A yearly rendezvous with love

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It’s ever continuing a dilemma really- this figuring out of whether all those fawned over elements of love and romance and romantic relationships therefore are indeed worth the adulation they command or are worthy of some cringe instead. Because no matter how magical love might have been professed to be since times forever, the experience of it in the real world needs to be bound more to practicality than to fantasy. Indeed, there might prevail sparks of the gleam that the rosy hues of love have been equated to even in the worldly, more ‘matured’ aspects of its occurrence but far from the teenage vibes of a love that feels utterly surreal and fantastical, romances are often not as romantic as what they sound like. The interpretations might still however hinge on the giddy notions of magic that love supposedly affords as in such breakout trends and traditions as couple goals, couple challenges and the like, but the inherent mechanism of how love spans out as perhaps is not so dreamy a narrative to be totally enchanted with. Magic apart, love and relationships have often been seen and experienced to in fact dwell in murkier expanses as well. Under all such allowances made for the universality of love to have it transcending both the highs and lows of a world not really magical, the question stands still- does the celebration of love really mean a thing?

The answer to this largely depends on what our ideas of celebration are. But limiting ourselves to the context of anniversaries, whether of marriage or of other allegiances still of a romantic nature, sums up by and large the set tradition in which love is meant to be celebrated. For most of us, anniversaries are a big deal for which we excitedly plan and prepare and therefore end up disappointed and angry and frustrated if our significant other fails to commemorate what marks in reality just another day on the calendar. For the others though, anniversaries hardly mean anything more than being a date etched in memory and that which therefore does not really warrant the need of a special celebration. In such notions that prevail of love being a lifelong blessing that needs to be celebrated every day of our life, if at all or it being such a significant sphere on which the very meaning of our existence might hinge that makes it therefore fit for a special occasion of extravagant celebration. Of course, there’s no reason though to be content only at either end of the extremes with many a couples also choosing to go about their special day by themselves in fond remembrance of it, with family, friends and well wishers for a close knit expression of happiness and gratitude and love of course while partying and gifting and feasting might rule the roost in varying measures and degrees. But that still does not yield a satisfactory response to our exploration of whether such celebrations of romantic relationships in terms of milestones or anniversaries hold any more significance than being just a reminder of the passage of many a days and years in some sort of bittersweet experience of love?

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It all boils down indeed to personal perceptions and expectations of love and life in general but what seems to be yielding an empirical bias is the fact that celebration of anniversaries, in whatever manner that we might deem worthy of them does indeed up our experiences of conjugal bliss and the probability of togetherness. That’s perhaps because anniversaries bring unto us a peculiar awareness and an appreciation that extends as much into the future as it derives from happy moments of the past. Indeed, anniversaries make for a moment to reminiscence fond memories of such events that have come to be an integral presence in our lives but it also provides us the opportunity to renew our promises of a future together with the person we have already decided to spend our entire lives with. In that capacity perhaps, anniversaries are no less significant than our wedding itself, as what this yearly recounting of betrothal does is only strengthen our pursuit to be by each other’s side in continuation of a happy, fulfilling relationship based on a whole lot of factors but bound most essentially by the not really magical but still happy feels of love.

Anniversaries and the celebration of them also holds importance as being a reference to something essentially more poignant. In this world of people increasingly bothered by the expectation of pledging their unwavering, resolute commitment to anyone, anniversaries exist as a reminder of the importance that their significant other yields in their life. In embarking upon the marriage journey, it isn’t just the surety they are lending to their partners but also to themselves to stick with them through thick and thin, throughout the ups and downs that the journey of life will most necessarily traverse. That in itself is a bigger reason to hold that one particular day in special reverence individually as well as collectively because that speaks of a highly significant life decision to live by all through. Helping assert also the place of prominence that family and relationships hold in individual lives therefore are not just marriages but also anniversaries that lend a chance to live life in its happiest moments all over again.

Celebrations of any sort are always special and exciting because they provide the perfect opportunity to get together with the other important people in your life. While anniversary ‘parties’ can indeed be the most intimate couple affair ever, most often than not families and friends and those who really care about you would turn up to greet and meet you in person, offering therefore a wonderful chance to nurture the other relations in your life as well. That itself is particularly important, for the joy of togetherness is multiplied when you have the cherished presence of your loved ones to make for more memorable moments, almost alike to what had transpired during the course of the wedding. Revisiting the wedding day by turning the pages of family albums, sharing anecdotes and incidents do not just make for a really enjoyable time that renews further your zest for continuing splendidly on your route of love but also helps you relax and reflect on the many blessings that you have earned for yourself some years ago on this very day.

But most important of all the reasons that you should indeed be celebrating the yearly milestones of your romantic life is because it helps you rekindle the love and strengthen the connection that you share with your soulmate. Being grateful for the wonderful way in which your partner has added more meaning to your life is indeed an exercise to adhere to in daily continuance, but immersing yourself more into that realisation on a particularly remarkable day makes for indeed a more overwhelming experience that has you counting in greater appreciation the blessings life has bestowed upon you. Going through the dull and drab dreariness of everyday life sure takes the magic out of love, one reason why we refuse so much to conform to the surreal nature of this inexplicable feeling of warmth and comfort and happiness. Taking recourse therefore to wholeheartedly immersing oneself in the true explorations of love at least once every year can do a whole world of wonders to reinstating that feel of the flutters once again in your heart and your life. Creating anniversary traditions or rituals as you devote yourself to that particular experience in annual recurrence is another reason to celebrate the special day in special style as it helps in adding some excitement to the monotonies of life. With something to look forward to every year, as a continuance that speaks volumes about the assured blissful nature of the love that you have come to experience through the years, anniversaries indeed can end up being a celebration of life itself that you find yourself eagerly wait for every year of your life.

Now that you have found belief in the more than enough reasons why even the sometimes cliché celebration of anniversaries deserves all the attention, it would be fair enough to look a bit into the history of such occasions. Dating back to the times of the Holy Roman Empires have been the precedence of celebrating wedding anniversaries associated therewith also with such customs and traditions that have come to associate particular yearly commemoration of the special day with special expressions. While each year of togetherness has indeed a special gift assigned to them, the most popular and remarkable milestones of the 25th and the 50th wedding anniversaries, known also as the silver and the golden wedding anniversary respectively, indeed have silver and gold ‘designated’ to them. The practice stems from the Holy Roman Empires as well, when husbands crowned their wives with a silver wreath on their twenty-fifth anniversary, and a gold wreath on the fiftieth even as a whole lot of different flowers and jewels and other such items of commemoration make for essential gifts throughout the many observances of that one day that continues to hold so much significance, regardless of how long it has been since you decided to submit yourself to the pursuit of a lifelong love that speaks of commitment but ends up liberating you in such ways that has you indeed finally decipher the magic that the mere professing of that thing called love calls one to.