How to make someone miss you in 12 easy ways possible

how to make someone miss you

Missing someone is a natural manifestation. That however does not mean that you can’t have your way when it comes to making someone miss you more than what they would have generally. So if you are stuck on someone and want to make them miss you as much as you miss them, here are a dozen tips that can totally hep you out-


You can’t likely be missed by someone with whom you are in constant touch- either in person or over the phone. Naturally then the most effective way to make someone miss you real bad is to reduce the range of your contact with them. Of course you don’t need to cut off completely- it would only signify a lack of interest thereby perhaps making the desire of the end redundant. What you need to however is keep the contact to a bare minimum such that your affiliation is known but at the same time does not give a very explicit view of just how much you want them to miss you.

You need to be a bit tactful if you intentionally need to somewhat avoid someone. Too much into the avoiding game and you might lose them forever, too less of the withdrawal thingy and your purpose won’t be served. Keep contact only to the point courtesy demands out of you even when you might indeed be dying to be together all the time. It would be a bit tough to stay away from the person you really like and enjoy spending time with but it indeed is the key to let the missing vibes flow. Some days’ of restrained contact is all it might take to guarantee you a lifetime of happy togetherness!


An extension of the ‘regulated contact regimen’ also finds expression in the age old adage “distance makes the heart go fonder“. While you are still on the minimum contact spree, you will indeed be doing yourself good if you further limit the interactions in person. You still need to come off as someone evasive even over the phone but personal interactions and meetings should be regulated even further. There’s no denying the impact you have on someone in person even when you have been constantly connected digitally. Keep therefore contact at as minimum a threshold as possible.

The reason why we are concentrating excessively on meetups over and above phone contact is that physical manifestation impacts interest in a way no other mode of contact can. There’s obviously a different charm to meeting the one you like, irrespective of how frequently you call or text. Call it the play of hormones that instantly lends you a heightened sense of euphoria every time you see them or the magic their presence brings unto you, every soul on earth craves for the association in person. Obviously then when you postpone that one meeting for as long as you can, you would get them to miss you all the more and crave you with such a craze that will have you forever on their mind.


While limiting contact does not exactly translate to being not available for someone, it indeed is as pertinent to do the latter as well. Which means you would not jump up all excited at every message they send you or at every call they make.

Take your time to reply to the chats, let your phone miss a few rings before you revert and reply, do not drop that like on their pic right away and do not absolutely say yes the very time they speak of meeting up. In fact you might even afford to be somewhat self aware and not let much insight into your interest if you really want them to sustain their interest in you.

It’s necessary to keep that air of self prominence somewhat about you just so you aren’t the one who ends being taken for granted. The world might call it ego but this tactic of making someone miss you also augers well for your self respect and your being. Not to speak of the absolute effect it would have in making them go crazy missing you over and over again!


how to make someone miss you
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By letting them lesser inroads into your life by means of minimal contact, you are already embarking on another path that will have them missing you. Because you are keeping parts of you unraveled, there will be that air of mystery around you which will render you enigmatic and therefore interesting. While missing someone does not really depend on how intriguing and charming they happen to be, it works in furthering the vibes of wanting to know them more. That, compounded with the obvious sparks that fly when the two of you are together, will work to alleviate the intensity and frequency of the extent to which they miss you.


It follows from all those strict requirements of minimal contact that you indeed need to give people space if you want them to miss you. Which means you absolutely should not be nagging them into dropping their plans with others- heck, you don’t even need to know about it all. Not as yet, at least.

However interested you might be in someone, you don’t cease to have a life outside of them. Be it hanging out with their pals, catching up with work, spending time with family or even allowing them their me time- no one’s personal space should be ever encroached upon. It doesn’t just let them yearn for you all the more, it also steadies the way in which you interest them.

By not letting others foresake their personal space, you are working at not just intensifying the feels, you also are helping yourself by not getting clingy. However in love people might be, too much of unabated attention and affection not just wanes down the interest, it can also drive them away. So when you resort to respecting others space even for your own desperate interest, you can be rest assured that you would end up being the person of their fancy even more. Getting someone to miss you would never be as easy as exercising some restraint.


I know it sounds a bit hypocritical when we tell you to be yourself if you want someone to miss you after all those tips on how to be stirring up all the interest. But in spite of how hard you might need to work to woo someone enough to have them missing you every time, you should totally not lose sense of yourself. It is important to be true to yourself as well as to others no matter whatever you set to achieve. Making an impression and all is fine but that won’t keep the missing feels for long even if it manages to bring them along in the first place. The best bet you can have in making someone miss you is to stay true to your own self so that they crave you in your true being and for your true self.


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Don’t also feed them on all that is going on in your life. It’s easy to believe that it is things about you that need to be exclusively limited to get the interest going. It indeed is to quite some extent but it also is not necessary to let people on about every single thing that defines every day of your life. It indeed would seem contradictory if you don’t maintain contact with someone that often but end up blabbering everything the moment you manage to get hold of them.

