Layers of Love: levitating romances through New Relationship Energy

new relationship energy meaning

It sounds all so exciting and promising indeed in a very natural way of occurring- that thing colloquially summed up by the ‘new relationship energy’ narrative. A definite encounter in relationships, particularly sweet, romantic ones even when the evidence might also hold in some account for other forms of the connection that people chase as very much basic needs in living, this buoyant receiving of the new sparks of love across all its types and intensities is what should be the whole entity that what the mention of new relationship energy seeks to arouse. But turns out the premise of its governance is not so universal in what it attends to. The ‘flow’ itself of the energy might not be restricted in its character of prevailing throughout the human world. What however happens to make this whole bait in anticipating the rosies expected out of the experience of a new relationship energy a more specific affair relates to the relaying of it.

Despite a general understanding in openness, this assertion happens to be an encounter limited to one dimension of the greater fore through which humans hanker for love in its most hyped defining. Pertaining to unfurling of romances in particular and even within than passionate space to the exploration of love in its polyamorous possibilities specifically such that the idea of it essentially enthuses even greatly upon the exciting prospect of that energy, this new relationship citation ensues thus as a very curious dawning of the love feels.

Of course like the very phrasing suggests, this is a rush of the heady feels in the excitement and emotions that characterise the dynamic nature of love in its early assertion. This naturally means therefore that this is a very transient state of euphoric dwelling afforded to the human through the working of their heart with however other practicalities at play. The phenomenon itself might not be very convenient to date in exact occurrence since it is more than likely to have prevailed in more ‘heterogenous’ means. As concerns however the current relevance of what it stands for, the term New Relationship Energy came to assume such distinctive meaning sometime surely in the 1980s.

Polyamory NRE
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Availed as a social media almost promulgated ‘theory’ even when that time wasn’t exactly representative in a rampant digital residing, NRE emerged out of the Usenet potings of one Zhahai Stewart. Derived as a personal experience in his own polyamorous explorations would be this concept that Stewart was instrumental also in circulating and popularising through this identification in some well defined ‘events’ of the year of 1993. And while it is by his own admission very much universal a human thing, the understanding of the New Relationship Energy has somehow come to be largely if not exclusively an awareness outside the committed practices of monoamory.

To make sense of why the consensus prevails on NRE being a polyamorous dealing despite its more general character it is essential to dwell upon the very essence of polyamory itself. As an exploration in romance that makes allowance for consensual relationships to be maintained with more than one partner at the same time, the understanding of polyamory makes indeed for a greater case in this whole ruling of the new relationship energy. In fact more than the prominence, it is the extent of difference that this quirky somewhat rendezvous in the intense love spectrum amasses that makes it not just more relevant but also renders it particularly important to consider in this particular capacity.

That love is magical is a trope we all have allowed ourselves to fall for, meaning that the first few flecks of this fluttering feels acts upon our conscience almost like what drugs do to our conscience. Under that cloud of dreamy existence, we experience indeed every feel of the fantasises that love has been proclaimed to be capable of affording. With both emotional and biological factors furthering this maverick in evolutionary exaltations, it only is certain that any newly occurring romantic relationship would inevitably bring with it this awareness in all love struck involvement. That is to say, the energy and excitement and enthusiasm that one experiences in much profoundness and with as much welcoming attitude as well in their falling headlong into the deeper chasm of love would be something that is essential perhaps to hold up the lofty standards of love itself.

But consider the intricate assertion of the ’emblazons’ of what necessarily governs such romances being a specialty even in their status already coming to be through universal understandings of ‘a special someone’ and NRE could very well be a determinant of polyamory. Asserting very evidently in a many dimensional love, polyamorous advocates in fact are bolstered in their relationships through this necessary accompaniment of the first blooms of love. The very concept of New Relationship Energy give away the fact that even when love might evolve and emerge to be deeper and stronger and surer with the times, it still does not match that initial enthusiasm of romance. This isn’t to say however that a love that advances through the ages therefore is not worth holding on to. It just is that the experiences that one is likely to derive out of love in evolving themselves through the various stages of it tend to be differently occurring as very characteristic descriptions of that specific alluding.

In that dimension of ruling, New Relationship Energy can very much be the key in ensuring that the magic of love continues to make the dream of a fulfilled life emerge as the wholesome reality. In the multiple avenues open to polyamorists through which they venture to experience love replete with all elements of what romance is in all its dreamy unfurling, they continue thereby to live and relive those first precious moments of love over and over again. And while falling in love over again with the same person might strike as a different kind of emotional enrichment, the ‘graciousness’ of what polyamory imbibes as part of its character ensures that there need not be one singular ideal for an entire world as diversely composed as can be to adhere to against their being.

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Why New Relationship Energy helps thus the rather dynamic notion in love to maintain autonomy through its ruling in many a polyamorous profiles is also exactly why it needs to be experienced in all excitement as well. For one, NRE upholds a much profound character of polyamory, one that seeks out multiple romantic relationships simultaneously for reasons outside the thrill of them. The belief of love prevails through the many long-term relationships ‘valid’ within their happening in full knowledge and consent of one and all involved in this arrangement outside monoamory. And what the persisting experience of the NRE grants upon polyamorists is one very heartfelt realisation that enhances even their emotional essence at least a bit deeply rooted in their primary relationship within that greater- even when seemingly conflicting identity.

NRE is anyway desirable in all happenings of romantic love, irrespective of the classification in which they identify. It is that something the squandering away of which as an inevitable consequence of the love continuation manifests as rued assertions in the romance fizzling out or love being fickle and so on and so fort. It sums up the aspiration that relationship experts and love counsellors dish out ways and means and tricks and techniques to try and retain throughout in their romantic experience. The newly experienced energy of recent romances is even the yardstick for love to emerge as the ultimate living of a fantasy that we all harbour as a great part of our expectations in life.

And yet, new relationship energy might even be what threatens to distort the very values of loving as well. Mismanaging NRE is an appalling prospect and one that derails indeed many a promising explorations of love from its romantic trail. Even more aggravated a case of concern can the over the top energy of a new relationship prove to be since in necessarily ‘erupting’ first and foremost upon the highly volatile spurge of the hormones, it can very well destabilise even the most matured of humans. NRE emerges itself as being an overpowering entailing out of the uncontrollable nature of emotions, which calls therefore for caution to be exerted in ensuring that one does not gets swayed away a bit too far by this whirlwind of what happens within the lovestruck mind floating about in a very excited physicality.

Interestingly as well, the same precincts of polyamory so favourably supplemented by this continuing slew of the NREs can be as hostile a ground for the concept to grow out its essence. While it might be more than significant a determinant through which polyamory muses about its complete allegiance to love so much so that masquerades also as uniquely definite awareness of what occurs as compersion, it can also be the new relationship energy still that contradicts this latter arising in distinction. Because it is out of newer energies of new relationships indeed that there can also stem issues in jealousy and similar such attributes of unwantedness. At the same time it can also be the means through which jealousy can be dealt with, making this whole dynamic way in relationshiping an assertion influencing the very course of cruising through that romantic experience of love.

Of course, how realistic or unrealistic NRE might be in acquiring for itself a character of approval vs aversion depends on how one expects to entertain its arising. Letting one’s self indulge in that immersive experience for all the highs of its energy indeed while not being drained themselves through the transient tantalises of its romance is the kind of relationship reality one would look to live in and beyond all dimensions of the amorous.