17 biggest reasons why friendship is better than love

friendship is better than love

Friendship or love? You are asked to make the pick umpteenth times and every time you find yourself oscillating between the extremes. That’s because it is somewhat difficult to make out the thin line between love and friendship. Finding love and friendship in one person is the biggest blessing you can have. Because it becomes really difficult to choose one over the other. But if you are not among the luckiest ones, we state the 17 biggest reasons why friendship is better than love to make your choice a more obvious decision-

Love is just… love. Friendship is love + a whole lot of things

Sure love can develop into friendship or vice versa. But the first time you fall in love with someone, it’s because you simply love them! There’s no other reason, no other basis for this love than mere love itself.

Friends however come into your life just like that- without any attachment and feeling. Yet you grow with them, come to enjoy life with them and most importantly love and care for them. It is this emotion, something very conscious yet innate that springs from the heart that makes friendship at least a tad more important than love.

Friends come without expectations, lovers not so much the same

Naturally, because you develop the bond rather than forging it just because you want your friends, friendship does not carry many expectations. Yet you strive to give it all to this very delightful gift that life has bestowed with you. Indeed, you would give your all, perhaps some more, even to love. But there is always some expectation or the other from that soul you heart. Even when it is unconditional, you cannot shy away from the fact that you indeed want your love to be requited. Friendship though is more sentient which means you already know possibly what you can expect from and of them.

Love is mushy, friendship is cushy!

Admit it, even when love seems like all things fantastical, it still is a bit too cheesy. Those moments of mushy calls, too much PDAs, cheesy somethings tend to get too much once the initial honeymoon phase wanes away. There you are then- in some dilemma, that makes you want to shy away from such clinginess but with some afterthought that would wreak havoc in your love life.

What makes us proclaim that friendship is better than life is the love minus the cringe. Friendship is something very warm and cozy, that lets you go OTT on the affection without being too lovey- dovey. It is like the soft cushiony pillow that has you leaning onto, when life tends to get uncomfortably awry!

Love needs too much effort, friendship though is relaxing

Perhaps it is this demand of love to be overly affectionate that makes it too demanding. You always need to be making efforts to woo your love. Relationships thrive on mutual efforts but friendship steers clear from all such obligations. Because friendship isn’t demanding, you do what you want to and not because you are meant to. It is this unobligatory yet willing tendency to pour your all into friendship that makes it a more relaxing experience than mere romantic love.

Love can be a liability, friendship is always your asset

Because love demands efforts, it does not take much time for love to be a looming liability rather than a blossoming blessing. Of course, you would do things for your special person out of love but because you are unfailingly expected to do stuff, it becomes a frustrated expression rather than passionate affection. Doing things because you are meant to is very different from doing them because you want to.

Over time as love becomes more demanding, you find yourself seeking resort in friendship. It is in times like these that friendship proves even more its worth as an asset- one that lets you just sit back without having to worry about all the qualms romantic love throws at you.

Friendship is safe, love is more like restricted territory

Once you are in a relationship, you are, again, expected to not do some stuff. Stuff which are pretty normal and even comforting, but stuff you would rather not do if you do not want to lose the love of your life. Love as a passion gets jealous and tends to get sour if you do not tread through its otherwise rosy paths with caution.

Friends, on the other hand, won’t ever persuade you from not doing things that brings joy to you. This again manifests in friendship being a bond sans expectations that you feel safe and free in whatever you do. No matter how haywire things might go, your friends have your back. That is one feeling so comforting that it takes all your worries away from you. That’s about just how much more better friendship is than love. Your best friends will sure kill you if you make another, but you can still go on making as much friends as you like!

Love is fleeting, friendship is forever

Love is magical. But like every magic spell that loses its potency after a while, love also ceases to be as intense as it had been. It might be love being too much of an exertion or simply the very nature of love to be fleeting, romantic relationships thrive more on understanding and trust than love itself. Friendship though with its very carefree, liberal nature makes you fall in love more with every passing day. In its ability to complement love rather than putting it off, friends end up being there for you, forever.

