“Does he love me?” How to know if a guy loves you or not

does he love me

He loves me, he loves me not. This is a dilemma not to be, yet it very much manifests as a furtive reality of life. Because men will be men, not every love will find expression through their words. Do therefore look for actions and reactions to know if some guy loves you or not, like we did and came up with tell tale signs that scream I LOVE YOU from the top of their lungs-

He looks at you with a fondness that is overwhelming


Someone who loves you like you are his world would not just look at you like you are just another soul on earth. When he is in love with you, he would gaze at you as if you are some dream come true for him. It would be very evident from his look that you are more than just another crush for him.

In fact when someone looks at you with a love that borders on everything from fondness to amazement, you need no other reiteration that you have someone in awe of you. The love he feels will be so prominent in his gaze that you don’t need to rely on words to make it heard and felt. You entice him so much that he constantly has his eyes on you, whether you are sitting with him or standing in the further most corner of the room, he looks at you constantly and intensely, yet taking care not to take you aback. There stems a certain yearning from that gaze of his that overwhelms you and leaves you smiling even without you knowing it. Such love struck is his look that you cannot help but drift to being his muse every now and then!

He finds peace within you and it is very obvious in his face


Not only his eyes, his whole being deciphers you as a safe space- one where he can be at ease and in peace with himself and all things that concern him. The one who loves you will be so enticed by every inch of your existence that he will instantly tend to forget all about the worries of the world with you by his side. You help him get rid of his anxieties, in you he finds an assurance that he most likely haven’t encountered anywhere in his entire life- possibly not even somewhere within himself.

While all such calm and composure may sure be the balance of hormones at play, it’s undeniable that his assuredness from you stems from his love of you rather than you yourself. Your person is an entity to him so reliable and so serene that he drifts off to his wonderland at ease. With you, he is the most composed human ever while otherwise his nature might be one that is more steadfast. What is this if not love to drive a man to such ends of peaceful calm that just enriches his very being with every iota of a single existence?

He is dead sure committed even into the distant future


You might have had a couple of relationships in your life and might have even foreseen seemingly certain futures with your boyfriend. Yet there might never have been the assurance of a life that will be, rather than that you hope to be. However, the one who is completely and devotedly in love with you will ensure that you can envision a future together so certain that it feels like you are already living it now!

That’s perhaps a very tell tale sign to know if a guy loves you. Because long term is something that requires a whole lot of courage and dedication to root for. If you can have that talk with your boyfriend about the future, not just dreamily but also certainly, rest assured that he is very much in love with you. No one who does not love you like you are the only one will do so much to secure a future with you. So if he’s already taking about how life together will be in old age, you need to know that it’s his love doing the speaking for him.

You have all of his attention


We all crave for attention, specifically from the one who we think really loves us. Someone from whom you can command their absolute unwavering attention is most surely in love with you. They can be doing things and stuff but the moment you start on something they will happily divert all their energy and consciousness to you. You might be blurting out things just like that but every single thing will be making such deep inroads into their soul that they remain there forever, unscathed and unbridled.

And it isn’t always because someone is trying to win you over that they will devote all their time and energy to pay heed to you. The one who loves you truly would be so devoted to you that everything you say and do is important enough for them to take notice. And they will, sometimes even paying attention to such detail that might be inconsequential even for you. But not for them, you are forever their fancy and they will hold you in such resolve that will leave you utterly surprised. And delighted!

His happiness isn’t just exclusive to his well being- it also stems from your joy


You know that feeling of finding happiness in the joy of others? That’s perhaps the most ecstatic yet the most comforting feeling ever on earth. Like there’s something very special in deriving happiness from the smile of others that has you caught up in some absolute addiction! And that’s exactly what love is- an addiction so intense yet so joyfully liberating that your being becomes a mere illusion in front of the one who you truly love.

If you want to know whether a guy loves you or not observe how he reacts to your happiness. If seeing you smile lights up his face and delivers him with a zest that prods him on to do just about anything that makes that smile splash again and again on your face, then my friend, he surely loves you more than you can ever imagine.

