10 signs that he will love you to the moon and back

love you to the moon and back

In spite of how cliched it sounds, you can indeed love (and be loved) to the moon and back! Now that would be a love enamored in its entire universe of vastness, what with the galaxies conspiring to endow you with something so magical and unreal. So are you lucky enough to be the love of someone’s life to such a celestial extent? If you are confused by the alignment of the stars, here’s 10 signs that you can totally rely on to find out if he will love you to the moon and back-

He remembers every single thing you just uttered even randomly


For someone who will love you to the moon and back will soak in as much of your needs and desires that allow them to be even more head over heels in love with you. Be it that out of stock dress that you had longingly set your eyes on or some exotic candy or your profound but destiny- subdued love for the guitar, your guy will remember exactly the wistful moment when you had let the desire pass off rather nonchalantly.

And the very next day you see a guitar doing up your collectibles rack or a fancy dessert in store to devour after dinner. It’s the way he registers just about every minute detail that slips out of you, perhaps even incoherently, and translates it into something as real as you had always wanted it to be.

And he doesn’t even do it all to impress you- in real love, you wouldn’t be vying to win over. It’s rather his infinite love for you that makes him do all you ever wished for. Just so your happiness is never dampened and your desires never go unattended, the guy who will love you to the moon and back will take it upon himself to grant you the entire universe.

You can feel the surety in his intentions more than he says it


Someone who loves you so much that they can’t imagine life without you will take utmost care to not do anything that drives you away. You might be acting stupid but they won’t lash out at you. Rather they would stick by you and make you realise your naievity but will never, even for once, rue your presence in their life.

He might not even be explicitly saying it but there’s a certain reassurance in the way he is with you that can immediately put all your speculations to rest. You are never left wondering of the place you hold in their heart and in their life because they never do anything that makes you question it. He is forever loving with you, he never ceases to care even when he has every right to be pissed off at what you just did.

His intentions are so true and his feelings so real that he does not even make it known that he is making efforts. Maybe all these does not even feel like efforts to him. He does it all out of sheer love for you, not caring whether you would fall for it or not. In his love for you that goes all the way to the moon and back, he is so contented and genuine that he does it all for you but never wants to make it known. But you come to do anyway because that’s just how much intensity his love bears.

He does all it takes to be with you


Such is the power of a love that expands as far as to the moon that even the most rowdy guy will willingly be the most disciplined only for your sake. He will be so flexible to changes that you will have full freedom to mould him the way you like. He will learn cooking because you are a foodie, he will ditch drinking because you end up giving him company and falling sick way too often, he sleeps at 2 in the morning and wakes up at 7 just to be able to make a quick trip to you- he does just about anything that will let him have you by your side.

With a love so unconditional at your behest, you won’t ever be finding yourself alone. Whether you need help with shifting or with work or simply want to romp around town with someone, he is there for you. He is so open to adjusting or even upturning his schedule just so you could be accommodated that for a while it even makes you feel guilty. But not him, he won’t ever let you feel that he ditched everything just because of you. And in fact he wouldn’t be having any afterthought- you are more than important enough for him to gladly give up every single thing in the world.

He is always affectionate with you


That one person who will love you to the moon and back will forever be affectionate about you. Nothing he does will escape the unbounded emotions he feels for you. In his every word and gesture, in his every look and caress, in his every manner and moment, he would be doting on you. You just can’t escape his love- and you wouldn’t want to ever because it’s that comforting.

In his warmth, he would feels like the crackling fire on a midwinter night, in his presence he can cool you down with the calmness of the seas- and these aren’t even mere allegories. The love that he feels for you allows him to seamlessly transcend into whatever it takes to be loving of you. His affections are so intense yet so snug that even in his embrace he can make you feel liberated. He holds your hand and caresses your cheek, rubs your palms and tickles you at ease and he does it all the time. Yet never for a while would you feel that he is trying to be overly intimate with you.

It’s all so natural and loving that there would not be any doubts creeping up to you. He is gentle in his words or even in his unapproval of the way you acted at the party, he cares for you whether in health or in sickness and also when you aren’t even talking with him. To him, his feelings for you knows no conditions; they don’t overwhelm him but rather keep him sane and happy. His showerings of affection is also exactly the way he feels- a deep, pure, unbounded love for every fibre of your being.

You are always on his mind


If you have ever been in love, you would know the sheer despair of every moment that goes without any contact. Naturally then, when someone is so much in love with you that an allusion to the moon is the only way to do justice to that expanse of emotions it is only obvious that they will want to keep in touch at all times.

