How to break up with someone who is cheating on you

how to break up with someone

Human life is a maze of relationships. We constantly crave a connection that would allow us to share our soul secrets safely. And yet in search of the perfect person to be with, we falter a lot.

But as important it is to have someone in your life with whom you can be your truest self and can confide your deepest feelings in, it is also absolutely vital that you don’t remain in a toxic relationship. For, even when it is necessary for us as human beings to maintain relationships for our healthy existence, not every type of relationship needs to be sustained. And especially when you are in a relationship with someone who disdains you and demerits your existence like no other, you are better off being the solitary reaper.

how to break up with someone
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Romantic relationships are never easy; it might all seem rosy and pretty at first but as you take the head on plunge into practical romances, you will discover that sustaining an emotional connect with someone all throughout isn’t just a matter of the heart. And eventually as you find the romance and the love waning away under the pressure of real life expectations and complications, you will be staring at the face of dejection.

Breakups are the worst part of any relationship and while you should definitely make every attempt to not let go off the love of your life without putting up a fight, it’s also a complete no- no if you choose to stay with someone who has delegated you from your respect and worth.

There might not be any thing as a good break up. Mainly because of the emotions involved with someone you have when you are affectionately attached. Breakups can only be gauged as worse based on the level of bitterness they encompass. But however bad it may be, it is sometimes advisable and even the most correct thing to do.

Among the various reasons that might lead you to breakup with your partner, a cheating ticker definitely is one of the worst triggers ever. And however hurtful it might be to you at the moment, you need to realise that putting off the tough decision for later will only be setting you up for more heartbreak.


How to break up with someone?

So how to break up with someone who was cowardly enough to cheat on you? You might choose to stay defiant and break up with sass or be accepting and go about your task with sartorial class. But however you might do this, you definitely need to do it right.

While breaking up may not be as simple as it sounds and you might be left devastated with all hell that would have been breaking loose on you by now, always remember that your emotional self being rests only with you and no other person in the world should have the power to make you that vulnerable.

You obviously need to breakup at your own discretion and with your own judgement, but for those of you who are clueless about how to make the move, we have got you all covered up.

So, how to break up with someone who cheated on you? There are ways aplenty and while it might be tricky to come up with the most ingenious way of how to breakup with someone, it perhaps is also one of the most vital.

Confront them directly with no second thoughts


For a person who has been cheating on you, secretly of course, there wouldn’t be anything scarier than a face off. And though they would be expecting your wrath for what they had done, they wouldn’t ever be completely prepared for it. And that’s why it’s the best way out for you if you choose to confront them directly. Though how you choose to confront will depend on how forthright you are as a person. You can go all out and ask them an explanation for their acts or you can simply let them know that you are breaking off with them after all they had dared to do.

Give subtle hints that they are busted


If you are someone who believes that the wrong doer should admit to their deeds on their own accord, then you can sit back and kinda relax even as you drop subtle hints to let them know that the cat has been let out of the bag. And if and when the admission comes, it’s your turn to shut them off with class and a defiant breakup. If not, it is still better to sting them with your knowledge of the matter and leave them bruised and battered with the sassiest break up enactment.

Make up a plan


Breaking up is never gonna be easy; no matter how hurt you might be, having to end a relationship altogether will never be a walkover. But even then you can make this a bit more ‘adventurous’ on your part by setting up a makeshift plot. And while this might not be the most convenient thing to do considering the state of mind you would be in at the moment, it is also one of the sure shot ways to make the cheater realise their true worth- which is pretty much non existent really.

Call up your BFFs


Before you proceed to break up with a cheating partner, make sure you have your besties on call as and when you need them. For there’s no better way of drawing even than making the guilty realise that your entire life decisions don’t hinge only on their existence. And while some of you might consider it to be mean on your part, it’s nothing compared to the ordeal you have been through.

The final talk


You might even want to go overboard and break up with your cheating partner after you have let the person with whom they have been cheating know about the mess they have put themselves in. Afterall, you wouldn’t want anyone else to go through the bitterness of love like you have done. Breaking up after you have finished off with your ‘responsibilities’ is so much better.

how to break up with someone
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Some people say that exacting revenge by replicating the cheating disgrace they have been subjected to brings them a heightened sense of satisfaction and acts as a potion for cutting out the bitterness of their own experience. But that is not something that is particularly healthy. Because cheating, for whatever reason, reveals your weaker side and should not act as even the last resort for you. For it perpetuates even more guilt and hurt than you can imagine. Toxicity breeds even more toxicity and the best you can do is not be another soul contributing to all the negativity in this world.

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Having a cheating partner might ironically render you a lot more gullible than you might actually think. And while it’s easy to blame yourself for not being good enough for your partner, the best you can do in such a tough time is to love yourself just a bit more. For no one with a conscience will love and bereave you all at the same time.

So if you have ever been cheated on, you need to know that the problem lies with the cheating partner and not with you. Because even with all the limitations you think you have, you still tried your best to make the relationship work. Or in the least you were courteous enough to not let fleeting feelings over rule your commitments.

You surely deserve all the love in this world. You deserve someone who will uplift and love you like you are the most beautiful person in the world. So don’t let a little hurt ruin your life; rather, take it as a learning experience and grow from it while not allowing  your dignity to slip off. Life is more than just a breakup and trust me you will eventually deal with it just fine!