How to make your boyfriend jealous in no time

how to make your boyfriend jealous in no time

Life is weird and so are romances and relationships. Every aspect of human relationship thrives on love in some form but the adages of maintaining relationships demands also being conversant with certain tricks to ensure that you do not become too susceptible to the vulnerabilities that love opens you up to. Particularly with romantic bonds, this yielding to the methodologies of keeping the spark alive in the relationship is all the more important because romances indeed can get dreary after some time. Also because there frequently arises the tendency to take each other for granted in long term relationships, there always needs to be some space for scope of reviving subdued affections.

In such pursuits of what can make romances prevent from slipping into the clutches of the mundane, it is important to identify such aspects of it that can effectively trigger the feels. Surprisingly, it basically is a certain biased dwelling in the not so positive attributes of the emotional wherein lies your answer of maintaining the relationship.

Jealousy, for instance is one such display of affection that might be manifestant as somewhat undesirable a trait in any sphere of life. But ‘manipulating’ the jealous feels in making your boyfriend feel even more in love with you can be one really effective tactic in setting #relationship goals. And don’t chide the idea already as too ignoble to work with on the pristine premises of love. Jealousy in romantic relationships not just comes across as ‘cute’ but can also be a healthy component of it, of course to a certain extent. Make therefore your relationship be your smooth path to a blissful life by gaining all the attention and love of your boyfriend through such simple tricks that will make him jealous in no time-

Keep in touch with your ex

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Beware before setting out on this road since matters pertaining to a former flame can get murky very easily. But in getting to evoke the feels of jealousy of the true love of your life, this is more than a sureshot way of living the ‘happening’ love life. And what makes this one trick so effective a means to make your boyfriend jealous rests in it calls for only the most minimal of efforts. In fact, it anyways is advisable to stick to the minimum in cases involving your ex if you do not want situations to spin out of control.

Just subtly letting your partner in with the knowledge that you are still in contact with an ex is more than enough to set the sparks flying. Even the mere mention of him is more than enough criteria to achieving what you set out to. Because while it is absolutely possible to be on cordial terms with your ex with no harbouring of the red emotions, the world and specially your boyfriend would tend to think otherwise. And which boyfriend on the earth would not get jealous over bae fondly recollecting a past love interest? Not a single one, yours included!

Hang out more than often with your girlfriends

Ladies, let’s make this clear once and for all- your girlfriends are the ones who will have your back throughout. Which means hanging out with them can never be a tactic to ‘achieve’ anything else. That said however, hanging out with your besties more than often, more than the dates with your boyfriend at least, is sure to leave him a jealous man. That of course is love on his part that makes him go green with envy at the very thought of not being able to spend as much time with you. The result- more pampering on his end for the love of his life which spells of course a slew of oh-so-romantic experiences that will have you beaming in joy with a whole lotta love!

Make him miss you

Making your boyfriend miss you is another way you can get him to be jealous. While making someone miss you is a different exercise in pursuit altogether, this simple play of the mind does wonders in letting bae realise your worth, yet another time. How that can lead to a feeling of jealousy is more intricate a matter though. Someone missing you even when they know you are committed to them can be a stemming from less than optimal contact with your person. This triggers a feeling of jealousy through the mere realisation of the fact that your life is as much a realm of priority outside of theirs.

It is in the very nature of every human to get jealous when they become aware that they do not yield as much importance in someone’s life as they would like to believe. More so with someone who supposedly is the special person in yours. And the best thing about this tip is that never for once it would occur to the other person that you are making them jealous. Because missing someone is so natural and feels also so much like it even in the face of gentle nudges here and there, this perhaps is the most ‘guiltless’ way to embark on to make your boyfriend jealous to good effect.

Step up your ignoring game

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What better way to get someone to be jealous because they are not getting enough attention? And because ignoring is also so effective a tactic in making someone miss you, disregarding their presence or at least pretending to do so evokes really strong feelings of jealousy in its dual impact. And ignoring does not even mean that you have to be there all out in your apparent apathy to someone even as cute as your boyfriend. Ignoring him, even in rather unimportant ways can create jealousy if you manage to persist with it for enhanced effect.

