Hope-y highs of love

hopeless romantic

Even in its not so exalted notion in regard and belief, the very allure of a hopeless romantic is one somewhat not so displeasing as its connotation might serve as a prelude to. It perhaps might be the essence of its dwelling in a place fast removed from the drab realities of life or just the mere allusions of linking to the intensely love fed assertion of what shapes all our riveting understanding of romance. But the fact of the matter is that being a hopeless romantic or at least being referred to as one has a certain very dreamy charm that one cannot just come to despise.

And indeed, in a world increasingly losing sight of the grandness of love, of its experience in exquisite exuberance and more partaking of a belief of love being fake and conditional and all such stuff, it are the romantics therein hopefully seeking out their own fantasies and dreams of all things love shaping up therefore the ironic sounding proposition of being instead the utterly hopeless among them who have connived to treasure the ultimate truth of this most precious of feelings harboured by the heart. And it is exactly in such disposition of them in absolute dreaminess, in the most extreme explorations of the hope residing in that grand experience of love that makes hopeless romantics a breed without whom the world would have been fostering of just living entities and not life itself in all heartfelt soulfulness.

In all their extravagance though, as pertains to their dwelling on the extreme end of an spectrum concerned with the vagarious beliefs in and of love, hopeless romantics are perhaps more dwelling on their own plight as folks entitle to being in love with love itself. With an utopian take on the world of love, these passionate pursuers of that feeling of all flutters ever feelable further such fantastical fancies of it in their own realisation that make them come across as idealistic personification of Cupid himself, surrendering their sense and sensibilities to such sentient appreciation of love that has forever tranced by the symphony of its lovely tune. Wading in the surreal waters of how love is often made to transpire as across fiction and imagination, holding to their almost unrealistic expectation of how love is meant to flow and blossom and see happy culmination even when past experiences might have contrived to open them up to a dramatically different reality of it, are these hopeless lovers thoroughly devoted to the rosy reverie induced by any thing even remotely romantic. Completely sold on such allegories as the butterflies one experiences only when daring to dive headlong into the deep waters of the love ocean or fascinated totally by such recounting of first sight loves that has the most vibrant of sparks flying and the most mesmerising of music vibing with exquisite expressions of the ultimate lovey- dovey kind, they tend to be most ardent followers of the passion that love has been believed to be, indulging in every whim of it in so much dedication and in such euphoria that has indeed the whole world lured to almost give in to their visage of love. Such is the exaltation that love enjoys along the dreamy alleys of belief of hopeless romantics that this magical already profession in affection tends to be even extraordinary a pursuit of its celebrated enough essence.

Love might be an innate stemming of emotion, primitive indeed in its experience by humankind across different aspects of it but the notion of romantic love and romance has still been deciphered in such charming connotations of it that essentially has extravagance doing up its allure in some way or the other. Being hopelessly in love, as in such assertions of fancying and pursuing one’s beloved would therefore be no novel awareness either. But that does not grant the very utterance of this peculiarly held assertion of what hopeless romantic strives to encompass much far drawn entrenches into history. Despite its existence in all universality over the ages and through the times, the hopelessly in love remarkability rests in an etymology rather recent. Of 19th century prominence is this particular expression of love in its most dreamily romantic connotation having found mention in Marie Price La Touche’s 1855 novel Lady Willoughby though not as a phrase but rather in pairing. In its more evocative and more definite phrasal eloquence, hopeless romantic came to find its flurried essence of elucidating the emotion it stands for only in 1926. That is an entailing out of the short story collection of Georgian Stories with its very evident protagonist of George personifying this particular attribute of romance, courtesy being ‘very much in love’ with someone indeed attractive in physicality but not so much when it came to exploring the truest ideals of love. And from such basis of its beginning the very ‘carried away’ nature of hopeless romantic came to stay as alluding to such pursuance of the love bug in its most loftiest of impracticabilities. A recurring element in the literary jargon of following times and one that came to find expression also in more real life settings of a world not so conducive to further the trope of romance at least as romantically as what governs ideas in fiction has been this unreasonable enough chasing after love along the very reasoned setting of real life.

Source: Her Way

Despite all its grandeur though, of such proclivities of the love luxury that elaborate further the already expansive premises of it, the dreamy charm of the hopeless romantic makes way for more appropriately literal interpretations of it to take over, in the very meaning of the hopeless attribute necessarily defining it. The hopeless reference though is somewhat intriguingly crucial in this particular context, pertaining not to desolate ideas of despair and disdain and such but ironically rather infused with hopes too extravagantly profound enough to be true. In holding love in such dewy eyed view strewn across its blissful enough premise, this far too romantic pursuance of love in more than supposed perfection however stands true to its evoking of the hopeless mindset in being a bit too harbouring of the fancies of this emotion over its- we daresay- ‘diabolic’ destiny.

Being called a hopeless romantic might not be too much reason for offense, for indeed the dreamiest among us all pursue indeed this identity in all its steeping in immense exuberance but being called out as one catering to this archetypal projection in too abundant some deciphers of delight throws light upon its essence as one not always favourably seating with all the stark practicalities of reality in tow for consideration. Amorous to such extremes that has them fending off logic over love are the hopeless romantics of the world waiting therefore to undo themselves in their very dearly held beliefs of the romantic. Falling for the fairytalesque terrains of which love supposedly treads and charting out this feel of a thousand palpitations with absolute trust in its premise of perfection might seem like an entitlement only the truly blessed few can dare to discover in all its ultimate pleasure but the truth waiting to be relayed across these rosy strands of love resplendent in all its massive takeover of the heart is one rather appalling. For, in all their far fetched longings for every thing even distantly feeling like love, the out and out romantics resident in their own hopeless plight are more likely to find themselves a bit too engrossed in ‘unwanted’ relationships. Whether it be such blatant forms of the undesirable as toxic relationships or other subtle assertions of landing themselves amidst the wrong ones simply because they are too believing of the goodness of love to let even the most dissuading notions of it let slip away this blessing out of their lives, these hopeless romantics find themselves surprisingly misplaced in a world that do not really persist along such extremely idealistic notions of love in all complexity.

Placing love on a pedestal is rather easy given its celebration across all fores of our existence- whether it be along the immersive experience stemming from the pages of the literary or those fanning indeed that passion of the heart through such deliverance in vision that are enchanting indeed to say the least or even chance encounters with real life characters amongst us who have been exquisitely lucky in love or choose at least to portray their romantic tale in such lovely light. Equally easy- and convenient as well- is to overlook such perspectives of love that are infested with the bugs, whether it be in the awareness of others or in experiences gained out of their own. Specifically when it comes to sidelining the not so silver lining of the love bubble, particularly in their eternal and personal ‘appreciation’ of love, hopeless romantics tend to be the most adept of all lovers the world has ever witnessed in all their enormous obsession with this often paradoxical ‘be all and end all of life’. Launching themselves therefore headlong into this trap of often messy intertwinings laced with the goods and bads of even the most purest of all feels in the world are these hopeless romantics doomed to be the deserving lovers undeserved by the real world.