Most important questions to ask your crush before thinking about a possible relationship

most important questions to ask your crush

Crushing on someone and feeling the jitters all over again everytime you catch a glimpse of them or getting all fidgety whenever you strike up a conversation- we have all been through those simple, sweet experiences of inexplicable romance. Having a crush is one so innocent pleasure of life- one that has you in love with life itself in all those pretty moments of sweet nothings. But like all good things in life, even a crush yearns to be a love which is why you need to know things before you let the flames kindle into a full blown relationship. Here are some really important questions you should totally ask your crush just so you have the odds stacked by your side for the perfect relationship of your life-

What’s their perfect day like

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When you are crushing on someone, you sure would want to know any and everything about them. And what better way to start than getting to know their vision of a perfect day. Whether they prefer all things bright and sunny and outdoorsy or are the curled with cocoa and books type or even a sleep away all day fantasiser, you would know what you are getting yourself into. As a bonus they might even end up divulging their ultimate ideal life- be it a whole day of trekking into the deep woods or something as basic (yet as ‘arousing’) of snacking all day!

Why their last romance did not last

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Trying to know why your crush didn’t let their last relationship indeed be the last of their life as well is a good way to prepare yourself for things that might befall you in the future. Any person who talks disdainfully about their exes especially to someone (you) who don’t even know them personally can never be a good partner. Maybe they would be an awesome lover, a very romantic person or perhaps even the most caring soul, but you never know what they are going to turn into post a breakup. And no matter how hard you might be crushing over them at present because they seem to be only ‘oh so cute’ now, it’s always better to prepare yourself for situations that may thwart all of your dreamy suppositions.

How romantic they have been or can be

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Of course when it’s your crush you would be dying to dish out romantic rapidos. And perhaps the one thing that will serve your purpose best is asking them the furtherest extent to which they had been romantic in their life. Either it will set you off on a dreamy spree as you visualise yourself drowned in all that insane romanticism they profess or will have you wishing they would be just a bit more romantic your time around! You would at least come to know what to expect from your future relationship if and when it happens. And while surprises might be way more romantic, you could sure save yourself a lot of potential hurt with a wee bit of knowledge.

How close they are to whom

This is essential in order to avert any misunderstanding now as well as later on in your relationship. They may be flirty with even the ones they have sidelined in the friendzone, they might be the kind who are close to no one in particular, or they may even harbour a strong bond with their ex. It’s equally possible as well they might be most devoted to their parents and family- to the extent that they would not be willing to go against them even when they are so wrong. Getting to know the kind of person they get along with so well helps not just in you trying to be somewhat the type but also helps in that you would try and gel with folks who are so important to them for a happy and healthy potential relationship.

How their food love works

Not just your crush, it’s so very essential to know whether the precious people in your life are sweeties or savouries. I mean it helps on more levels than one. Imagine getting your crush a huge bouquet of gourmet chocolates for their birthday only to find out they detest all things even remotely sweet. Or think about treating your crush to the biryani you so skillfully dish out for your ravenous friends but to be met with a “Sorry, I don’t do carbs” response. Heartbreaking, isn’t it? It’s always better to be safe than sorry which makes it all the more crucial for you to ask them about their choice and preference in food. After all, you need to know the perfect recipe for a real foodie date for a perfect shot at taking the route to their heart. And the more delectably you do that, the better!

What their vulnerabilities are

There’s nothing that matches upto the warmth of emotional intimacy when it comes to fostering a special bond with that special someone. And while this connection is something that sets off with just a spark between souls, there indeed are ways in which you can do up that whole connect equation a lot times more. And it is a romance of a different intensity to get an insight into the depths of that soul that has you so enamored by its mystery.

But there’s a different dimension to this particular among questions to ask your crush as well. In knowing what has them at their most vulnerable state, you aren’t just gaining what you are asking; you can also be rest assured that your crush trusts you well enough to confide their most intimate secret with you and that, my friend, is an orgasm far sensuous than what you will ever experience in life!

What life goals they harbour

To know if a relationship is one among their priorities, you need to question your crush about their life goals. Because it’s pointless to be crushing over someone in the anticipation of a romance if they are not even a relationship person. Someone can have all the love in the world and still choose to give their career all the shots. Someone can be hardly settled yet willing to commit deeply to you. There might even be folks so dreamy that all they want is the stars but do nothing to even land amongst them. And however romantic or practical you might tend to be, it’s indeed true that you need to be at least definite about it. It all depends on perspective and the clearer you get hold of theirs, the better it will be for you.

What relationship ideals they follow

Another way to take the chartered route forward in knowing your crush a bit more is to clearly see what they want out of a romance. For people who love only the feels of love and the giggles it brings along, a long term commitment with also all the compromises and understanding at fore sure holds no excitement. It also depends on you as well what you want from them. Like you can only be infatuated with them and want to hang along and make out, without any interest in making it a lifelong thing. So the moment you pop this question to your crush, do also a self analysis and decide on exactly what it is that you want from all those feels that are overwhelming you now when all your hormones are at their peak.

What remains a surprise about them

Having a crush on someone might be a foreteller of more serious things to come about in life. And that desire of taking what is just an attraction now to a different level of intimacy needs you to be better knowing of the person who is the party to all your fancies. Because no one can know them better than themselves, it would do you good to ask them about that one thing that no one realizes about them.

And like we said earlier, if they indeed go on to divulge all such things that are somewhat of a secret about them, then they likely like and trust you enough to hold you in such confidence. That’s indeed a pretty subtle and effective way to know whether your crush is crushing upon you as well, not to mention how special it feels to know at least something more about them than the rest of the world!

What you mean to them

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Since you have already indulged on too much ‘forequestioning’, now is the time for the climax. Knowing straight from the horse’s (read crush’s) mouth what they feel about you is the only thing you care about so get it out straight already! Tell them in no uncertain terms what you feel about them and have them speak their mind to you in as certain terms as well. Whether it’s reciprocation at the receiving end or a refusal, you will at least know what you should or should not be expecting out of it. Thereafter you can still persist with all those questions to get to know them better if you so wish, be it as still a crush or a partner or as just a good friend.