Whether that be not being too acknowledging of his physical presence or not responding to his calls and texts, specially when he knows that you aren’t particularly occupied can be a genius trick up your sleeve to embrace in its full power. Also when you finally respond to him, make sure to act like you didn’t even realise that you have been sidelining him for so long. There’s nothing like pissing your boyfriend off with more than a couple missed calls and acting up like nothing happened, which is what it is technically in being so trivial a matter to fuss about. But for the one dying for your attention, this indeed is how you ensure that you assert your place in the relationship.

Be elusive

A rather tricky aspect to work upon particularly in long term relationships where intimacy holds so much important is to maintain certain things as sacred to your own. We of course are not talking about keeping dark secrets from your boyfriend but if you want to make him jealous, you really need to be knowing the intricacies of not divulging more than enough. It can be challenging indeed to keep even the most trivial of things to yourself with a partner around. But if you indeed covet all that love and affection and want to be forever held most dear by him, then being a bit elusive can give you much of a headstart.

Divulging too much of uncalled for information can also sometimes bore your partner, especially with regards to matters not really pertaining to men. By being somewhat elusive then, you do not just incite his jealousy by making him feel that he isn’t the one with exclusive emotional access to you. You also have him start taking more interest in your life and forge with you an attachment on a altogether different level.

Follow up with an active social media routine

You know what makes people more jealous than knowing that you aren’t the ones exclusive to them? It’s the knowledge of being others as in the know about you as them. And while deep down no one might know you like your boyfriend does, there’s no harm in showing otherwise just to make him that cute kinda jealous. And showing it to his face is never any easier than with the public realm of social media. Uploading your pics on your Insta profile that leads to a buzz of likes and a series of hearts will get bae insanely jealous, no doubt about that!

And why just photos, let him get jealous also in knowing that his girl can as easily sway over the world with her wit and humour. For what heart on earth would not covet a soul as sassy and smart as you? All you need is a single upload to let the drama unleash as you sit back to watch bae going all out in his fit of jealousy stemming courtesy you!

Rave about your (celebrity) crushes

You think you are way past that age when raving about your crushes was the instant ticket to getting your boyfriend jealous? Think again. Even a once in a blue moon spree of going gaga over the gorgeousness of your fave celebrity is enough to get bae all moody and stuff. Throw in details like how you absolutely loved him in that steamy scene or how you dreamt of his killer body the other night and you would sure be hitting the ball out of the park with this one. Wait, you might not even need a crush to get your job done. Singing praises of the funny friend or that handsome coworker or even the perfect brother is as guaranteed a jealous passage to lead your boyfriend into!

Let him know about the dreamy proposal you got (from another guy)

how to make your boyfriend jealous

For those stuck with a boyfriend wary of commitment, this is just the way to make him jealous and decide on what he wants of the future. Just imagine the level of jealousy he will get into knowing that you received the most romantic proposal ever from someone else, even when he can barely stand the mere mention of your far fetched, celebrity crushes as well. And in serving more practical a purpose of giving you clarity on the status of the relationship, this is definitely one of the techniques you need to be going all out with. After all, he has no right and reason to get jealous over you if he doesn’t really care for you enough to see life through with you by his side.

Love blinded girlfriends of the world, seeking your succour in the love of some other guy, metaphorically at least, is okay even if you have a boyfriend, specially someone so indecisive like this.

Getting friendly with a stranger

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No, you don’t really need to step out and hug every random person on the street to get your boyfriend to exhibit the jealous signs. Heck, you don’t need even to flirt as well. Just be your normal, sweet self with even the most courteous of stranger and watch out from the corner of your eye as you see a very visible pall of green descend upon bae’s face as he struggles to keep his emotions in check. Venture further into something as ‘advanced’ as a hand check or a friendly tap even with almost acquaintances and you can be rest assured where this would lead to.

Guys really can’t help but get jealous even over the most basic of touches and while it might be annoying and exasperating to us, it also means that this is a tried and tested trick of ‘scheming’ our plots. And in not even being something intentional on our part for why on earth would we go around seeking out strangers even if its to make our guy jealous, it still is as good a method as any other to try out at every opportunity for that single universal end goal of making our love lives all the more romantic and seeing bae get all cute- with jealousy of course!