7 Tips to Create A Perfect Tinder Profile


Online dating is awful.

Well, that’s if you have no idea what you’re doing. 

Signing up, making your online profile, and meeting people online isn’t as bad as you think. You just need to make sure you have set up your profile properly and you’ll be off to a good start.

Now, how do you do that?

Below is a list of tips and tricks on how to create the perfect Tinder profile. (Note: This also works well on other dating sites. If you want to learn more about other online dating options than Tinder, check this guide).

1. Be careful with group photos.

no group pictures
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You have friends and there’s nothing wrong with posting pictures of them on your profile. Just make sure that it’s not on your dating profile.

Your Tinder profile should be about you. After all, you’re the one who’s signing up on online dating sites to meet people.

Uploading tons of group pictures won’t help you with that. In fact, it’ll just send the wrong signals. 

Uploading tons of group pictures can make you look like you’re not a confident person and that’s not a good thing when you’re in the dating scene.

Take note that you can upload a group photo. You just need to be careful not to overdo it and upload tons at once.

2. Keep it simple.

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You don’t need to tell your whole story in your bio. Keep it short but real.

It’s also a good idea to be clear about your intentions. If you are putting yourself out there to find a long-term relationship, say it. Doing so can help weed out ones you don’t want to be connected with.

3. Show what you like.

tinder profile picture
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If you like running every weekend, take a picture of you on the track. If you love visiting interesting museums, post a photo of you looking at a nice piece of artwork.

In posting such photos, remember to keep it real.

4. Pick the best colors.

It’s not enough for you to upload a decent photo. If you want to attract people, wearing the right colors may help.

Research suggests that males find the color red, blue, and green the most appealing. On the other hand, women tend to gravitate towards gray, white, and black.

5. Don’t brag.

bragging on a date
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There’s a difference between sharing facts about yourself and bragging. 

Consider this:
Telling a potential partner about your hobbies is good. Bragging about your IQ or GPA isn’t.

6. Show your funny side.

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Being funny increases your likability. It also makes you stand out more.

If you aren’t sure how, you can start by including some funny lines in your bio. Honestly, you can present your real self however you want. And if you are a funny person, it’ll show naturally.

7. Double-check your spelling and grammar.

being gramatically correct on tinder
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Keep in mind that nearly everyone has a Tinder profile. That means you can meet lawyers, doctors, and teachers there.

If you are considering meeting someone in those professions, you need to make sure your bio is good. There are tons of online tools you can use to check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. Most of them are free.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be too hard on yourself. While it’s true that creating a Tinder profile isn’t easy, you have to remember that it’s perfectly fine if you make a mistake or two along the way.  

You can always edit and update your profile. Plus, you can refer to this guide every now and then to make sure you’re on the right track.

Plus, just like you, other people are probably struggling with the same thing. So while you’re at it, enjoy the process and have fun meeting people.