Keeping the privacy of your life intact is as crucial as maintaining your intrigue, specifically when it is about desires like these. Let them pore over into your life if they so desire. Let them make the efforts if they indeed miss you so much. Also, don’t absolutely let their thoughts occupy your mind even when you are out doing other things. Just like you let them their space to dwell in, take also your own space and live in it. You don’t even need to show off about it. In fact when you really enjoy even the things you do things outside of them, you wouldn’t even consciously be feeling the need to have them miss you. But they indeed will, in all that exuberance and nonchalance, you will have them so intrigued that they will be drawn to you all the more.


Psychological manifestations apart, it’s necessary to try out tips and tricks of the practical world to achieve those realistic ends. You know how there are certain smells and sounds that remind you of someone? Like how a certain place instantly brings back fond memories of moments spent there or how an exotic dish conjures up images of how it’s your staple celebratory treat? That’s exactly a trick you need to incorporate if you want to get someone you miss you like crazy. It could be some perfume you wear every time you meet them, it might be something very common that you gifted them, it can even be some thing you intentionally misplaced so that you never slip out of their mind! You just need to leave your imprint and essence on them so deep yet so subtly that they will be yearning for you even without them realising it.


how to make someone miss you
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Beauty might be something superficial but it isn’t always inconsequential. If you want to rev up those feels of miss someone harbours for you it might pay well if you put in also some extra effort to yourself. Do something a bit beyond the ordinary on that date night so that those moments replay again and again to them and they end up missing you more.

Pick a striking dress or get a new hairdo, try out newer eye patterns or colors that you had never worn before. Whether you want to get all into the dramatic look or embrace instead the less is more dictum, be sure you do something different from the usual. Making up your essence might not be the right thing to do, making up the look sure is! And specially when you do that just once in a while, it serves in striking also the perfect balance of being the best in every fiber of your being. Even when you don’t harbour this prerogative of making someone miss you, bringing on the drama or even getting rid of it also helps to get out of your zone and be adaptive. It might not sound all very necessary but at least you wouldn’t be worse off with any of these.


Sounds ironic but all those efforts of making them miss you might not work out when you try a bit too hard. It’s not just the tips you work upon, it’s also about how well you work upon them. It’s necessary to be subtle and effective in the implementation if you don’t want to seem like it’s in fact you who are desperately missing them all the time. And if you aren’t very good a person at being quiet and subtle, at least when it matters, then you would be better off without the tips.

What therefore you should strive for is not trying too hard. Or at least not being too apparent that you indeed are trying. Efforts are only appreciated when they are impressive, get them clumsy however and you in fact end up driving people away. Not to say that you should not even try, or that you don’t persist when thing go downhill but if your efforts are not bearing fruit even after quite some time, it’s better to stop. Not only because the other person probably would have seen through your tricks but also because it would be worthless to pursue with something that is never meant to be.

We know we might be going somewhat overboard with this one but it’s essential to not lose sight of the reality in pursuance of your fantasies. If indeed you do want to make someone miss you do it like they don’t notice it or don’t do it altogether. That’s perhaps the best way of coveting all the hard earned ‘misses’ anyway!


Taking it slow is also another way to make someone miss you. And no we aren’t just talking about all that chasing and stuff, even in a relationship it’s equally necessary to keep sparks like these flying every now and then. Whether you are at the beginning of the relation or in the prime of it, don’t rush into things all at once. While the slow and steady approach is a necessary element for a stable relationship, it also serves your purpose of getting bae to miss and crave you more.

When you keep things going slowly, you are keeping more of yourself under wraps that helps to keep your mysterious aura up and about. Of course there’s no deriding the love in the picture, but there’s no harm in jazzing up a relationship all the way you can. Specifically when it works well to your interest and helps keep the bond strong and fresh as well as achieve the ‘make them miss’ goals, you definitely should go all swift about keeping it slow!


how to make someone miss you
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After all those sessions of avoidance and hits and misses of making them miss you deliberately, it’s also worth taking the more positive way in letting your charms work. At the end of the day only the ones who love you or who are interested in you at the least will be missing you. It’s futile to expect someone to miss you when they visibly aren’t even remotely into you. So before you set out about indulging your whims it would do you good to have a reality check.

But once you know for sure that the person is genuinely interested in you and you harbour also the attraction towards them, it’s your call to be genuine. Obviously, you would want to do things for the person you are enamored with so go ahead with it. Do special somethings for them- that can be something as simple as asking them about their day or effort intensive things like making them their favorite dish. Even spending a memorable, fun day with someone is a good way to be on their mind. You just need to take care that you don’t go overboard in whatever you do.

Don’t try too much but at the same time don’t try too less as well. Let the feelings find expression through your charm, let all the tips be just a way to make the emotions assertive and not the deliberate manifestation of your desires. Making someone miss you isn’t such a tough task at all if indeed you know to go about it the right way.