12 real reasons why a fight between lovers is not always a bad thing

fight between lovers

No relationship is easy job. Beyond the love and understanding, care and concern, effort and compassion lies an ability to tackle differences no matter how difficult they might be. As imperfect humans who errs, arguments and fights are very common in every relation we maintain. But just because a fight is connoted negatively does not mean that it should necessarily make you a negative person. Like every other thing, arguments can be as much positive as negative. Specially when it comes to love, it’s in fact a bonus to have healthy arguments that can sustain the bond far more than what a disconnected connection does. Here are 12 real reasons that explain how a fight between lovers serve to do up the love so much that it builds very often a better relationship-

Because it’s never better when things are left bottled up


However bad you might want to avoid conflict, you need to understand that differences will arise with your partner, maybe too much and even too often. But that will only bode well for your relationship in the long run. Because no matter how trivial things may seem to be, they have a tendency to get exaggerated when brushed aside for long. Even when you are concerted enough to not let the issue crop up again, it will unavoidably come to ruin, either consciously or unconsciously.

It’s therefore a better idea to take that issue and make it into a fight between lovers rather than an ugly spat between two individuals. With the fight, you will have let out all your anger once and for good. Also because the issue mattered enough to lead to an argument, chances of it cropping up again in the future might get diminished.

Fight between lovers build up understanding


Fighting also ensures that no partner can assert dominance in the relationship. Unless you want to be the meek partner, it’s absolutely essential that you make known your disagreement with things perpetuated by your partner. When you speak up every time a wrong is done, it makes your partner realise that you aren’t someone who would take even ugly things in their stride. And you should absolutely not, either. Every relation needs mutual respect and understanding to survive and a fight between lovers helps in making couples understand each other better.

Post fight romance is all things passion!


Making up after a fight is so romantic! An intense argument makes for an even intense session of romantic leanings. Which while might sound frivolous is actually healthy because romance very often thrives on intimacy. And if a fight can do so much in making your love saga stronger than ever then why not indulge in a full blown one? But one thing needs reiteration in all cases- the fight should stem from something genuine and not merely because you want to anyhow make your relationship the most perfect one ever.

Fight between lovers also stems from passion

Like the post fight romance, even the fight between lovers stems from passion. Once you cease to fight, it means you are so indifferent to this whole relation that making an effort to make your disgust known is too much business for you. In contrast, speaking up defiantly against things that does not make sense to you means you are more than involved in making this relation thing a better space for you guys as a couple. Your passion has you up for reconciliation rather than going mum about things that can unnecessarily drain your energy.

Venting makes you feel better


There’s really no point investing your valuable time in a relationship that cramps you up. The love you nurture so much should be your safe space and not a closure. Naturally if the fight between lovers is never a reality you won’t understand if this relation is indeed the one for you.

You might just brush things off because you think they might take your love away from you. But since they are things that bother you they will always be there somewhere at the back of your mind. That’s very unhealthy, not just for the relationship but also for your own. Once you vent your frustration out, you feel much better- a kind of burden escapes you and you are more at peace. This goes for all things in life as well as relationships. Specially in romantic relationships that you choose to build, venting out is the way to ensure that your bond is your strength and not yet another addition to your burgeoning list of stress causers.

Fighting keeps you from getting complacent


Fighting with your lover who might mean the world to you also helps the relationship by not letting either of you get complacent. Very often relationships tend to get more routine and less fantasy as they progress through time. Taking each other for granted or getting involved lesser and lesser in the relationship can spell disaster for your bond in the long run.

A big fight between lovers acts to construe the relationship as not just another responsibility in life. When you fight and act maturely with each other to find a solution, it reinstates that this relation is indeed important for the both of you. You realise how bad it feels to not be there with and for your partner. You have this sense of need dawning upon you, and you understand that you guys are one whole and you really wouldn’t want to live without each other.

Fight between lovers validates the bond


What makes fight between lovers an even more essential element of relationships is that one bad fight can help you make sense out of the affair that has been bugging you for long. You might not have had the heart to admit it but you feel burdened with this relationship of yours. Picking up a fight, not intentionally though, is vital in helping you comprehend this whole mess. One, it lends you clarity on the issue that had bothered you. Two, it even lends clarity on your state of mind and the real desire for the relation. For better or for worse, a fight very much puts things on course.

It ascertains your honesty


Only the people who are the most honest in a relationship will have the heart to fight it out with their partner. Because they are true and have nothing to hide, they speak their mind without having to worry about facing a possible counteraction. As a significant symboliser of a relationship purely embedded in honesty, fight between lovers is a necessity to indulge in.

Fighting makes you value the relation more


What makes the uncomfortable fight you picked up with bae all the more worthwhile is that you have a solution at hand for things that need them! Lovers who care for each other will try every possible means to not let a fight affect their bond. They will strive to find a solution to every argument. And it definitely helps because one, you have the solution and even better, you know you are worthy enough in their lives. By manifesting in a win- win situation, fights are in fact a boon in disguise!

You don’t hold on to grudges because you fight them out


Fighting is the easiest way to not hold grudges. Grudges that can sometimes be the deciding factor in your relationship at a later stage. Fighting helps you get rid of this premonition of letting things that should have long gone by be the deal breaker. Once you are done fighting, you tend to be over it completely.

This tendency though has many repercussions. Of course it makes your relationship a more sensible one, that is based on mutual understanding. But it also lets you focus on the positives of the bond you share. You are rest assured that you can bring up anything with bae even if it bothers you only at the slightest. It also means you are likely to speak up when things go wrong, thereby leaving little scope for intentional displeasure. By working upon certain intricate areas demurely yet assertively, fight between lovers helps in strengthening the love between them as well.

Any relation not worth fighting for is a relation totally unworthy


Okay this goes outside the purview of the relationship but a fight between lovers or even two individuals in general is a healthy way of life. By asserting your dislike towards something that is perpetuated by the person you love the most, you ensure that you are not losing out on your individuality. Even with the relationship, you assert your strong preference for not letting yourself get derided. That’s important because you should not let anything in life define your perception of your own worth.

The ‘To infinity and beyond’ dictum is tested effectively by fight between lovers


Fights between couple are also vital especially when they are all set to take the plunge into foreverness. It’s only how amiably you bounce back off fights that explains how significant the bond you share is. If you are fortunate enough to have found a lover who really, really is into you then they would not let you go no matter what. If mere fights are enough to make either of you have second thoughts about the relationship, then it’s better to actually think twice about it consciously. By testing the strength of the bond you endure, fights make you secure of the future.