23 hidden signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it


Anyone who has been so enamored by the feeling of love that they romanticise it beyond reality will know the euphoria that overtakes hearts that are steeped in the feels. However, while liking someone is as easy and fluid as it can get, letting them know your intensity of emotions can take on wilder reaches. Maybe that’s the reason people generally don’t blurt out confession the moment they develop an attraction to someone. They take their time, analysing and reanalysing each moment, reading and re-reading every beat of the heart before finally finding the words to let the love flow.

But what cannot be marked by language is often marked by actions. Indeed, actions speak louder than words which is why half the world knows that you are somewhat in love even before you are sure yourself. Females, as sensitive they are, find it particularly intimidating to make the love known initially. But they do give away clear cut indications that identify as signs a girl likes you even when they try really hard to not let it speak. Here are 23 signs a girl likes you but is trying not to show it-


When you are interested in someone, you can’t help your eyes drifting off to sit on that special someone, either consciously or subconsciously. This desire to satiate your heart and soul with all that charm and beauty of the person takes over so strongly that every fleeting second you (and all others around) find yourself gazing lovingly at the one who has your heart.

So will any girl who is really into you find it difficult to not keep looking at you every now and then. This urge to stare is so strong that almost every time you chance upon looking at her, you find her star stuckedly glancing unto you, though trying to shy away from it. Now that’s a very clear cut sign that here’s a girl likes you but is trying not to show it.


It’s even better if she stares at you secretly. Not only it sounds oh-so-romantic but it also somehow validates that she has the utmost interest in you. Because she is keen enough to not let you escape her eyes even when it puts at stake giving away her closely guarded secret. That’s so adventurous considering that she’s willing to risk it all in spite of being shy enough to not let you know the weakness she harbours for you.


Additionally if she is shy, she will also most likely get nervous when you are around. She may either get so conscious about herself that she starts blabbering or might even get caught up in a stutter. Either because she is so into you that she gets completely blank about other things or because all other things in the world cease to matter to her when you are around. Either way though, the message is clear- you sure manage to give her the jitters just about everytime!


Shyness also brings about with it its’s own notions of awkward vibes. She might be madly in love with you but her introversion might make expressing so difficult that she rather tries not to make her feelings known. Watch out for signs if she becomes increasingly anxious when you are around or if she fumbles about with words when it comes to interacting with you.

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The signs tend to do the flip when you are intensely liked by someone who happens to be a bubbly person. Like you might be there and it brightens up her already happy- go- lucky existence so much that she become really loud even to the point that they might embarrass you! You bring to her such a burst of energy that she’s literally the most boisterous soul in the world. Though she still might not want to show off her emotions so early because she’s also unaware whether you would be matching up to her energy or you would really want to be seen with her.


What’s however not so much of an obvious sign that she likes you is when she shuts you off completely without any reason whatsoever. At least as far as you can think of anything conceivable that might have put her off. But that purported detachment perhaps is an attempt at letting you know that you aren’t giving her the attention she wanted from you. As someone who likes you, she obviously would like to have your complete concentration and might be so hurt by the lack of it that she attempts a chance at letting you go altogether.


You obviously would want to look your best in front of the one who interests and excites you like no other. So that means you spend hours gazing at yourself in the mirror, trying to make sure every moment and every chance glance matters.

So will the girl who likes you try to look as perfect as she can so that she has you absolutely in awe of her. From really decking herself up to preening at every opportune moment, you will be actually taken aback at the amount of efforts she puts in for you.

She also comes off as extremely self conscious- from caressing her locks so that no single strand is out of place to adjusting her clothes and makeup, she will be there doing everything that makes you think she is perfect enough to be liked back!


This is more of a flirty notation that can definitely be sign of more amorous leanings. Playing about with her hair in true Bollywood style, squeezing her face or cupping it herself are other signs that she likes you though such behavior cannot also be termed preening. She might be pure nervous but she also might be subtly letting you know her growing interests in you.


Anyone who is immensely interested in you will be wanting to know as much about you as possible. Whether that needs lengthy sessions of listening to even your insignificant talks or something more feely like deciphering the slightest hint of change in your tone, she will be up and about with whatever you have to offer. Because she treasures every moment with you and every feel that has your heart, she will also be more than willing to provide a steady shoulder to lean on while you go about your rantings. Even when you talk in groups, she will be more attentive of what you have to say over what others are talking about.

