Intellectual compatibility, relational intelligence and the like: the brainy nature of hearty human relationships


Choosing between the heart and the mind is what we have learnt to do all through our treading the path of life. Following the heart specially has been such a fancied proposition, steeped as it is in the realisation of a love yearned for in all universalness. Love indeed for the people we feel for, but also love of a kind that speaks in terms of passion instead for a thing we wish to pursue wholeheartedly. So when emerges concepts like intellectual compatibility in the context of romances or relational intelligence in similar even when more expansive cases in referring, it occurs as quite ‘disruptive’ of the natural flow of our emotional understanding by now attuned to their typification in being wholly resident only in one organ of the body.

Availing to the modern day human perhaps as a privilege made accessible by continuous trysts with evolution would be such oddities in logical encountering upon a hearted premise. In fact as one of the modern day styles in speaking the sweet somethings of the love language, the intellectual mode in evoking and even furthering the feels of that always specially held emotion is one of much prominence. Interestingly though, the basis upon which the grey matter of the human works to thrust its brainy importance somewhere within the love realm might not be one exactly alluding to that dreamy feel of what romance is so much loved in its receiving.

Quite obviously as well. For the very occurring of it as intellectual compatibility points therefore to a relevance that is more relationshippal than it is lovely. Don’t get us wrong but relationships- not even the seemingly most romantic ones can make do with only and only the proclaimed assertion of profound love and nothing else at all. In the whole scheme of happening that love finds practical pursuing in, indeed as something sparked in the heart but hinging ever since on the individual entirety of the human, what emerges is that love is only one of the many components that leads romantic relationships to find sustenance and fulfilment and a joy in receiving the elusive tag of lifelong commitment.

The many other elements likely leading romances to that coveted goal of forever togetherness tend to be as diverse as they can possibly be. Compatibility across all strands in summing up the love experience as it is lived and not merely felt is indispensable and intellectual compatibility seems to be the latest entry in a long list of requirements constantly redefining the dimension of relationships. And yet it isn’t as new an exploration as one would deem it to be, till now prevailing in silent creating of the success buzz to assume only recently that greater stature in an unveiled regard of what it does.

Vibing with your partner in the intellectual mode of a holistic approach to love and romance is something that is only as essential as it is with pretty much every connection that you build. In fact the real bonds that you hold in life invariably, even when unconsciously are expressions in all accounts of encountering. Those with whom you can share your thoughts and hold conversations and sustain that interest are the ones who occupy space in your arena of relationshipping, in and outside considerations of the romantic. More so with your Significant Other or your soulmate or however else you allude to them in all specialness, being able to hold meaningful conversations that might not be intellectual actually but are such that stimulates the brain and the mind is what curates one aspect of a love identity more likely to retain the sparks of that essentially electric feeling.

It is essential then to note that the intimidating almost impression that the intellectual consideration in compatibility brings one to realise isn’t so much a matter of intellect as it is of compatibility! This sounds at the same time as unexpected as it is logical but it is only yet another facet of what governs the trope in overall compatibility of two love stricken individuals. To that extent then, intellectual compatibility isn’t just something one expects to attain, it’s pretty much a requirement for relationships to build for themselves to build upon their promises of lifelong love.

Intellectual compatibility then is not far removed from the premise of intelligence, only that it does not need to be interpreted in absolute measures. In fact, relationships being personal concerns in themselves, all things relational then necessarily reside in a character as well of relativeness. And thus emerges the essence of a related but distinct still assertion in expressiveness particularly relevant to the realm of romance as something that resonates in the relaying of relational intelligence.

An offshoot of emotional intelligence, in that it was derived out of that expanse in some way or the other, relational intelligence though spans as a broader understanding of life overall. The case for its prevailing in extents of the workspace for instance is one speaking about the versatileness of what it is. But this is ultimately a build up on the way in which intelligence has come to be relevant in context of human relationships of their personal attending. Crossing over thus to encompass dynamics of the professional world as well is what makes this other interpretation of what speaks a version of the intellectually compatible language find an identity that spans a wider compendium in compiling.

Concerning ourselves though with such relationships pursued in personal capacity, whether as experiences drawn upon feelings of romantic or platonic or any kind of love and relational intelligence curates quite the ground for compatibility to find way. Relational intelligence works to help ascertain the reason why we harbour and nurture and further the many relationships that we hold in life. And it is by delving deep into a very essential realisation of why relationships are important for our very survival even, both in the general and a particular manner of manifesting that relational intelligence leads us to such efforts and attempts at building compatibility that serves then the end purpose in a continued expression of the bonds that we truly value and cherish.

Why compatibility matters the most in such relationships that specifically dawns from the heart over those naturally occurring in blood ties isn’t something that calls for much explanation. The ones we choose to have in our lives as our friends or our lovers being the ‘concrete’ versions of our aspirations perhaps, in some sense of them, it becomes almost a call in self validation that has us wanting to not fall for a failed relationship. Of course that’s not the explanation for it but consider it in some depth and we actually aren’t entirely kidding you either.

But relational intelligence do indeed guide us to foster significantly intelligent and compatible relationships. And intellectual compatibility is needed indeed for a wide range of the positives that it helps induce. Vibing in intellectual terms is what affords betterment for what is in fact one of the yet another substantial elements in relationshipping. In setting the grounds for effective communication to occur and in even more efficiently ensuring that the comprehension of such conversation occurs in exactly the manner as intended, one cannot deride indeed the greater call for intellectual compatibility and intimacy that relationship experts have been favoring of late.

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Other ways in which relationships can benefit from syncing of minds and brains alongside hearts and souls can be equally assertive. For one it makes conversation more interesting even when inciting and stimulating the free flow of its character. With intellectual compatibility established, one can therefore be in a more advantageous position when it comes to holding intact the fancies of what is expected out of love as a continuous feel of the flutters even in the otherwise mundane practicalities of its practise.

It helps also that intellectual compatibility can very well be an additional route of undertaking in the sphere of its attending. With intellectually compatible and conversant couples, they have a greater avenue in stimulation to fall back on. Why just stimulation, it also is understanding that can develop on account of such exploring the grey matter of the brain, guiding them to pore over the innate desires and feelings and beliefs of the other. Sharing the same standards of intellectual understanding and reasoning and comprehending also means that relationships are more likely to be equal and fulfilling and worthy in capitalising on something not just fleeting and fragile as the dewy dreams of love.

For all its steeping in such tremendous essence, intellectual compatibility need not be the hallmark of every successful relationship. That might serve as quite dynamic a contrast to what we have been elocuting all throughout but the very nature of relationships as personally perceived and practised arenas for life to proceed as differently for every individual means that aspects like compatibility and intimacy can very well be adapted. Consider for instance such romances where one partner is more than happily placed in their own flurry of experiencing the fuzzy feels of love and intellectual compatibility would probably not even matter to them. Or even in such relationships that has friends bonding over interest in aesthetics and harbour no regard whatsoever for intellectually stimulating exchanges to assume intent upon their vibing agenda, anything that concerns the profound complexities of the brain is irrelevant even.

To say then that relational intelligence or intellectual compatibility would amount to exaggeration of a truth that is universal indeed but still is only as true as they want it to be. Truthing being a matter of receiving things as such that build upon their own belief then is what makes love and romance and relationships and even compatibility therefore find expression as ambiguous. Relative indeed would be the character then of relational intelligence to scout identity in, in and despite all its repute of much relevance.