Noteworthy points to remember while meeting your would be or future in laws for the first time

The best moment in a lifetime that happens when you fall in love is the day when your sweetheart proposes you to be his / her life partner. If you say yes, the next moment of togetherness that you feel as a couple is of supreme elation that can only be savoured and is difficult to put down in words. It is an indescribable feeling of bliss which makes you feel that you are the most loved person in the world and have definitely found your true soulmate. As you have decided to journey the rest of your life together with your fiancé / fiancée by tying the marital knot, the next step you have to do is convince your parents and once that difficult step or mission impossible becomes a success, you have to meet your future in-laws. If you are meeting your would be in-laws for the first time, there would certainly be a feeling of nervousness in your heart as they are the unknown ones whom you are going to call mom and dad soon. To make a good first impression on the very first important meeting which is literally no less than an exam, you would obviously prepare by discussing with your better half for the D-day.

Here are some noteworthy points that would be of great help if you are meeting your would be or future in laws for the first time-

Dress smartly and neatly

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It is of utmost necessity to groom yourself well at a parlour or salon a day prior to your first meeting with your future in-laws. The next step is to choose some bright clothes to wear because you would definitely want to brighten them up with your personality. Besides taking care of your makeup, clothes and accessories, don’t forget to step out of the house by spraying a pleasant perfume over your clothes because surely you would never think of spoiling the chance of making an excellent first impression by smelling nasty or over perfumed too.  The look for this important meeting is not only very important but would also be remembered by your in-laws forever. Meanwhile, there is a high chance that you would not only be meeting your fiancé / fiancée’s parents or siblings only during this meeting but would come face-to-face with many of their aunts, uncles, cousins etc. The limelight of this meeting would be only you and there would be hard stares all around the moment you put your first step in your future home. So, dress well and then take the plunge!

Take their favourite gifts with you

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As you are going to meet your future in laws for the first time, it is always a good gesture to show your respect for them by gifting something that they actually loves or have been wanting for a long time.  To know about your future in-laws’ choices, ask your lover about it and make sure that you wrap the gifts beautifully in a colourful and shiny gifting paper. This step is important as it would give an idea about the type of taste of finery you possess and your skills to your future mom and dad. However, the most striking aspect is the manner in which you hand over your gifts to them. Although they may initially pretend to not accept the gift as a sign of showing extreme politeness, the way you make them take it with big smiles and soothing words would be of extreme noteworthy point for them. The icing on the cake would be to take a large box of sweets too as a gift when you go for this important meeting of your lifetime. The biggest advantage of this sweet package is that it may extremely please the relatives of your lover if any of them are present there. As they would be able to munch on something during the meeting or even later, they would shower you with praises by telling that you are a smart boy / girl and think much about others too.

Begin the conversation with traditional greetings and a smile

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To make a good impression, it is always better to start the greetings in the traditional style rather than showing an inclination to shake hands or saying ‘Hi’ or ‘Hello’. Meanwhile, don’t forget to make the first greeting with a smile as it is the brightest and priceless accessory that welcomes positivity in unfamiliar boundaries and commences the process of initiation of anything in a wonderful manner. After going through the process of greeting and making them know about yourself, emphasize more on the points that you like about your lover. It would definitely please them a lot and they would be interested in conversing with you and would show a high inclination of welcoming you warmly in their family.

Show an eagerness to know more about your future family

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While speaking more about your lover is definitely recommended, ask your future in-laws about their likes and dislikes. Moreover, it is also a good way to impress your in-laws on your first meeting by showing an interest to know about the names of their near and dear ones. When you are conversing on likes and dislikes and luckily if you find that your tastes are alike with them, feel free to discuss more on that topic. Meanwhile, if your future in-laws show you around the house , take a good look and spot things that are of interest to you and then began conversing more on this with them. Speak calmly and confidently with them and you will find that the most dreaded meeting happened to be a cool hangout with some new people who are going to have an important place in your life in future.

Avoid checking your phone during the period of the first meeting

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For the first meeting with your future in-laws, try to stay away from your cellphones as much as you can. It is better to put your cellphones on a silent mode the moment you reach your lover’s home as the constant ping or ring might irritate them and they are likely to form a bad opinion about you. As you are coming face-to-face for the first time, try to devote this valuable time period by interacting with them and forget about replying to that important chats, emails or calling on that necessary number for a while. Once you have finished this important meeting, you can stay in contact with your phone even if you need to do so.

Finish the meeting by asking them when you would meet next

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Just as the necessity of making a good first impression is recommended when you first step in your future in-laws’ house, it is also quite important to end the highly planned meeting on a cheerful note too. When you say bye to the family members of your would be husband/wife, give it with a smile and ask them about the time when you are going to meet next. If they give an option to you to choose the time for the next meeting, you can happily do it as per your suitability but always try to heed their opinions if they suggest a timing which might be of inconvenience to you. It is always recommended to listen to their initial opinions but if you have an urgent work on that day, ask politely whether you can meet a little late or schedule it for another day.