7 signs a guy is jealous and likes you

signs a guy is jealous and likes you

Jealousy is very often marked as that red flag that harbours potential enough to break off romantic relationships. And yet there also exists this notion of being ‘cute’ in jealousy. Perhaps it is the feeling of being that special to them to make them jealous that has helped to grant the greens of envy some scope outside of their devilish essence. For indeed there are more than enough ways to make someone jealous if they really harbour some strong feelings for you. The recurring presence of the jealous trait in someone can as well be an indication of them taking a likeness to you. So if you see a guy becoming jealous because he probably likes you, then here are the signs to watch out for to be rest assured in your hypothesis-

He shrugs things off

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It might be about anything you are talking with a bit too much interest. It doesn’t matter whether you are discussing some guy, your best friend or even your pet. Anyone that gets importance enough in your life will likely not rub him right. So even if you are just casually mentioning that new bloke in the office, there’s this tendency to just brush it aside. Or even your favorite pup you love so much more than anyone else will be reason enough to leave him jealous and fuming.

Because anyone who gets your attention distresses this guy enough to get him jealous, this perhaps is one of the most visible signs of just how much he likes you. No wonder in his inexplicable, uncontrolled bouts of envy, the poor dude ends up shrugging you off even when he is dying to do the exact opposite.

He starts ignoring you

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This might sound paradoxical- evoking signs of jealous from a guy who is ignoring you so much that there cannot be any way he likes you. But that indeed is the skewed way in which human psychology, more so those of folks drowning in love work. Whether that ignoring is a way of getting you to miss them or just an escape plan so that their feelings do not become too apparent is the perplexing matter. Either way though, it is clear that they do have feelings for you. He might play the ignoring game because he fears keeping himself engaged with you will incite more bouts of jealousy. So he ignores, in hope that you notice him or rather, his absence, miss him and eventually fall for him!

He gets clingy

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Not every guy who likes you will deliver the signs by acting all distant in being jealous. There also are some for whom the envies render them clinging harder than they ever would. Especially for someone who is interested in you, this new found clinginess can essentially be a means to not ‘let’ you interact with others. From texting you every minute of the day (for example, “Girl, I like you,” “I need more of you,” “Hi beautiful, I need more time with you,” and “I’m into you girl”), to being with you in person whenever he can, this guy will do everything possible to ensure you aren’t free enough to hanker after others. But perhaps this is the point from where the cuteness of jealousy starts growing into something more disturbing. You can of course still brush it all off as indicative of too much fondness. However such a guy would likely be the wrong person to fall in love with if you are looking for a healthy relationship.

He behaves somewhat rudely

While rudeness isn’t an universal indication of jealousy, it very much can be a result of it. A guy who would be jealous of such things that concern you because he likes you that much will show very visible signs of rudeness. Even when it isn’t in his nature to snap, he most likely would come across as rude because there’s this inner conflict he’s having to deal with. Because envy is by and large a negative state of mind, a jealous person is seldom at peace with himself. And anyone who have their inner sanctity disheveled will likely do things contrary to their nature.

Irrespective of how in love he might be with you, this guy might even be starkly rude to your person. Whether it be snapping at you, cutting you abrupt or just choosing to demean you, he will do it all. He will also come across as rude to others, mostly people who have your attention. He might be doing it all very unintentionally because he is not being himself in his jealousy. But all these momentary and involuntary spurts of outrage won’t do him any good. It would make him all the more undesirable and unworthy, thereby driving you away from him. This is yet another manifestation of how jealousy can ruin even potential relationships, unless of course he takes responsibilty for his actions and genuinely apologises for the same while acquiring the guts to make a confession.

He behaves like a jerk

Sometimes you don’t even need signs to decipher whether the guy who likes you is being jealous. Because he can be a total jerk at times. A jerk so intolerable that you feel like beating the shit out of him. He makes you feel guilty, is incoherent in his actions with you, leaves you dwelling in confusion and acts unbearably cold. That’s because he is clueless how to deal with all the drama stemming of him. He might be in a dilemma because even he doesn’t know the new him. In his envy, this guy who otherwise loves you so much starts getting mean without any reason. He gets so affected and so unsure about how to react that he ends up behaving like a jerk. You might feel sorry for or get pissed off at him because that is what jealousy makes out of even the nicest people around.

He looks at you for reassurance

It is in the very nature of humans that they always turn to the ones they love for their surety in themselves. So too would the guy who likes you enough to get jealous display such signs of seeking assurance. Even when he might not actively be asking you for it, he still throws up subtle signs that will lead you to bolster him in spirit. Because the feelings of jealousy arise when he is unsure of himself, let alone you, he becomes more vulnerable. He knows his irrational feels and fears will vanish once you clear the air for him. Which is why he constantly seeks out your assurance, albeit without being very direct.

So if the guy you have a hunch could like you is constantly on the look out for your validation, then most likely he is seeking a means to drive away his jealousy. And such a guy definitely deserves a fair chance, since he is trying all means possible to extract positivity out of something which is essentially a negative emotion.

He acts like he’s your boyfriend!

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Any one who is even slightly interested in you will want to be aware of every single thing happening in your life. So too will the guy who chats with you day in and day out because he takes that much liking in you. But when you don’t divulge all details on a prior basis because it’s casual enough for you, things start getting awkward and he begins to get jealous.

You might have had a superb day out with the girls and not mentioned it once to him. But when he finds out from your tagged social media posts, he is left shattered. He suddenly starts acting all distant and sulking, and that is jealousy doing the rounds. From referring to such not standalone incidents again and again to even letting you know how upset he is, he begins to act somewhat like your boyfriend himself! That’s something jealousy acts out of him, for how else would you explain someone not even having the guts to come out to you dare to risk losing it all now? It’s indeed one of the signs that this guy in fact wants to be your boyfriend because he likes you that much to get so jealous!