24 reasons why high school friends are the best

high school friends

It isn’t for nothing that school years are said to be the best part of everyone’s life. Most of the memories we would be laughing at later for life or even many such bickering that would seem infinitely silly to us when we are past our prime are very unique high school experiences that can definitely not be over ruled. This is where high school friends step in to complete this very delightful jargon of high school musical, romping around in sync to the beat of all those memories that we eventually celebrate as life.

So memories and moments apart, why does even our high school friends come to be stuck with us forever, being as much a part of our lives, so much so that we would indeed miss out on a huge part of ourselves if they were to ever get cut off from us? The answer, my friend, lies in all the genuine affection we tend to pour into our relationships when days used to be simpler and we used to be naiver, and oh, so much nicer!



For most of us, all our first experiences with sugar, spice and everything nice, or even those of wicked, silly and mindless encounters invariably involve the people we came to acknowledge as our first ever ‘real’ friends. Naturally then, nothing takes away anything from that bond that has been fostered by a series of our first evers- important or not.



Also, even peer pressure did not feel like a pain in the arse when we were coaxed by our group into grooving to ‘the music’ that was the ‘in- thing’ of those times. From dressing up like birds of the same feather flocking together to ordering soda every time we managed to sneak out (because soda used to be so ‘cool’, literally and figuratively), we do have these precious few to be thankful to for ‘introducing us to the world’!



Research says you bond more with the person you cry to. And when its wailing your heart out at the beginning of your march with heartbreaks, you can be rest assured that your high school friends will always rule the roost. Because high school romances are as real as they are over rated and having to deal with one of those fairy tales falling apart needed some real persons to fend off those tears. No wonder you can ever be less indebted to your teenage friends for those times!


As kids, (chill! teenage dudes and girls still mean you were kids back then) you have obviously been in and out of ‘friendship’ with your blokes multiple times. Maybe so many times that you sure have lost track. But gaining ground time and again by recovering and even reviving the bond means you have been through good and bad times together, too many times. So if you have survived so much as the apocalypse tryst with these people, then they sure are worth your life!



Also as a bunch of folks who made typical teenage rituals and went on following them with orthodox belief, you know your high school friends are meant to be there with you, your whole life long. Because however modern you may be, you still know how tradition has a knack of not letting things get knocked out.



Because you can meet them up and crack up with ’em like with no other in the world, you know just how very better your life is with them by your side. You relive your high school years with them and can also live your entire life with them by your side.



Your high school friends also are your comfort zone to return to. Away from the mundanity that rules your current existence, those chaddi- buddies will do much to breathe in whiffs of fresh air to nurture your messed up life.


You also bitched about the same people, remember? Like how that girl thought she was the only do- gooder or how that guy behaved like everyone swooned over him. Years later you would still say mean things about them, even when you are matured beyond measure now. But who cares? They are your people and you can still do just about anything and everything with them!



And not to mention all the inside jokes you laugh so bad at! Like you can’t even claim the friendship’s real if you aren’t already laughing even before anyone of you have even blurted anything out!



Your high school friends also tend to be the realest people you will ever come across. You might be cribbing about nothing, you might be piggy snorting in public, you might even be roaming about looking homeless- and yet you still have those people who will hug and fondle you, and also probably kick you in the butt to try snort some sense into your dumb ass brain.



You also have your own pacts and promises to attend to that holds as good now as they did ten years earlier, when you first made them. There’s no way out for you from this now!



You have forever been so awkward with them that it’s the most natural way you can conceive of about being friends with anyone. And trust me, there’s no turning back from someone who knows your weirdities and antics inside out.



Because your high school friends also know you so well, they are also the ones that can put you in your rightful place. And you do invariably need someone who will keep you grounded in life because you never know the googlies this play of life might be throwing at you in an instant.



Bored and up for a mid night adventure? You can always drag your pals out to the most happening club in town. Want a makeover? Tag your bestie along. There’s virtually no single thing that your insane high school friends will not be game for.



You have so much nostalgia to draw from those years of bonding with your pals that you seriously don’t know why you wouldn’t hold on to those emotions that let you gel so well in the first place.


Even if you wanted to break away from that bunch of people from your high school days, you have familial ties to take into consideration. So now you have multiple sets of parents to be responsible to and multiple hearts that will shower you with more of the love and affection. And in fact you would not want to part with all that homely emotions, so the friendship is something you automatically sustain with.


Friendship has always meant growing together and coming closer with a part of each other in yourselves. It might be a dress that you borrowed from your bestie and never returned, it might have been a slam that you are still waiting to fill out, it might even be that part of you that you have given to them- there really is no coming back to just yourself from a friendship that had always been so worthy of you.


You have also learned and unlearned together. He might have scripted your answers many times, you might have brushed up his play with numbers on every exam eve, all of you together might have spend valuable ideas on coming up with what you thought the most ingenious New Year’s Plan ever- there’s so much you have taken in together that you don’t know how you would be doing off without each other.


Most probably your first ever outrageous nicknames were expressions of their hatke love. So even if you had flinched at first at that disgusting utterance, you feel the fondness returning everytime they shout that out to you now over the phone!



Your high school pals also have that whole list of every ‘kala- chittha’ of yours. And you know it to be in your better interests to not let your crazy group go about ranting about how idiotic and psychotic you have been!



Having people to call your own also sets you up for the rest of your lives. You don’t have to worry about your kids not having enough friends as they will most certainly gang up well with your besties’ children. For the sake of the future also, you see just how essential high school friends turn out to be!



Also a bunch of (the same) friends forever will ensure your mental stability that bodes more than well for you to live a wholesome life. That’s more than enough reason to not let the friendship fade away.



They are also your ‘spouse’ to fall back on when you get tired of the constant nagging of your singledom. They are your friends, with and also without all the benefits.



It was with them that you screwed up things but you also made things fall in place and perspective with these very people. Naturally, you owe more than just some few years of your life to them.