Distance doesn’t matter when the love is true… does this statement hold true in a relationship?

distance doesn't matter

No one expects long distance relationships to be the stuff fairy tales are made of. When romance essentially is spewed by togetherness, it also is logical that LDR is a type of relationship less favoured. But mere notions, though formed by human experience, cannot drive desires. Naturally, couples embracing long distance relationships are not very few and far between.

Apart from the glaringly obvious distance issue, there also are other things at play that make LDRs looked down upon. But since it is love that makes or breaks relations, it should be love, not distance that decides its worth. True love does not need perfection to make it strive and survive. Rather it thrives by itself, not letting matters like distance be barrier in its pursuit.

Distance indeed doesn’t matter when the love is true. By making it work wonders for your bond, long distance makes your heart grow with even more love. Love oversees all limits of time and space to make your life a haven of blissful existence. Here are the many pleasantly surprising ways long distance actually helps you build a relationship of lifelong love-


Like they say, distance makes the heart go fonder. When you are in a relationship with someone you would want to be together 24*7, even a moment of separation weighs too heavy on the heart. But being together all the time might be actually unhealthy for your relationship!


Constant connectedness means so many things. A love that can overwhelm you not only because it makes you feel so lucky but also because it gets tiring after a while. And because it is human nature to harbour ideologies unique to oneself, a lot of time together can also mean a lot more scope for arguments and disappointment.

We aren’t necessarily saying you guys shouldn’t be connected all the time. But sometimes it helps to let the practical world give you such perspectives on life that are blatantly true. To the extent that true love isn’t bound by mere transcendence of time and space, distance shouldn’t matter so much in relationships.



Also because you aren’t getting to see each other so often in person, long distance relationships can even let your love rear the glory of its nascency. You know that bittersweet anticipation of catching a glimpse of the one you know you are falling for? That is one of the best feelings you will ever experience in life. Because love is sweeter when it’s new, we so relish the first time we fall in love with someone. Over time, the relationship would be a commitment, but it’s that eternal realisation of the feeling that is truly magical. When you do not let distance wreck havoc on your love life, it ends up making your love story more magical than ever!



Over time as you cease to view the distance as a hurdle in your commitment, there are a whole lot things that fall into place, smoother than you would have expected. No relationship thrives entirely on love, it’s trust and loyalty that is the cornerstone of people who give us #couplegoals. Long distance relationships require a greater amount of trust than usual and once you have successfully made it through some difficult initial weeks, you are more than sure of your partner.

You begin to trust bae a lot more and most importantly you learn to relax. You stop worrying about being cheated on because you know it’s not worth it and it also is not going to help you in any way. By fostering your belief in your partner all the more, you make sure your relationship is one that is resilient and steeped in mutual respect. Distance in fact is the path you need to bridge to build a relation for life!



Also because the physical connectedness is negligible, you are left amazed by a different facet of your partner every time you catch up with him after long. While this may sound very intimidating for some because hell, who likes to feel that they don’t know their partner enough, it still is a vital aspect to keep the relationship as exciting as it has been.

Because humans are very dynamic beings who evolve and emerge from experiences, they are liable to change. Each time you meet up with the love of your life after a while, you would discover aspects and minute details that are there subtly but are enough to make them a slightly different person from what they had been the last time you met. This indeed is exciting, to have something new to look forward to every time even when you know the love still is yours and still the same. The comfort in this belongingness is the blessing that true love brings into your life. And considering you wouldn’t really know anyone as well as you would like to all your life, this sure sounds like a better gamble!



Distance also knows emotions more accurately than technology does. Sure, there is no greater joy than the joy of connectedness but there is also a certain romance to putting this yearning for connectedness into words. Long hours on the phone might feel cosy, chatting the day away might foster your bond and Skyping can show distance the middle finger. But try for once penning your thoughts down on a delicate smelling, prettily embossed letter pad instead of just blurting them out incohesively and you will know the true appeal that romance holds.

