Do girls like shy guys? The answer is yes and here are the reasons why

do girls like shy guys

When it comes to your heart fluttering away with all the butterflies and beaming with affection, there sure isn’t one characteristic trait that can spin tales of love. There would be preferences as varied as the souls that inhabit the world. Stereotyping doesn’t quite work out with something as unfathomable as romance. Which is why not all ends up falling for that one single person who is supposedly the very agent of Cupid!

Age old notions of conventional relationships has always tended to view the man as the stronger and women as the meeker partner in relationships. But even overriding such social norms are females who are so very outgoing than would put any macho man to shame and equivalently shy guys who would blush bright red with every conviction.

Which brings us to our topic of discussion- do girls like shy guys? Like, would a girl be falling for a guy even when he isn’t daring enough to make the first move? Well, they might, for reasons that do not seem very obvious but are in fact utterly convincing. Here are the reasons why girls can indeed like- and fall in love with shy guys-

Shy guys aren’t attention freaks

Which means it’s you who would be getting most of the attention in the relationship. Girls are generally fond of attention and even though exceptions exists, you would probably be more than happy in handling his part of the attention as well.

So that’s a win for both- the shy guy can let his lady love enjoy all of the limelight while he contently whiles away his own share for the greater bliss of love.

They are adorable

Because they tend to get very cutely awkward at times, shy guys can be insanely adorable. Like blurting out something utterly romantic in the midst of an argument or getting all flustered because you caught them smiling at you for no reason whatsoever, there’s no end to how endearing they might just turn out to be! It’s the best, however, when they happen to be tongue- tied and you can’t be feeling more love for your innocent man!

Good listeners

It’s a general nature of people that they want to be actually listened. And in this world of buggy people who are so full of themselves, a shy guy is just the perfect listener. Because they have issues in speaking themselves out, let alone interrupting your rant, a shy guy would likely be all ears about you have to say, holding on to every detail because well, they would be too shy to ask you about anything again!.

Shy guys are seemingly mysterious

Because they generally don’t let on much about themselves, shy guys have this air of mystery shrouding them. You never really know them unless you are someone really special to the guy. Mystery in any way is enticing and boy, no girl would mind some mysterious romance jazzing up their lives!

Guys who are shy tend to be more rational

Because they analyse before blurting anything out, girls tend to get more drawn towards the rational guys. And shy guys, with their innate nature of keeping things unto them and thinking it out over and over again, probably stand a better chance with ladies. Because everyone prefers a thinking guy who would rather take his time over someone who instinctively makes a pick.

They would rather not cheat on people

Because they are shy enough, such guys tend to be loyal. As bizarre as it may sound, but cheating does take on a whole lot effort than we imagine. Shy people generally would be within themselves and their circle, so chances of him hooking up with someone else once he’s into a relationship are minimal.

Shy guys cannot be intimidating

Simply because they are shy, they have a hard time putting their confrontations up there, let alone being intimidating. No matter how much Bollywood romanticises this whole aspect of domineering guys, no girl of the present times would let themselves be intimidated by the guy simply because he’s biologically the man in the relationship. No wonder, girls do like shy guys when they know he’s the perfect gentlemen they deserve.

They are also more restrained

Which means in case of some misunderstanding they would rather sit and talk than just shouting out of frustration. Even in seething anger, they try to restrain the wrath and take care not to hurt the love of their life.

Shy guys make silence spell romance

Even when you are one of those bubbly girls who like blabbering on and off, you might seek some silent escapade every once in a while. And when you have a shy boyfriend for company, you have all that you desire at once- the warmth of affection filling up the silent hollowness.

Shy guys crave emotional connect more than togetherness

Do girls like shy guys should not be even a question to ponder over when they are the type of man who are completely emotionally invested in relationships. Because they are shy, they are more than comfortable with physical distance. However, shy guys does indeed value the bond they share with their significant other. And that, for most people, is the biggest turn on in any relationship.

Shy guys can surprise you infinitely

Because they have this knack of holding things in, shy guys can be more than efficient in planning surprises. Whether it be themeing up your birthday party or making you fresh delicious muffins in the morning just because he wants to make every random day special for you, you will have it all, unexpectedly and unassumingly.

You feel many times more special with a shy guy

Also because the guy tends to lose a bit of his shyness exclusively and specially near their loved ones, they appeal more to girls who like to delve in that realisation of being so very special.

Shy guys captivate you with their enigma

Apart from the mysterious aura that has girls swooning over them, shy guys are also the most enigmatic of the lot. You would want to know more about them so often that you end up inevitably developing a likeness for the shyest guys of the flock.

They arouse curiosity with their shy aloofness

Shy people also tend to rack up your curiosity more intensely. Because you would be wanting to discover them just a bit more, you are constantly enticed by why and what they are doing. Having people, specifically those who are usually very reserved, open up to you is some sort of a challenge that gets folks interested.

Shy guys lets you make efforts

Girls who are tired of boys making all the efforts are drawn towards guys who are shy and are less likely to make the first move. Because femme fatales aren’t all attention seekers, there are serious attention givers as well.

They speak love through their eyes

Sure, shy guys might be a bit awkward when it comes to maintaining eye contact. But the moment you delve into their eyes you would know just how much genuine they are. Their eyes are the true mirror to their soul and you will get to know the type of man he is in those fleeting seconds you manage to catch his glance.

Guys who are shy are perceived as being more sensitive

Because they keep themselves bottled up without any outlet to vent out, shy people would have a tough time making their feelings known and understood. Which means they grow up being more sensitive because they tend to go over all of it in their head. And most girls sure have a thing for guys who are can be just a bit more sensitive.

Shy guys are at least a tad different from the rest

Women by now would be fed up of men who have been constantly over- the- top, in- the- face type of personas. Not shy men though. Guys who are shy generally also tend to be nicer and a refreshing break- away from the usual crowd. No wonder girls end up falling for guys shy enough to be innocently endearing.