Friendship is fun, relationship is exhausting

A day out with your besties is all things spontaneous and fun, one that lets you enjoy each moment instead of stressing over it. The perfect date, however, is at least some amount of hassle, with planning to the last detail seeking to render it all the more monotonous and exhausting. So much so that you feel relieved only when the date is over! That indeed does not sound like how fun should ideally be, so leave it to your friends to make you enjoy life in its full glory.

Love is attraction, friendship is emotion

Romantic relationships almost always begin as an attraction rather than as a means of affection. There’s a reason why love at first sight is a notion so commonly experienced- it indeed is that easy to think that you are finally in love! But more often, love begins as mere attraction, something that fizzles out as quickly as it had you enamoured.

Attraction fades faster than you can imagine. And love, which is based on such attraction, is all the more inconsistent. This is where friendship scores as the winner- you don’t ever become friends with someone because you find them attractive! That as a notion sounds as weird as it is. So you don’t ever fizzle out with people you call your friends, you stay with them forever!

You are always more sure about your bff than your bf

How many times have you contemplated whether your boyfriend is really the one for you? Sure, you might argue more with your bestie than your partner but never for a while you question the importance your friend holds in your life. However, any minor inconvenience or any misunderstanding in your love relationship and you begin to doubt your own feelings! With such surety you have about your best friend over your boyfriend it’s easy to identify why the former would be your forever constant.

Silly friendship vs frilly love

Do you ever go to bae with the silliest of concerns unless you guys are also the best of friends? It’s always your friend you turn to with weird things. Things that can make the world think about you as crazy or dumb. It’s because you share a certain comfort with your friends that you can be callous with them. And how much you might like spending time with your partner, getting to go goofy with your pals is the best way you can and want to be!

Lovers break your heart, friends fix it

Friends don’t leave you in the lurch even when you fight it out with them. Love though turns as ugly as it can after some serious spat. When love breaks your heart into pieces, your friends are the ones nursing them back to wholeness. Having someone to mend your broken heart when it is all tattered and bruised is very crucial to your emotional well being and for you to emerge stronger after every break up.

Love takes a toll, friendship takes a stroll!

It might be ironic but love takes a toll on your life even when it does not want to. There are so many constraints to being together with the person you want. Either it be family or societal issues, ego or personal problems, love seldom has an easy path. Friendship however is more carefree. Your family would not generally have a problem with your best friends if they are the right people. Friendship even pervades such illogical pursuits of class and status, name and fame to score over sometimes nauseatic love.

Friendship is liberal; love, not so much

You become friends with someone because you guys resonate with some understanding. Naturally you don’t even need to explain yourself to your besties, they know more than enough about you to have you sorted. Love though has to build up the understanding. As something not very innate, you find love making a clear diversion from logic when differences get intensified. That’s something that can be really tough to handle. It is cases like these that makes us wonder why love cannot be the liberal entity that friendship is. We so wish it was!

Sisters before misters or bromance over romance- it’s sorted!

Do you thinks sisters rhyme with misters or bromance with romance for no reason whatsoever? Absolutely not. Even when these are not old age adages, they are no lesser words of wisdom. Needless to say, friendship wins over love even in poetic connotations!

Cuddling with friends wins over cuddling with bae

Cuddling and cosying with your partner is all very (mushy) romantic but there are times when you need just the affection, not the romance. You can cuddle with your friends all the same, with as real emotion but without the need of having to intensify it further. Because when you are seriously down, all you need is a long night in someone’s arms that is caring but not demanding. Sometimes you need to be nurtured and not just pampered. And without friends in your life, you are at great loss in uneasy times like these.

Friendship is all the love you will ever need

Because it encompasses love more essentially than romance does, friendship brings you all the love you will ever need. Nurturing and healing, supporting and uplifting, enjoyable and memorable, friends are the sunshine to your existence. Friends are there for you when love ceases to be, friends will never fail you even when love does. They might not be by your side all throughout, but they won’t ever abandon you. Because anyway they would need you as much as you need them. In all the happiness it brings to your life, friendship is indeed many times better than love!