Relationship goals to strive for a wholesome life

relationship goals

With the appeal of the make believe world of Instagram refusing to fade away anytime soon and an increasing number of public figures and celebrities choosing to live their romance out there in the open, #couplegoals has been pervading all our relationship fantasies. But while couple goals are all but fancy means of living the love life, the actual begetting of love calls for what are healthy and real relationship goals. These goals might not be rosy looking like what the snaps of the ‘gram guarantee but it is indeed the working of such ideals that go a long way in ensuring that your real life romance is as fairytale like in essence as what peers through from behind the filtered captures of life on social media. Rounding up the five most important of relationship goals every couple must strive for to live a love the world dreams about-


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In every discussion of relationships, be it how to keep them going or how to be living your best life through one, communication has always been believed to be the most important thing, even far more important than love itself. Which makes it the indispensable key to every bond we go on to cultivate and nurture through the length of our existence as socially, or at least emotionally dependent human beings. But so wholesome is this vital aspect of communication in every spectrum of our lives that it has panned to turn out as as essential a relationship goal as well. As intelligent animals, humans are expected to be quite efficient at communicating their thoughts and feelings with others. Specifically in romances where you connect with your partner on an altogether different level- what they call the soul connection, it is believed that communication would be effortlessly flowing all through. But as it turns out, mastering the art of proper communication takes quite some skill which furthers even the crucial importance of it as regards relationships.

As a relationship goal that strives to define what would be a happily sustaining, healthy relationship, if not the perfect one, communication comes to characterise a level of understanding that is so expected of someone you choose to be your partner for life. Why this manifests as a goal is because proper communication needs work to be done upon on yourself, by both parties involved in the relationship, each striving to make themselves heard in clear terms. Communication in itself is a huge expanse of possibilities- it can manifest through such obvious utterances of the love yous and miss yous to more commonplace statements of the everyday life to even more vital, sometimes complicated issues that inevitably comes to consideration in every facet of existence. Communication is essential to ensure that the relationship does not get soured due to holding of such grudges arising from situations that could not properly be analysed or through misunderstanding brought about once again by a gap in communication. In all such matters that can make or break relationships, as communication emerges to be the vital key, it is therefore only understandable why conveying thoughts and feelings and emotions in the exact measure of how one feels them is such an essential relationship goal to strive for.


An associated element of communication but that which does not receive as much focus within the ambit of crucial life necessities is the aspect of comprehension. Generally referred to as ‘understanding’ that which is stressed much among couples, comprehension however tends to be a tad different from what understanding entails. Understanding for can mean a wide range of things- comprehension indeed as in how you interpret what is being communicated but encompassing also of other attributes that essentially dwell somewhere around the requirements of compromise, support, trust and a whole lot of other things. In therefore its essential meaning, comprehension might come across as a term narrower than understanding which is perhaps why it’s importance as a relationship goal is so overlooked despite the fact that it can make or break relationships as easily as well.

What comprehension means is quite simple- what comes out from the communication happening between partners. But even in its simple premise that is so intertwined with the whole concept of communication, comprehension harbours in fact a special importance. In fact, so crucial can be this aspect can be to the health of a relationship that it can even precede communication to assume more importance within the strata of essentials of human relationships. Because even as you communicate in what seems to you to be quite clear terms, the message you intend to deliver might not come out in such clarity. With every human mind interpreting things differently even the most basic of statements can be understood in wholly different capacities. This is how comprehension can go on to affect your relationship, especially romantic ones where the genes do not have a role to play to somehow align your though process with that of your partner. So unless you seek to ensure that what you communicate to your partner in taken by them in the most legit comprehension of it, and in the exact manner in which you had mentioned things in their spirit, relationships and relationship goals can cease to hold much importance.

Shared aspirations

Because sharing is caring and care is what defines relationships, it is a no brainer that most of your life should be devoted to strengthen your working towards achieving shared dreams and aspirations. And no, not in any way are we delivering the impression that individual goals does not hold weight once you commit yourself to a relationship. What sharing a dream can mean might be a two fold understanding of things. It can, and indeed does refer sometimes to a singular mission of living in a combined net worth worth millions or billions. It also can mean acquiring a comfortable house for rearing the dream family you and your partner gush so much about. But it also can mean something as profound as cheering on your S.O. for a dream you personally don’t identify with. You might be a laidback soul who could not care less for such ‘attachments’ as concerns fortune and fame and you can still be cheering on your girlfriend as she give it her all to be the next CEO of her company. Or your husband might not understand the notes and tunes of music but will still wake you up every morning for the practice because you want to ace your final exams. That’s exactly what shared dreams mean in the pursuit of a healthy relationship, one that drives you to happy contentment in life.

