Relationship flags that are not only red or green


Relationships are what adds color to life- even when the shades of them assert through the sometimes pleasant, sometimes violent flapping of the flags. Of course our alluding to the greens and reds of the relationship flags is only evident and explored as well in all popularity- or unpopularity of them displaying different dimensions of love. But is the nature of romance ever such that will let it live on only somewhere along the edges of the color spectrum? You wish love was that easy to fall in or rise up from!

That love is not unidimensional is more than established by romantic relationships often occurring as complicated affairs in their experience. This means that this supposedly most special feeling of the world will bring to you such connections that are not exclusive in the stark reds and vivid greens of popular knowing. It might come as a surprise that relationship flags can flutter and unfurl as many multihued vibrancies apart from the primary or say most distinct assertions. Here’s all you need to know about the many pink and purple and yellow and blue and orange and grey and beige as well as the starker white and black colors of what relationship flags might assume chromatic importance as.

Pretty pinks aka gentle warnings

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Pink of course is a build-up to its more assertive cousin of the red flag that has danger writ large over it. The general gentleness that is a characteristic of this color regarded universally as pretty might make it seem like being among the favourable relationship signs. They are gentle still in staying true to that spirit but in a different capacity.

Pink flags present instead as gentle warnings that when overlooked possess the potential to assume the blindingly red character. The issues of what they hint at are less serious as well but ignore them and they can evolve to be toxic traits of what can render the entire love emotion null and void.

The radiance of the pinks might however be favourable instances syncing with the rosy reds of love as well. There exists all possibility of pink flags being uprooted altogether when one comes to actually know their partner since this is a color usually associated with early relationshipping stages. That said though and much interestingly as well, pink flags can also extend to post relationshippal ambits. Like someone who is friends with their ex continues to be face still some kind of pink flags even when they aren’t currently existing in that status of an active relationship.

Purpling aka puzzling

purple flag
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Purple flags are trickier to decipher and interpret than the other colors of relationship flags. They tend to be ambiguous in spanning because the rearing of their heads could either be good or bad signs for your romance. It depends on what works for you and what does not, strictly in the personal capacity of what special emotions like love can have you doing. Clinginess for instance can be bearing of the purple streaks since it is not necessarily always undesirable not wholly desirable. Or so can be a low key relationship in which you don’t exclusively flaunt your relationship status. Purple flags need to be talked through since the vagueness of their nature can make them easy to avoid or equivalently difficult to address.

Yelling yellows

yellow flags of relationship
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Yellow flags are negotiable problems that exist in a relationship. Their seriousness also is different in the intrinsic and extrinsic values and usually are draws upon conflicting aspects of the individual personalities of the persons involved. This also means that these would naturally arise in pretty much every romance no matter how dreamy or sorted they might seem and happen to be. However choosing to let them pass in their empirical attributability would only make them emerge as greater grounds upon which definite discords follow. Dealing with yellow flags also is ordinarily achieved upon a middle ground but like all other colors of identifying needs to be consciously approached.

Oranges occurring as ominous

Orange flags one-up yellow flags in what they signal and therefore poses as problematic issues more pressing in their need for rational discussion to be enabled. They are immensely volatile in the sense that not before long enough these begin to manifest as the ultimate trigger of what the reds act on to scar not just relationships but also the people involved for life. And they are not any less assertive as well but stand for now on the threshold of a ruin imminent in dawning. They needs to be addressed on priority basis and reigned in or negotiated if you do not want to experience the catastrophe that their burning ends would lead to by painting the notions of romance in the most terrifying shade of red.

Bluish bruises

blue flags
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Blue flags tend to express as rather sensitive matters in what is mostly evoking of the dying stages of the romance or the relationship altogether. Whether they can be entirely driven out of your shared personal space asserts as a rather complicated consideration given that one classic blue flag happens to be of emotional infidelity. One partner building an emotional connect with someone outside their relationship is often more than enough reason for the supposedly existing bond to entirely and officially snap off. But how individual people respond and react to these blues in occurring could be governed by other priorities or factors of consideration. Blue flags perhaps are the most singular of relationship issues in that they would evoke different opinions and emotions of attending.

White aka beautiful

white flags in relationship
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White flag would be more appropriately described as being one of the green flags that happy relationships sway along to. It however is a specific and individually significant shade of the positives that whites point to which is what makes it emerge as a distinct classification. Dealing with the nuances of emotional vulnerability and/ or intimacy being the area encompassed as white, it goes without saying that they hold immense strength in their character to dramatically redefine the very experience of how fulfilling romantic relationships need to feel like.

White flags also can occur as pointers of a desirable relationship in other ways. The compromises and sacrifices that one makes in their relationships happily and lovingly can be the many ways of dispersing the white light. It ultimately are the small and simple acts of love that all contribute to conjure for love the impeccable identity of what makes life worth living.

Black aka woeful

black flags in relationship
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Like the whiter assertion, the black summary of relationships too are flagged off as part of the red risks that speak of trouble brewing amidst all that love. Violating boundaries that has been definitely established and clearly communicated is one such black flag as would be abuse of any sort and to any extent. Dealing with black flags should perhaps be limited to a single chance at redressing given the serious nature of the offence that they allude to in committing.

Relationships necessarily wave in any or all of these many colors and iterations of the flags, even when one does not exactly refer to them as such. The bottom line of such universal prevalence however is the importance they hold in signaling the health of a romance. Just because it is love does not need to mean that it will always be lovely since love essentially is a multitude of different emotions working at once. Regardless of what they hint at or explicitly address, relationship flags should never be ignored. Whether it is in working through them despite all difficulty or appreciating instead in their goodness, they should be acknowledged in whatever suits their nature.