The trends redefining love and romance

dating trends

The world today is denoted by trends in each and every element of its defining. The pure premise of relationships too is blissfully unaware of such events entailing a ‘hip and happening’ nature. Scour the extents of the dating universe for instance and one would encounter an exclusive jargon due to many such trends doing the round. Here’s a look at some of the ‘literature’ curating these current trends of love and romance-


Source: IndiaTimes

The breakthrough dating trend indeed that was a long way coming, masterdating might sound weird and unexplained but it is the newest experiment doing the rounds. It’s surprising though that this solo dating idea emerged quite some time after the self marriage idea aka sologamy has already positioned itself as a definite craze. But as they say better late than never and this coming-of-age perspective on romance managing to break through the exciting dynamics of dating already posits it as a definite win.

Call it self- date, solo- date or the ultimate master- date, the ideals of love trends permeating this newer dating expression is evident indeed. Self love assumes centerstage in this newfound exploration of romance and while the romanticness per se might be missing of what lovestruck folks would testify and vouch for, this very idea of loving one’s own self first is further validation of a much needed practise that has been finding greater representation and support.

The many necessities of self love cannot be stressed enough indeed but with masterdating on the horizon, the avenue has expanded in more ways than one. Because beyond the virtues professing and practising a love for oneself in general, self love is key also to building other healthy and loving relationships in life. On the other end of the spectrum, it also liberalises the world view long held against singles as being unhappy and alone by compulsion and not out of choice. Masterdating then is the new revolutionary standard of romantic relationships without it being traditionally couply as well. Masterdating is essentially solo dating but more empowered and conscious and lovelier than ever to emerge as one of the more happening trends.


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As a dating trend, this pursuance of people who match due to a similar profile of education might sound too superfluous. But consider the natural affinity of some to be attracted to intelligence as sapiosexuals and edudating need not be all show and no substance indeed. It’s as simple and basic as seeking out similar minds to connect first on a rather intellectual level and advance to feel the sparks of an emotional or romantic connect later.

Come to think of it, edudating might even be a logical first requirement in building a long lasting bond of love. Because one you are over the reds of romance and come to realise the truths of love as part of life and not of fantasy, the many differences in opinions and point of views and comprehension and communication might take a toll on those fluttery feelings. And for folks who specifically find intelligence ‘arousing’, it only is natural that they would not even consider dating someone with whom they cannot have insightful conversations. With edudating a definite thing today, the perceived surrealness of sapiosexuality has come to found realer recognition as well.


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Move on from the idealistic aspects of love and dwell on the starkly practical grounds of its ruling and one cannot help but be appalled by the ‘rudeness’ of it all. Because no matter how much the world likes to wax eloquent about love making the world go round, the fact of the present day is that romance would cease to be even half as much rosy as one believes it to be if they do not have the means to pursue it. Dating itself is quite a challenge, specially so when dating apps and sites and platforms mean that one should be well prepared to meet up complete strangers. And with first impressions being the last impressions particularly in this arena where the firsts are always way too special, dating of course is no lesser business today.

And so sets in along with the consideration of dating also the costs of them. Fancy dinner dates, precious gifts, gourmet chocolates, exotic flowers have long been the USP of this magical world of roses and hearts. Thankfully though, the new generation is daring to be different- and only essentially so. Inflation is at an all time high and continuing to show consistent upward trends which has only established the time appropriateness arising of infladating. Simply put, infladating is cost effective dating where the economics of love are also duly considered so that a full feeling of hearts do not induce also a contemporary digging of hole in your pocket.

Infladating then is a trend that is more traditional than one would expect new emergences like these to be. Think cosy coffee dates at home or sipping tea at a roadside tapri or even costless alternatives of the eternal romanticism that long walks for instance evoke and infladating isn’t any definitive deflection on the dating route really.


Source: The Times of India

For some surprising reason, alcohol seems to be taking the backseat with the current crop of ever conscious people on earth. Thus even as breakthrough trends dominate lifestyle choices like those of a sober curious standpoint would attest, the phenomenon isn’t any unusual even in the dating world. More and more enthusiasts are all about getting drunk on love and not on alcohol as they set about treading this expanse of limitless possibilities. Because alcohol can indeed mess with your affair, both emotional and physical and strand you in a land of nowhere it is a good decision indeed to not mix these two volatile agents of life. Alcohol is expensive anyway and drydating only seems to further assert the accountability of the one of the other prominent dating trends of infladating. Talk about killing two birds with the same stone!

Open Casting


The dynamics of romance are sure changing which means that the many set characteristics of its experience too are coursing through a different trail of revelation. Case in point a definite diversion from the tropes of ‘my type of guy/ girl’ for instance that has for long typecast love in looks even when one knows otherwise. Quite aptly then, this propensity in finding romance in someone who might not exactly fit all aspects of the bill is what open casting refers to. For some this might be another layer of excitement they are setting themselves up for; for others the feeling might be one of ‘adventure’ in not knowing what to expect or in challenging their own preferences as well. Either way, the future looks unprecedented for sure- like it only should.


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This does not even sound like it could be a dating terminology to be frank. And rightly so, since it addresses the issue from its other end. It would be more realistic to term it a breakup trend instead as apparent through the dumping reference of that saying. Ecodumping is when you choose to not continue dating someone you have discovered to hold opposing views than you, specifically on social matters of climate and environment like the eco part of its suggests. The allusion might well extend into other areas of similar significance, the point of the matter being that it should be something substantial enough that none would be willing to compromise on. Ecodumping then should rather qualify as being an anti- dating trend instead.



This for sure is the cream of the crop purely due to how it occurs in speech and stuff. The swap of a single letter is all it takes to transform a regular word into a trending entity as hesidating suggests. For all its quirks though of etymology and language this is a dating trend that is quite hard hitting in its consciousness. It emerges as a trait of identity for such daters who are not particularly optimistic about the prospect of a long lasting relationship to seek out in the transient reality that life itself is.

The reason behind the hesitation in dating might also be more personal and not necessarily so profound like emerging from one of these trends in awareness. There might rule an uncertainty due to their own mixed feelings or they might not be willing to commit yet or to that specific person. But they might still choose to be active in the dating world, sparking this new character of what assumes distinction as hesidating.