Best ways of getting over heartbreaks


Loving someone is one of the most intense emotions that we develop at a time in our lives by giving much effort on our part. However, if the person with whom we have formed this beautiful bond wreaks havoc on us by breaking it into bits with some lame reasons, it does hurt a lot and we feel deeply distressed. When we experience heartbreak– be for the first time or last time- it causes a lot of mental agony which requires time to heal unlike physical injuries that can be treated with prescribed medicines by the physician. A worst type of sadness, heartbreaks does take a toll on the sufferer’s mental health and he/ she has to find out ways to get over it effectively by healing. Although it can be a slow process, it shows a person that the world is not a straightforward and simple place and is filled with various people of different complexities so trust and friendship or in this case relationship should be done with extreme carefulness. However, as life goes on, the process of getting over bitter traumas does happen and the challenges of life along with time ease healing and pave the way for forgetting a bitter episode from the past.

Here are some of the best ways by which you can get over a drastic heartbreak soon-

Listen to sad music

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Music therapy is used for healing people who are suffering from pain or trauma. To deal with the hurt that is invisible to others’ eyes but pricks you quite often at times like a rush of pain that rises slowly but deeply when we cut ourselves against sharp surfaces but without any external marks, plug the headphones on your ears and listen to some of your choicest sad songs on loop. With different frequencies of beats and tunes playing against your eardrums, the lyrics of the song will wash over you like you are literally experiencing it before your eyes or vividly in your imagination. A flow of tears from your eyes will then occur easily and it will help you to light your emotional and mental burden, increase the feelings of relief following which you will get some easiness in your body and the process of healing will enhance. Crying reduces stress, relieves pain and helps in getting a sensation of peacefulness. Studies have shown that the calming, mood-enhancing, and pain-relieving effects of crying above may help a person fall asleep more easily so that he / she can approach the next day on a more positive note. Music has the ability to provide company and comfort like a close friend.

Practice deep meditation for some minutes daily

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There isn’t a super effective remedy than deep meditation for achieving a great sense of relaxation. A flawless and priceless treatment which can transform mental health by leaps and bounds is meditation but the drawback is that it only depends on the way you use it to heal yourself. Take out some time early in the morning and practice deep meditation for about fifteen minutes. While being in the state of intense self-concentration, visualize yourself as an independent individual who can be better off alone and enjoying every pleasure that life has to offer as a single person. Soak yourself in the feeling of how beautiful life would be when you have no one by your side to rant on you for doing this or that. When you do this daily for some days, you will find that your self-love will increase rapidly, positivity will become a part of your character and you will find that those bitter but distant memories of the past were just one of the many episodes of the real drama known as life.

Practice gratitude in its various forms

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One of the most powerful ways of attracting happiness and positivity in your life is practicing gratitude in such a way that your sub-conscious mind makes it difficult for you to perceive a negative outlook in any situation. A number of motivational speakers as well as astrologers, tarot card readers say that scripting techniques are a sure shot way of attracting abundance quickly in the areas of your life. Some of the popular scripting techniques are the 369 manifestation technique and 555 technique. These are also known as Law of Attraction (LOA) techniques. The LOA methods are an excellent way of manifesting your deepest desires. The 555 technique implies that you have to write your desire 55 times for five consecutive days. Meanwhile, the 369 manifestation technique involves writing down your wish in a particular sequence- 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times at night.  When you are writing affirmations like “ I am in love with myself” or any kind of positive wish, you will definitely going to feel better with each passing day. Meanwhile, take out time to remind yourself whenever you feel low with positive affirmations or listen to motivational videos on YouTube. It will work wonders on increasing your self-esteem

Accept the tragedy and remove everything associated with it

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The mandatory thing that you have to do is accept the fact that the breakup has happened and you must move on away from it ahead in life. To stop getting yourself hurt every now and then, delete all the photos and videos that you had taken with your ex and sell or give away the gifts or things that are associated with the tragic relationship. As they say – Everything happens for a reason so you should look for better company whenever the time comes and drive away all the toxicity from your past and be ready to welcome a new and beautiful change in life.