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She will also blush quite a lot if you are the one who makes her heart flutter away. Specially when you surprise her with an unexpected compliment or you look at her in a way that clearly gives away just how pretty she is looking, you can see her cheeks turning a rosy red. While it might be the nervousness that can bring on the fluster or the play of too much emotions and hormone, the point is clear- that girl really does like you.


If she seeks your validation after any move she makes, even when it’s not related to you, chances are she harbours some liking towards you. It’s a fact well established that you look up to the one you feel the most close to when it comes to sharing experiences. Naturally, if you notice this girl paying you the utmost attention, or asking for your acceptance more than often, then it’s the sign that she likes you in all certainty even when she does not really say it.


Even the most shy ones lets their eyes do the talking when they are in love. Eye contact is one of the most essential aspects of expressing emotions and the girl that looks into your eyes real deep is the one who has a soft corner for you. It doesn’t really matter if this eye lock is a matter of a few seconds or a couple of minutes, eyes will never lie about the love they hold in for you.


Also if her name is among the top three of your chat list even when you rarely text her first, then that’s the sign for you to take note of. She is so interested in you that she wants to remain connected, even if it means her making the first move always. That explicitness might not be so evident in her words but trust me, no one will talk to you all day- all night long if they don’t really like you.

She also might send out messages that give you more than ample scope to reply back because she just doesn’t want the conversation to end. It might be a simple add on to an insubstantial query-it doesn’t really matter as long as she has you talking with her.


She also might let you on about the qualities she is looking for in her life partner. Because she wants you to know how she would like you as a boyfriend if you also reciprocate the emotions she has for you. She can also be assertive about her singledom, but still give hints that she doesn’t mind falling for the right one- the one being you!


If a women is asking you to teach her something it can mean multiple things. Yes, she might just want you to teach her. Don’t lose your hopes now. It might also be a strong sign of buying more time for both of you together. Not only does she want to spend more time with you but she also wants to know you better. Many a times, situations can arise when it gets impossible to ask someone out for a date. Or simply a hint of hesitation can lead her to not pop the question of a date. Asking you to teach her something could very well be a step towards a date. Also, teaching something can be an icebreaker for both of you.


We often fight with people we care for. If she fights with you, the reason might not be because she hates you. There is a high possibility that she has started to develop a liking towards you. You need to understand her feelings and not hurt her in a fight. Handle the situation with maturity and show how much you care for her. A woman can be put off by immature acts. Acting maturely on the other hand can easily make a great impression which can last forever.


Do you take her for granted all the time? If you have let her down on numerous occasions but she still stands by your side regardless then she probably loves you more than anyone else.


You get to know about her quirks because she is that comfortable being around and with you. It’s probably because she likes you that she is willing to explore life with you, making her eccentricities known because she doesn’t even mind you judging her! That’s just how much she wants you.

Equivalently she also shares her secrets with you, some painful instance of her past or some disturbing reminiscences that she generally just avoids mentioning. Be it getting intimate with personal experiences or being goofy around with you, she sees you more than just a friend.


She will also want to hang out with you more often. Birthday gatherings, casual meet ups, catching up, exploring new places, trying out exclusive dishes, going around town- she wants to do it all with you. Hanging out with you is all that matters to her, even when she comes up with different excuses to avoid being too obviously attached.


In rare cases she might even drunk text you or end up drunk dialing you. That’s perhaps one of the most obvious signs of her admiring you because she can’t keep you out of her mind even when she barely is in her own mind. Even when she keeps her feelings exclusively to herself, those few moments of losing sobriety can get all emotional about you.


She gets jealous when you prioritise others over for her even when she doesn’t let you know that. But you will most likely discern that envy in her actions and behaviour. She might even try to downplay her possessiveness when it comes to you but you will definitely get that feel of belonginess that she expects of you.


A girl who likes you will also be more smiling with you around her. That might mean a natural radiance of your presence or an attempt to come off as friendly so that you are not set off by her. Even the most shy ones will likely be beaming when they are with the one they admire, because they are so happy with their mere presence at that moment and in their life.


While compliments aren’t really an indicator of how interested someone might or might not be in you, the thing is that any girl who likes you enough will sincerely and unfailingly appreciate you when you indeed do turn up good. Because with the weakness she has for you it becomes all the more difficult for her to conceal her awe at your ravishing persona. Pay close attention to what she has to say about you if you have an inkling that she likes you.

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