7 signs she loves you but is scared to admit


Love indeed can be a funny feeling. Something we chase after all our lives because we have believed in the magic of it all through. Be it the butterflies in your stomach or the dreamy mood you reside when in love, it’s easy to fall prey to its magic. And so we love, days in and years out, and continue with or without it. Bruised hearts, battered souls, bewildered lives- nothing can suck us out of the love whirlpool we so want to get submerged in. We return to love even when we realised the last time we had a breakup that love isn’t ours for us to savour anymore. We still love, sometimes secretly, sometimes apologetically, but we never stop loving. Because to stop loving is to stop living and what would we be doing with our lives if not live it?

Something as transient as love becomes however one of the most eternal things the one time you plunge into true love. Notwithstanding the never ending ‘show of love’ about who is the one meaning the I Love Yous more, it’s perhaps a given that women are more susceptible to loving more. As Oscar Wilde puts it,

“I see when men love women. They give them but a little of their lives. But women when they love give everything.”

Women might not always accept it when they are in love but who needs words to affirm what gestures so readily can convey? Be it a fear of rejection or a fear of falling in love with the wrong person or even because they can sometimes be somewhat shy, not all women profess their love. But you can still know if she loves you but is scared to admit it if you can catch any of these signs-

She lets you in with her vulnerability

There are so many things a woman is capable of in all her strength. But because she is a human first and a woman later, she also has her vulnerabilities. Like being chided by her father who does not believe in her too much or the rare times she tends to lose sight of her uniqueness because life can be tough, her defense mechanism sometimes might give way. And if you are the one who she trusts you with in all her profound vulnerabilities, then more often than not, she is in love with you.

She trusts you enough to know that you wouldn’t ever use her weaknesses against her. There is this reassurance you bring to her that lets her open up enough for you to peer into her soul. She lets herself unwind to you because she knows she can relax in your presence. With you she lets free all inhibitions. There’s no infirmity that she shies away with when you are by her side. That’s because she just regards you more than enough, holding you in trust, in reverence and of course in love.

She heals you

Because true love is the most selfless entity of all, it does not always coax but also begets. Women when they love does not just hanker for your appreciation or your attention. She does everything to ensure that you have as much of her affection as she has yours. Her tender and nurturing innateness translates as a healing potion for everyone her love manages to touch. So if she is forever there for you soothing you with words and relaxing you with vibes, then you can sure feel the love she has for you.

And the best part about a love so wholehearted is that you don’t have to ask for it. She is there even when you don’t really know how much you need someone at the moment. Forever willing to lend a listening ear or a helping hand, forever comforting you with her words, forever healing you with her love because that is what you mean to her. With signs like these, when even your worries get a sharing partner, you need to feel blessed for just how much she loves you even when she is hell scared to admit it.

She gets affected by things you do

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For someone who exclusively goes about her own business, making a great deal out of someone’s else’s affairs would be a big matter. And yet she does, knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes even unwantedly because you affect her that much. This however is one of the signs that may be a tad hard to decipher. Because her fears of her love becoming apparent might prod her to not react explicitly to even things that might be concerning her. Thus she will try to maintain her composure but deep down, her mind would be fidgety by all means.

There’s this dual dilemma she is going through at the moment. On one hand, she cannot help but be affected by something about you. While on the other she cannot just let it out. This renders her uneasy, sometimes irritated and sometimes offsetting. Often she has these outbursts which might baffle you. But these indeed are the signs that would be professing her love for you when her words doesn’t.

Oftentimes, people get very affected by something their loved ones do or doesn’t do. While of course one of the prime rules of love is communication which requires airs to be cleared in person, it cannot however be the case with someone who is not even admitting their love.

She seeks your opinion

Sure, she is the kind of independent woman who does not let anyone make her decisions for her. But with you she tends to be somewhat lenient. Not that she grants you complete right over her life but she wants to make you a part of it. She has you in consultation before taking an important call. Or she might just seek your reasoning even when her own standing is a solid as it should be. And it’s not because she is unsure of herself- no woman who dares to love will ever be. It’s just that you matter to her enough for her to take your views in consideration. It’s her way of making you feel like family even when she might not be willing to speak it out. And if that does not seems like love to you, nothing ever will.

She has learned to read your mood

Now this isn’t something that comes naturally to all. Only someone who is in love with you will learn to read your every mood. She knows when to leave you alone, she knows as well just when you need a drink. And she has even taken it upon herself to ensure that your peace is not tampered with. From letting colleagues know that you need some space at the moment to allowing you the solace of solitude herself, her love for you makes you more privileged.

You might even end up snapping at her but even that won’t set her off. Sure, she might be upset but she loves you enough to not let that further spoil your mood. She however also is as self esteemed to perhaps not let you attack her dignity again. Which means she will stick with you till you are in good spirits before fending for her own respect. Because it is love, she wouldn’t abuse you rather choosing to cut away from you. But even then she won’t admit her love because she indeed is scared about things even when she unintentionally lets on several such signs that she loves you.

She fears letting you go

That’s the thing with love you know, you try and hold onto it even before you acquire the guts to speak it out. Because what are words but mere medium for your love? The profoundity of emotions that your heart feels let you forever go no at the mere idea of your love slipping away.

Even with the woman who is scared to admit her love for you, she is still praying for you to not be just the past of her life. She wants to hold on to you as long as she can and as long as the many signs at her end do not call for a confrontation. There’s this fear of losing someone you love that perhaps might be what had stopped her from speaking up in the first place. But she persists with it, persuading you to not leave her in whatever vague terms she can convey.

That’s perhaps one of the clearest signs of how much she loves you even when she is scared to admit it for whatever reason. She frantically hopes that you would stay but never once would she discourage you if you choose to move on to a better position. That’s just how endowing her love is- rooted in hope but dwelling in practicality.

She is your biggest critic

Remember how you always believed that your mom had been your greatest supporter and equivalently your biggest critic? That’s because she loves you unconditionally enough to find joy in your praises and scope in your faults. That’s exactly what happens with women when they love. They become your biggest strength and your most scathing attacker. Because they know what it takes to extract the best out of you. And as someone who loves you hey want that you give your all to be the best version of yourself. They encourage your talents, they redeem your belief, they hold you in firm resolve when you start flickering.

For someone who loves you so much but still would be shit scared to admit it, it’s indeed a sure shot of signs if she is constantly prodding you on. Her love spans not just your person, it encompasses the entirety of your being. That’s just all the love she feels for you irrespective of whether she confesses or not. So if you see her being really appreciative or genuinely critical about you, you need to know that she definitely harbours a world of feelings towards you.