Romancing the lowkey highs of love

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Updating your social media status in relationshipping the moment romance sets the sparks flying in your life might not be something you entertain. But that might not be the exclusive ‘doctrine’ ruling your love life in more realness as well. The notion might be to attribute the shallowness of a non real realm of living as being the reason for such unwillingness. But the truth of the matter might actually unravel in altogether different an assertion of personal preference.

In this residing upon a space of neither public nor private wholeness, one finds access instead to an identity somewhat subtler- or even ambiguous to a certain extent. Low- key relationship might be the appropriate alluding to this choice in romance which indeed is as certain as it seems to be. And yet, the confusion seeps in somewhere even within this simple stance of maintaining a low profile since the very working of the nature of love, specially romantic love is such that is more than susceptible to miscommunication and even more to the follies of improper comprehension. Identifying then in the low key bracket within love relationships can be a ground of careful treading, the premise of which needs to be clearly earmarked before having hearts rise upon its hopefully never-ending stretch.

A low key relationship essentially is a private relationship- the very terms of which can spark a row in ruining something it intended instead to define. The distinction needs to be made between the concepts of privacy and secrecy before declaring one’s intention of keeping the relationship status largely under wraps. Unlike secret acts of whatever leaning that strive to allow no knowledge whatsoever of its happening to anyone other than the individuals directly involves, the personal type of low key relationships are known indeed.

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The premise though of such knowing is not exclusive, limited to a few closest and trusted ones even as the more distant world remains oblivious of such romances brewing. The embarking in acting thus also is very conscious a course of action that which can have many number of factors contributing to its character. But what is necessary to achieve in keeping it as real and low-key is the utmost realisation- and validation of both the partners living through this relationship as an integral part of their existence.

And this is the point where the possibility manifests more prominently than anywhere else of confusions arising to such extent that might in fact sabotage the relationship itself. Since different degrees of low key appeal differently to different individuals, it might so happen that despite agreeing to maintain a low profile of their relationship, the partners might actually harbour different expectations from each other.

This tag of a low-key relationship though also can be exploited for individual convenience, making therefore a consideration along these lines come across as even a red flag for some people. Keeping it low key and therefore outside the greater public spectrum of knowing might in fact be a ploy in having one’s options open in casual terms of loving. With such untoward repercussions scouting greater probability in low key relationships is the reason why these are perceived in a light that tends closer to the darker denotings of secrecy.

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That of course is an unfair representation of low key relationships which, to be frank, make for considerably lesser stressed explorations of practical love. Think of the unwarranted poking and probing about how it’s going with your partner or the gossips and rumours that become the order of the day for many couples and having only a select few be aware of your love life is a ‘version’ of relationshipping that is tempting indeed even in all its simplicity.

Of course the desire to express thus might also be an extension of your personality. Someone who is anyway private in and with their own will only think of their relationships also in similar terms- as the way of being they are conditioned to in all aspects of their life. A different but likely as well reason for identifying in this stance might as well have to do more greatly with the very nature of the relationship. Especially with such romances that are in their early stage or even a relationship that one is not the surest about, low key might come to be the natural way in holding on to the love identity.

Through all such reasoning and logic in which relationships come to assume the low key character, of paramount importance would be a clear defining of the lines that would compose its essence. There needs to be a definite discussion on the ‘terms and conditions’ governing any such arrangement and while the occurring of it in such assertion might come across as too much unnecessariness dragged into something as essentially liberating as the feeling of love, this can be a way to avoid dealing with the complex assertions of what might arise later.

Low key relationships risk also the possibility of being somewhat undone by skepticism. Unless there prevails a full knowledge behind the reason for such privacy, this decision in not ‘hyping’ up the relationship can be interpreted as non appreciation for a bond special enough to publicly celebrate. More so when public display of love in sufficient doses is often fawned over and aspired for, what with all those hopes for setting the couple goals they have always appreciated, choosing to go under the radar might not quite appeal to some couples. That indeed is all fine and well but the problem arises when each of the partners in the relationship is committed to mutually exclusive ideas of proclaiming love. And this is where the low key assertion fails to assert its appeal and fizzles out therefore as an experience in romance not so romantic.

The purpose then of low key relationships might not be one serving love as a universal recipe in living. It ultimately all boils down to the personal preferences and notions that one holds love in that sees some find thrill even in the silent nature of this emotion. As long as both the individuals are on board regarding the kind of relationship they want to pursue, a low key relationship is as valid as a high maintenance one and vice versa.

So should you be working consciously to experience the highs of love in all its low key lucidity? The answer to this occurs as a yes and a no at the same time. The very expression of low key might be speaking of an effortlessness that one does not need to further to attain it in all exclusiveness. But low key relationships too need some amount of action to be performed along its scope of action. The pressure indeed is less or even non existent almost as far as achieving and even creating couple goals would be concerned. There however would be other issues to deal with still, making low key relationships as real and therefore as imperfect an experience of love than any other.

Falling in love is a dreamy encounter, replete with the flutters of feeling and the rosiness of romancing. Holding the specialness of this feeling as a lifelong treasure though is a job easier said than done. Low key relationships make this job more doable in some aspects while rendering it more difficult along some others. But one very quirky way this mode of expressing one’s romantic bond can act to make in fact the relationship emerge stronger is embedded in its very nature.

Because your relationship would be known only to a select few- all of whom are ‘your people’ indeed you can blindly trust your life with, it is only obvious that any problem that one might experience in love could only be discussed with this close group. As folks that will most certainly help you logically and realistically deal with such issues, you can be well assured that your relationship will only evolve for the good. Contrast this with relationships that are overwhelmingly assertive in all publicness and a third person conspiring to create misunderstandings have no chance at courting success in your blissfully laidback ‘scheme’ of loving.

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Going low key can also be the key in steadying the prospects of your relationship especially when your past flings or exes are always looking to disrupt your current pursuit of a love for life. This might work either way though, providing also a convenient means to keep your present partner disinformed of your ‘history’. It is more of a gamble then in loving or leaving but a greyer silver lining still presents in this context of making breakups somewhat easier to deal with. Maintaining privacy in regard of your relationship is helpful in not creating a buzz of it which is something you would desire with all heart and soul if ever the necessity arises to move on in life without love springing to your rescue.

The weighing of the pros and cons can go on and on and on so that low key relationships score out the other expressions of similar intending while being bowled out totally in other assertions of them. But that is the larger nature of life itself, to taste defeat sometimes so as to know how sweet it is to feel success when it is finally achieved. Setting the standards of your relationship in collective working so that both you and your partner can reap the riches of its occurring- howsoever it might occur in all low or high keying of the profound love realisations availed through even the most simplest acts of its characteristic nature is all that you need to do to script for your ambling along a life path rendered beautiful by all the love there is.