Love letters sound like the stuff dreams are made of. There is an inexplicable romanticism in putting flair into words- that stems of both nostalgia and surreality. It doesn’t come easy to all however, for penning the perfect love letter that can make your girl blush by the mere intensity of how the words play unto her is an art less explored. Even making the effort might not come easy, with crumpled pages filling your trash bin long before you have mastered the eloquence of scripting your feelings but hey, isn’t love worth it all?



Often a times, couples madly in love with each other tend to get so lost in their own world of fantasy that reality takes the backseat for them. While nurturing such intense connection is good specially in this age when feelings have ceased to be basic, too much of indulgence will spell despair in your lives. Distance lets you be very much in love while also making you realise that you are your utmost priority. Because sustaining a romantic relationship requires so much effort, it sometimes takes a toll on your perception of yourself. LDRs help by making you stay connected only to the point it is necessary and not to the extent the relation becomes the sole motive of your life. Considering just how much people have begun to be unduly obsessed with relationships, distance has emerged to be crucial in letting you remain true to your self.



It helps even more with the distance if you are someone who loves a lot of ‘me time’. Even your most favorite person in the world sometimes cannot be the remedy to your need for solitude. In a long distance relationship, there does not exist the provision for togetherness to be binding. Naturally, you are at ease with even your demons, something which would perhaps have been viewed as a cue to shower you with more attention with your loved one nearby. But sometimes a little aloofness is all you need to gather yourself and be the best version of yourself. Distance fosters the love to grow by not inhibiting your personal existence in a way you would deem loving yet uncomfortable.



Relationships and attachment goes hand in hand. Even when there exists miles and yards of distance between you, it’s only natural that you are attached incredibly to the person you love. Because love is fleeting, the attachment and emotional dependence is what keeps you together.

Not to sound sadistic and all, but it is this attachment that breaks you down in case of a break up. Of course, a break up would hurt real bad even when it has always been the LDR thing. But because you have been so accustomed with dealing with your shit mostly yourself all this time, you can emerge from the heartbreak stronger. In a way, your emotional dependence that has been manifested only from long afar in the relation goes a long way in making your break up a compromising affair for your heart.



It indeed wouldn’t be your best birthday ever if you don’t have that special someone throwing you the surprise party. Anniversaries would never be as romantic without raising a toast with bae. Any relation fed by distance more than love will undeniably struggle to come to terms with liabilities like these. But not when love is so pure that it derides every attempt by distance to make you take the walk. Even an ordinary day spent right with your loved ones can make it special. It’s not the date and day of the beginning that matters. What holds greater truth and greater significance is how you let the beginning decide just how beautiful the journey together is going to be.



Long distance also reiterates how relations are always a two way thing. It’s easier to take your partner for granted when you guys are always around. Most of the time, for the sake of love, one person ends up giving their heart and soul to make the relation work while the other gets complacent. This however does not speaks of a lack of love, rather a lack of effort. Because one person’s effort is enough to help you make it through, you begin to get disconcerted.

But when there is physical distance between you, the effort positively needs to be a two way affair. Because you need to come on some compromise about your convenient time of communication, you both need to set up and sort out priorities. Distance works in love by not letting physical barriers overpower your feelings.

This however does not, in any way, mean that relations are one way stuff when you are together. Any successful bond can be maintained only with equal dedication. But the case stands ground more when there exist long spans of physical separation between couples.



Prolonged periods of separation also makes couples crave the togetherness even more intensely. Dates over every weekend or meeting up for coffee every alternate day is sure an easy way to maintain relationships. But it’s the intensity with which you emotionally connect with your partner after a ‘long time, no see’ period that strives to make your bond stronger and all the more special.



There exists a very offbeat thing that will tempt you to actually be in a long distance relationship. It’s the thrill of travel that beckons you every time in a land less explored. Whether you get to be at your significant other’s place or it is the other way around, the perks of distance are really good!

Your travel sojourn would be one filled with new locales explored with a love more lived. There’s nothing better than ambling along lesser traveled roads with the love of your life. Or when it’s bae in your town, you can turn his friend, philosopher and guide! Exploring all the new cafes that have cropped up in town or a day of ‘shop till you drop’ frenzy at the swanky new mall, you can do just about anything with your person and have the most fun time in your life!