It is only when someone experiences true, unconditional love that they can turn so selfless as to be able to seek joy in others. Someone who shines in your light, but brighter and happier will love you to extents even they can’t fathom. Don’t ever lose out on that wondering if that indeed is love or not!

He knows you in and out


Love drives people to such strengths that would not otherwise naturally come to them. Specially when it comes to intuition, love has this knack of making the brain go more perceptive. When your heart gets fonder for someone, you instantly learn to pick their every action and gesture, without letting words do the slip.

If someone knows things about you even without you letting them out, then most likely he loves you. It’s take some degree of effort and persistence to develop this knack of knowing people better. And if some guy cares enough to decipher your moods from your recurring behavioural pattern, it means he’s just too much into you to know so much about you just like that. In fact over time as you start getting comfortable in his love that he is yet to profess, you will be letting out things without you even knowing it. That’s just one of the many powers that love hoards and in making you more ‘decipherable,’ the guy at hand sure is making his feelings more evident.

He is more than keen to give his all into the relationship


Often a times relationships start with mutual attraction and likeness that might or might not blossom into something as profound as love. So if you want to know if your guy loves you, you need be able to gauge the extents to which he is willing to go for the sake of this relation with you. A perfect relationship calls for trust and loyalty, stability and commitment, understanding and patience. If the guy is willing to be patient with you and allows you to take your time, then he is more than just interested in you. Someone you feel and know that you can trust with your life or someone who seeks to make your life a more stable experience loves you more than enough to be so caring and understanding of you that he lets you enjoy your peace and even be the reason for it.

He wants to connect with your entire universe


When you love someone, you want to connect not just with them but with entire universes and things that are important enough for them. The guy who loves you would sure want to spend as much time with you as possible, but it isn’t just private time that dominates the scene.

You deserve a love that treasures you and along with it all beings that you treasure. And indeed, when someone falls in love with you as a person, they would be more than happy to connect with your world. Be it your family or your friends, your pet or your passions, everything about you will interest him. He will make conscious efforts to know the people who are important to your happiness and love and care for them like you do. And not just that, he will even try to get you engaged and connected with his world- his friends, parents, siblings and such. So if you know that a guy loves you, let your knowing be also be based on such tell sale signs of serious commitment.

You amaze him like no other


You might be pretty ordinary to the world but for someone who loves you like no other, you are the most perfect and special being there will ever be. In your spirit and spark, in your talents and achievements, in your beauty and kindness, in your humour and banter, he will discover something pretty normal that is amazing enough for him to catapult his love for you all the more.

Eager to know if the guy you love loves you back? Just look how he behaves around in your presence. Let him know of that promotion you got because you deserve it and watch him go all out as if it’s his own job at stake! Say something funny and stay put to see how his eyes scan your being just trying to deciphering from wherefrom you got that entire universe of awesomeness within you. See him count his blessings everytime you play with a stray puppy while totally rocking a saree. See him losing himself to you and you will know this is the guy who just loves you right!

He craves the comfort your presence brings unto him


Sure, alcohol gives him the high, parties define his social presence and nightouts are his fancy. Yet there’s nothing more comforting for him than to just be around you. Not only he likes the feeling of belonginess when he’s with you, he even craves it. And not just in his misery, even in his solace he seeks that comfort only you can lend him. He loves you not just when it’s convenient, he loves you all throughout the day and through his life.

He wants to be exactly the man you would want your partner to be


So you want the man in your life to know strums about the guitar? No problem, he will be taking music classes right away. You go crazy when people turn up late for events? He will always be well ahead of you on your every meeting. Don’t want to do hangouts and stay all day in bed instead? He will tuck in as well.

Every thing you want from and in your partner, he will aspire to be exactly that man. That means reforming himself and keeping things under check while learning new things and adapting to newer ones. With so much efforts tossed in, how can you not realise here is one guy who loves you so, so much to be exactly the one you desire?

He knows your every mood (and how to handle each of them!)


Snappy and irritated? He’s got chocolate for you! Too excited that you are downright distracted? He will put you on check. Dull and depressed? He’s there to do things up with a relaxing spa session for you. If you know that a guy knows about your every mood and can deal with them like a pro, then he loves you. It’s as simple as that. Because it takes daredevilry to come up to you when you are having one of those bouts of intense mood swing, this is exactly why only someone who loves you will bother to do that. Whether you rough him up or drive him away, he won’t let you be alone dealing with that disgusting mood of yours!