Why sharing dreams and desires is a goal so important to sustaining a relationship in the long run is because it lends you a collective view of yourselves as a couple that binds you together not by compulsion but by choice. As someone who genuinely loves their partner and care for them, the way you go about chasing dreams with them, even when it is not entirely your own, or sometimes not your own at all speaks volumes about how you view your relationship as not just a part of life but a significant entity within life itself. Of course prioritising a romance to the extent that you value it as much as life itself can bear the potential to weigh you down but when you strive for relationship goals as healthy as these, it only is a reminder of how your life is being rendered all the more worthier by the pursuit of it. In any case, relationships turn out to be crucial encompassments of existence and the more you can make it mutually beneficial for both involved in it, the more will you be furthering your chances of living the good life.

Respect and Trust

Respect isn’t just a relationship goal, it is a life goal as well. Respecting every single being around you, humans or otherwise, because each one of them holds their own worth as an individual is something that should stem essentially from within us. But being with someone you see also the worst side of in course of a real relationship with them can be taxing so much that it can eventually erode the respect you have for them by virtues of certain belief they harbour or certain deeds they had done. This is where cultivating respect for your partner manifests as a relationship goal that while seems obvious and pretty ‘natural’ to do isn’t so much easy as you would tend to realise. Respecting your partner means obviously acknowledging their values as an individual even when they might not be very appealing to you but it also can get trickier, specially in cases when you guys end up in a heated argument and you tend to say mean things about certain aspect of who they are, in a fit of temper. Believing that you respect another individual and actually respecting them can present themselves to be two wholly different ideas, something you don’t really realise unless you are caught in such situations of confrontation that can elicit such responses that reflect truly your perception of them, that can be perpetuating inside of you sometimes without you even knowing about it. Deliberate building of respect in relationships is then an enormous goal that needs you to make an effort to that effect, making it an ideal essential to adhere to even when it indeed can be more difficult than what it seems like.

Similarly complicated can be the premise of trust which again is the key as well as the goal that characterise every relationship. Trust in fact can present itself as an identity more complex because its fragility makes it all the more easy to break and difficult to nurture once lost. Trust itself takes time and opportunity to build up on which is why recultivating it once it has been send for a toss is an idea that is almost unimaginable. But relationships do center around trust and while blindly trusting anyone, even the person you love to the moon and back, isn’t a very pragmatic approach to life itself, this certain element is a necessity even when it is a gamble of sorts. Allowing therefore yourself as well as your partner some liberty by giving them the benefit of doubt is a choice you can exercise as a relationship goal to giving yourself a clearer chance at conjugal happiness and some peace of mind over matter.


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An intriguing aspect of the many things coveted by the human self, in both tangible as well as intangible awareness of it, intimacy is what defines intimate relationships, specifically romantic ones which come embedded in a notion that links it essentially to attachment. Physical intimacy is not particularly challenging to build as well but the grounds on which it stands viz emotional intimacy can be really perplexing which strives therefore to make both aspects of it equally complex workings of relationships. As something that needs you to be completely vulnerable, to the extent that might even possess the power to harm you, this real connection of what intimacy tends to be all about in awareness is also something that cannot really be build because at the end of it, it is but a way of connecting to a soul that should come across as a natural, almost alternate way of life. But in presenting itself as a goal of every real relationship, does the lack of the intimate feels with your partner thereby means that this is not the right person for you? As a musing that can be alarming in essence because it might force you to rethink your life decision relating to romance, the pursuit of intimacy might in fact set you off from pursuing a goal so perplexing it is almost contradictory. And yet when you come to experience it in its truest, rawest form, there perhaps would be few things as rewarding as a romantic experience set in the premises of intimacy. Which is where the other corresponding relationship goals reveal their worth in helping you attain a level of openness with your partner that lets you experience the comfort that only true and intricate intimacy can guarantee. Building intimacy therefore is a holistic relationship goal, one that requires you to work on all things else to find yourselves stimulated wholly by a bond that has the potential to work wonders upon your existence.