5 undeniable facts about a brother and sister relationship others can’t understand

brother and sister relationship

Every relationship is special in their own little way. While romantic relationships feed your heart, a best friend cum soul mate connections feeds your soul. But while such relations are determined and decide are you, there are also some other bonds that you can’t help but let grow. To better avail though. Specifically when it comes to exploring the relationship between a brother and sister, there is no end to the ambit of emotions invested in its uniquely evolving folds. Here’s some such unique and undeniable facts about the sibling bond that not someone who has not lived the ‘sib life’ can understand-

Best friends forever might be cliched, soul siblings always isn’t!

Because finding a friend with whom you will stick all your life is pure luck and of course choice. But not the brother sister relationship. Siblings are the people who you have no other option but to deal with. Inevitably, because you end up spending the most memorable moments with them right from your childhood to your growing years and maybe even beyond, your brother or sister means something else to you.

No relationship can perhaps be as unconditional and unbinding as that of the one between a brother and sister. Of course because you don’t have a way out of it and by the time you do find the means to cut yourself away from that stuff, you suddenly discover that you are just too attached at this point to let all ties go. The person you call your best friend might change but your sibling can’t ever! You owe it to biology and genetics and what not, but you sure never owe it to choice!

It’s a love- hate relationship that epitomises every brother and sister bond

Every brother and every sister on the face of this earth will know the ever changing dynamics of their inexplicable relationship. Like someone rightly said, a sibling is one you would gladly save by donating your kidney but will tear heavens apart if they ask for a piece of your chocolate!

Sibling bonds are- pardon us when we say that but siblings indeed share a relationship that is whimsical. From going days without talking to them because they wore your shirt without your permission to getting anxious when they are mum because of their nagging tonsilitis- love cannot go wackier than this! You love them enough to pray for their happiness yet perhaps also resorting to plotting to have your revenge on them for the time dad gave you a thrashing at their behest. But this on- off love sure isn’t bad, because how else would you have bipolarity doing up your mundane existence with such excellence?

Crazy teasings are what does up the intensity of the love- hate thing more than ever

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If your elder brother have never for once told you that you were adopted, then most likely you indeed are adopted! From picking you out of the trash can to betting on how mumma loves him best, every brother takes it upon himself to make life miserable for his poor younger sister! But who said he will be spared just as yet? No wonder one fine day the boy wakes up all dainty and clad in exquisite makeup because well, you know, he had to get it back for all that mindless ridicule!

Evil pranks, crazy teasings, and of course stealing food- can anyone define the brother- sister relationship better? We all have done it- gulping down a bit too much of the sugary juice because who knows your evil sib might do it down all by himself? Or that ice cream that had been lovingly treasured by big bro to savour the moment he gets off his only protein regimen, haven’t you eaten that up too many times without even an iota of guilt? Forget guilt, you in fact derive a different pleasure altogether from secretly chomping down on each other’s food! That just the crazy extents sibling goes to in making the other one go mad with fury. And all to good measure tough- because what lies at the core is some innocent fun and some exertion that goes a long way in making the bro- sis game extra special!

You are each other’s best secrets hoarder

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Because you cherish the love hate relationship with your sibling, it goes without saying that you also are party to some of each other’s greatest secrets let out in moments of unwavering faith! But let things go even a bit awry and there you are- at the receiving eds of a blackmail by none other than the most evil scheming human ever! Of course they won’t let anything out- even their confidence is at stake. But there’s nothing like eliciting things and tasks out of you in that most vulnerable moment when you are at a loss to think and act. Another reason why the brother- sister relationship scores just a wee bit more in all their insane array of mind boggling ridiculousness!

So you know you don’t have to really worry about sneaking out in the middle of the night because sister dear will be there to save you. Or you don’t even need to be worried about granting permission for the college excursion because big bro will play your case. But beware, once you are at loggerheads and there’s no limit to the disaster that might befall you. From having each other’s back to readily letting that back be subjected to some nice, good thrashing, each brother and sister relationship thrives on a fulcrum that just about defies all understanding of love and boundaries of expectations.

‘Extortions’ are the legit essence of every brother- sister relationship ever!

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For those without siblings, this might be a rude shock- one that will have you thankful of your god fortune at not having a brother or sister to deal with. But those sibling duos who fight like crazy yet love like there’s no end will know that how incomplete and boring life without kinfolks would be!

Even when it means shelling exorbitant sums to live up to little sis’ demands or going days without chocolate because you need to be saving money for your bro’s birthday. Whether it be the ransom of holding hostage your uncanny doings or the ‘compensation’ for having forgotten to get you a rakhi gift, sibling yearnings are too extravagant to be done away with. And yet you would not give up your soul sibling for anything in the whole wide world. There’s surely no trading for love- and for sibling love there’s not even any intention to trade it off!