He is just so, so proud of you


Anyone who loves you will be proud of the person you are. Whether that be for your achievements or your ventures, for your skills or goodness, for your gracious being or your charismatic self, they will be proud of you more than any other. Perhaps even yourself.

You can be feeling down in the dumps and yet they will see something so beautiful in you that will have you surprised. You could be looking sick and shabby and they would still walk beside you, holding your hand- and their head high. Even the simple bracelet they gifted you gives them so pride when they see it on your wrist. They love you so much and are so proud of you that it makes your life and existence all the more worthy of every beauty.

He sticks with you in thick and thin


You are sick and tired of life and disconnect with the world and no one cares. But not the guy who you know loves you. Your phone will be buzzing with missed calls and message beeps and there’s even your calling bell ring. You don’t answer and yet he is there, relentlessly and desperately waiting for you jut to know you are fine. Even when you get irritated and pick up the call only to shout expletives and curse him, he’s there asking the blame even when he did not do a single thing wrong.

You can be laying on the hospital bed with one arm broken, and with all family and friends by you. Yet he will be there till he gets you every thing you don’t even need and even attempt to cut the apples for you even when he can’t hold a knife right. Cheesy too much? No, here’s only love served as such!

You can get him red in the face with just a single praise!


He might be a tech enthusiast and might have won top notch competitions. Or he might be a prolific storyteller who have girls swooning over his voice. Even his shy, gentle and compassionate nature might have made him the favorite of many. Yet there’s nothing like a special mention from the woman he loves. Guaranteed to make him go red and happy like he has never been. That’s indeed the power of love, yielding so much of emotion from someone who perceives himself stoid. And if you still don’t know that this guy loves you, rue your fortune and the love that you drove away naive.

He shares every single thing with you


Be it some crazy thing that happened today or that imported chocolate his foreign friend got for him, he loves you enough to share every single thing with you. It’s very trivial, really, to think that someone loves you just because they tell you everything. That’s the stuff even friends do, right? But who said friends can’t love you? In fact if you have been wondering if your guy bestie loves you, then it’s things like this that matter the most.

It’s indeed better when you come to know that your bestie is the guy who loves you the most in the world. Not only it makes relationship easier, it also makes your bond all the more special because there is a certain affection to friendship that even love cannot beat with all its charm. Biting into the jala hua roti that he had attempted to make for the first time because well, he wants you to be party to his every good and bad isn’t just sweet, it’s a definite proof of love blooming unto you!

He wants to know every thing about you


And it isn’t that he just shares things. He also wants you to share virtually everything with him! That sounds selfish, even demanding, doesn’t it? But not for someone who loves you so much that they seek knowledge of your every interest and passion. From digging in about your past to understanding why you abhor pizzas, from struggling to come to terms with your seemingly mindless pursuit of lip colors yet accepting it all the same, he wants to be a partner in your every crime and be in love with you in your every insanity. He cherishes you so much that it becomes important for him to know about your likes and dislikes as if they are his own. And not just, he practices them all with such ease and dedication that even you are left wondering if that has been his second nature after all!

He ditches stuff for you!


You would be so important for someone who loves you that they will never miss any opportunity to be with you. Even when it means derailing their routines and ditching some of their stuff and sometimes, even besties!

Well, it is not necessarily a good thing but when you want to know if a guy loves you and he regularly makes such adjustments, you should be convinced that he does. No one who is not concerned enough about you will try to squeeze in sudden meetings into their schedule even when it is not at all convenient for them. They might have be planning so long for a weekend bereft of any commitments, just planning to chill and sip. But one call from you and they turn up to help with relocating your apartment. They might have been so excited for that yacht party that’s finally due but they choose to be by your side because your granny’s at the hospital.

And it need not always have to be something do-and-die. It can be as simple as them having a busy day yet stopping over to see you even if just for a minute because well, you have some not-even-there cold bug. Like they say it’s the small things in life that matter and when you take note of such instances of absolute love, you would have no scope anymore of questioning their emotions.