your love. After all love is as much about sharing as it is about caring.

#8 Ditch being the asshole you can be

All of us have that inherent asshole attitude residing within us that it becomes inevitable that we would end up hurting even our loved ones at times. That is very much a (acceptable) reality. But what can lead you downhill is when you hurt your partner so much that they have to give up on you even when they love you like hell. Try to be at least rational, if not loving, at all times.

#9 Every motion has an opposite reaction


Love your partner like you would expect to be loved back. You indeed have to be responsible for the relationship as much as you expect bae to be. And being responsible enough for another individual, your partner in this case, can never be a reality if you don’t know the love of the self. Be the best romantic partner you can ever be, but only after you are the best version of yourself. Always.

#10 Be best friends, but better lovers


It’s thrilling, the thought of being best friends with the person you love so so much. But as much you are BFFs with your partner, don’t ever let the romance slip away from your heart. In long term relationships specially, platonic love fails to find a way. Be best friends, but be better lovers.

#11 Be understanding


While your partner would most likely oblige you with something they don’t like much only out of the love they feel for you, you on your part should never goad them on to do things you know they aren’t comfortable with.

#12 Show your love


Obviously you are in a relationship with bae because you treasure them. You feel so lucky to have them in your life because they are so awesome. So why not let them know how much they mean to you and how they make you so happy? In your own special way, do special things for your partner and you will end up feeling more special than ever!

#13 Look good to feel good


Even when looks cease to mater when you are in love, it’s necessary that you keep yourself well groomed. Appearances indeed appeal to the eyes for beauty also bestows you with attraction. And while it may be to deride beauty as mere skin deep, trust me it’s not always true.

#14 Don’t be a sinner!


To enhance your experience of love and for sustaining it life long, one particularly important tip relates to NOT committing the relationship sins that can very well lead you on the path of a break up.