Relationship sins you should avoid at all costs if you don’t want your relationship to break

Relationship sins you should avoid at all costs if you don't want your relationship to break

Getting in a relationship isn’t difficult. What’s difficult is sustaining it. Whether it be commitment issues or boredom rearing its ugly head to drive you insane, romances are never easy. Here are the 7 absolute relationship sins you should avoid at all costs if you don’t want your relationship to break-

#1 Infidelity

Relationships are as much about trust as they are about love. While love undoubtedly forms the base of any bond of affection, it’s the trust in that bond that keeps it going. In romantic relations therefore, loyalty is of utmost importance.

An emotional or physical connection that you develop outside of a romantic relationship is definitely a sin. But while it might be easy to debunk developing a connection with someone other than your partner as a means to fill the void in your bond, it’s actually only a frugal attempt at deriding your own weakness.


We agree that you might sometimes grow out of love even when you are in a relationship with your partner. But breaking off the relationship and then moving on is a far healthier and respectful things to do. Rather than committing the ultimate sin of being disloyal to your partner it’s better if you let them know about the things that are missing in your relationship. But if you are so much attached with him/ her that breaking up isn’t even a consideration for you, then you for sure must steer clear of the vice of infidelity.

#2 Lack of communication

However love soaked your bond with your significant other might be, it doesn’t help if you suck at communicating. Granted that not everyone of us are articulate enough to keep a relationship going with the words. Yet a lack of communication with your partner can seriously goad you on the path of a break up.


Try communicating simply but effectively. Rather than being sarcastic or vague, try telling your partner what bothers you about them. However, try to refrain from using harsh words. Instead, be polite and understanding and take the other person’s needs and desires in consideration before blurting things out. But even when you go easy with the words, try to be assertive and clear with what you expect as well.


In fact, efficient communication is a must if you are not willing to sin in a relationship that you expect to last forever.

#3 Doubting

Like we already said, trust is the basis of any relationship. If you don’t trust your partner enough that you question her every time she goes out with a male friend or check his phone for secret stuff the moment he’s in the bathroom, then you most likely do not deserve to be in a relationship.

Loving someone isn’t just about feeling butterflies in your stomach. It’s also calming those flutters of doubt that crop up every now and then in your insecurities. Doubting the one you love is one of the gravest relationship sins you can commit.

#4 Over possessiveness

It’s in the human nature that we are possessive of person or things we are most fond of. An inherent tendency to think that we have absolute right over the people who we love however very often leads many a human relationships to despair. There’s nothing wrong in harboring a certain degree of possessiveness over people whom we consider very close to us.

But when possessiveness goes overboard and turns into jealousy, that’s when you should realise that you are on the verge of committing a sin that might cause your relationship to break.


Over possessiveness might manifest itself in different forms. Being angry with your partner when they are a bit stuck up on work, snubbing your husband for wanting to stay over at the palatial house this vacation or wanting her all by yourself- all these are rather disturbing shots of over possessiveness. And while initially it might all be deemed as much sweet love, too much of ‘my person’ begins to suck.

Try to be accepting of the fact that your partner has a life outside the one intertwined with yours. A certain amount of space is necessary even in the closest of relationships so that suffocation doesn’t make you want to break out of it.

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#5 Abusing

Nobody prefers to be in a toxic relationship. And specially when it’s one that is expected to be dreamy and stuff, it’s even easier to dump that down. Abuse in any form- be it verbal or physical, mental or emotional is a serious set off in any bond.

And indeed it should be. An unrespecting and abusive partner is one of the worst decisions of your life. Someone who blames you at the slightest pretext, emotionally blackmails you, coaxes you into doing stuff that might even demean you, is certainly not someone worthy of your love. Anyone who wishes for a lifetime of love bliss should never be an abusive sinner.

#6 Egoistic

In every relationship, however haughty of a person you might be, it’s very essential that you leave the ego aside. Ego and pride has innate powers when it comes to ruining romances.

Whether it be not apologizing for some fault of yours or failing to congratulate your partner on their achievement because you are too steeped in your own pride to consider someone else’s success as noteworthy, ego most certainly has the last laugh in breaking a relationship. Being egoistic is one relationship sin you should avoid at all costs if you don’t want your relationship to break.


#7 Being complacent

It’s a fact that every single relationship gets boring after a point of time. But that doesn’t mean you would not try to revive it. Most often boredom sets on in relationships because you start taking your partner for granted. Whether it be not going on dreamy dates or going downhill with your grooming or even being lazy with chasing your goals, even the littlest of things can have disastrous impact on your relationship.


It’s more about what you have to do with the efforts that can sustain the love bond forever. Being way too comfortable in your relationship might even be a sin as deadly as one that might break the connection.