No wonder you would end up with calls and messages at the most unexpected of hours. Even in a busy morning lined up with meetings, he won’t forget to remind you not to skip breakfast. Even when he is ill himself, he won’t get off the phone without ensuring you reached home safe and sound. You might just be thinking about calling once in the evening when you are free but he will surprise you with a ring even on a congested afternoon. That’s just how much you mean to him- you aren’t his routine, you are his reason to look forward to every routine of existence.

You are his every reason to live (and love)


Even when it sounds too far fetched and illogical, when someone loves you more than even you can imagine, you became their reason to live life. He will of course have pursuits and goals outside you but you are his most treasured happiness. Your voice will have an instant calming effect on him, you motivate and inspire him like no other, your presence by his side is enough for him to tide over his every worry and sickness. You complete him like no other- in a way that makes him feel you are an integral part of his being.

He might not speak it out but the spark in his eyes the moment they meet yours proclaim his love more than he ever will. No wonder with so much indispensibility that your presence brings to him, he will love you to the moon and back many times more. He forever holds you in high regard and he perhaps respects you even more than he loves you. With you he smiles a little wider, he shines a little brighter and he loves always a little more. There is no end to what he can be saying if he ever needs to enumerate all your awesomeness and then it will be his enormous, unbounded love for you that will be doing all the talking. In being his every reason to live, love and laugh, he indeed will and even does love you to the moon and back.

He apologises too often


Love is such a feeling that makes even a single moment of unconnectedness bother a hell lot. But because we all are humans and we all err, there happens misunderstanding and miscommuniction far too often. And while you might be fuming with anger at how dare he left the dog unattended, he is more than repentant of it.

Perhaps his remorse is more about getting into a spat with you rather than leaving the poor creature alone. No wonder he apologises profusely numerous times. And not just today, he might have been sorry for all the times you weren’t on talking terms and he was left miserable.

His sorry no doubt stems from the regret of his actions that might push you away from him. But it also as much stems of his love for you that sure goes way beyond the expanse of the moon. In fact he loves you so much and so bad to be too wary of not being talked to that he often blurts out a sorry even when it’s not him who’s in the wrong. With you, he harbours no ego, no clash. It’s just love that makes not talking to you so hard for him that he willingly does everything it takes to be up and talking with you.

Dreamy dates or exotic vacations- he does it all


If the guy you are currently dating always take it upon himself to plan the most dreamiest dates and the most leisurely outings, then be well and ready for a love that will likely go over the moon. Granted, dates might be overrated and fancy dates might be only extravagant but there’s sure more than only some few strings attached to you for someone who takes the initiative every time to make things special and memorable.

Whether it be romantic dates or even routine outings like a day out in town or a weekend trip to a nearby location, he makes sure he does it all up somewhat special. The poor in- love soul that he is, he might even end up overdoing things to the extent that it seems a bit too cheesy. But he does it all out of the tremendous love he feels for you, just so all his overwhelming emotions find an outlet for expression, just so he can treat you as specially as what he feels for you. It’s his love that has him planning surprise after surprise for you, every time coming up with something so mind blowing that feeds you with all the love he feels and nurtures so lovingly.

You are priority enough for him to be embracing the extremes


Whether he is an introvert or an extrovert, your partner will be prepared to take the plunge into the other extreme just so you demand it. Or if a lifetime of love with you necessitates, he will gladly be making the first moves, taking the first steps and even professing the some time. It’s only expected that with all that love he feels for you, it would be difficult for him to contain himself. So even when he knows you don’t love him as yet or that it might even make him look like too desperate a man, he will do it all anyway because when even the moon is not limit enough for his love, it’s unreal than any extremes would ever be!

He talks about a future with you like it is already happening


Because he is so much in love with you, he envisions his future only and only with you. In fact, it’s the only future he can conceive of- one that is impossible to even imagine without you being the one in it. His perception of this future is so distinct and so normal that he does not even give a second thought when blurting his plans out. You are the future for him- one out of which he knows no way.

You are included in all his policy discussions and claims, in his career choices and leaps, in his risks and investments, in his promotion and increment, he does everything also for and with you. He even wants to go house shopping with you just so you love it as much as he does.

For him, it is all so worthless a future without you in it. He does not even think of you as someone separate, for him you are very much much an integral part of his family- in fact, you are his family and you mean the world to him.